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Volume II
August 31, 2004

Road Rally

         At our recent family reunion, we participated in an exciting Road Rally. Similar to a scavenger hunt, each team received a "task" list to accomplish. To prove that each task was completed, each team recorded the event with a video camera.

Winning point incentives stimulated timeliness and creativity in the video making. When all the teams returned, we played back the videos and the ground shook in laughter. Talk about "Funniest Home Videos!" We were so caught up in the fun that we forgot to award points to come up with a winning team. We're all hoping to receive a copy of the compiled videos to laugh over for years to come.

Follow these suggestions to create your own Road Rally:

1. Make a plan for dividing the family into "even" teams (mixing children and adults evenly, considering car seat needs for little ones, and intermingling extended family members.)

2. Write up a task list, writing basic rules and points at top. For example:

  • You have one hour to complete the Road Rally.
  • A different team member should complete each individual task.
  • Record all team members on tasks designated "group".
  • Every task should be completed at a different sight.
  • No speeding and obey all traffic laws!

  • 5 points for keeping rules
  • 5 points for arriving within the hour
  • 5 points for team who returns first
  • 5 points for sighting other teams (record on video)
  • 5 points for team voted
  • best
  • on each individual task
  • 10 points for most creative overall
  • 10 points for most humorous overall
  • 5 points deducted for arriving late

  • Group: Video your team at a monument or statue, and have a spokesperson give the history of the monument (doesn't have to be true).
  • Group: Video your team going down a slide.
  • Tell a joke in a unique place.
  • Propose in a romantic spot.
  • Find a road or store sign that represents one team member.
  • Sing a song from a musical or TV show in a representative place.
  • Group: Video your team with an animal.
  • Group: Play a sport in slow motion.

    3. Spread the word for every family to bring a video camera (and hook-up equipment for watching the videos later).
    4. When ready to rally, separate into teams, get into cars, pass out task lists and cameras, set the timer, and "Ready, Set, Go!"
    5. When teams return, watch the videos, get ready to laugh, and tally up the points.
    6. Give out a prize (bag of salt-water taffy, etc.) to the winning team.

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