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Volume II
September 30, 2003

Hot Salsa Poll Results

         In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter, we asked how hot you like your salsa. Here are the results:

  • Mild (92) 23%
  • Medium (158) 40%
  • Hot (126) 32%
  • Liquid Fire (24) 6%
Total Votes: 400


I prefer that one food does not overpower another. 09/25/03 11:37:47 PM MST

No offence, but if Kathy says you are a wimp on jalapenos, she is right, the only thing milder than a jalapeno is a bell pepper. For HOT try Thai or Scotch Bonnet. 09/25/03 8:21:43 PM MST

unfortunately, allergic to jalapenos, but still like to "take the risk" and go for a mild to med salsa 09/25/03 11:11:04 AM MST

Want to still be able to taste my food. Medium is fine! 09/25/03 10:05:12 AM MST

I love hot stuff but salsa has to be mild so the hot doesn't mask the flavor 09/23/03 4:09:48 PM MST

some salsa says mild & is actually pretty hot & some say medium & its actually pretty mild!! 09/23/03 4:22:49 AM MST

everyone I know that likes it really hot has stomach problems 09/23/03 1:23:17 AM MST

Mild is good! 09/21/03 6:40:35 AM MST

not too much heat 09/20/03 10:29:08 AM MST

I've been using salsa a lot lately. To saute foods (instead of oil or broth),To flavor stews and soups. And more. 09/15/03 4:10:54 PM MST

I usually like my salsa between hot and liquid fire!! Thank you! 09/15/03 6:55:36 AM MST

I love my salsa hot but everyone I cook for or entertain are not acustomed to hot hot foods! 09/14/03 5:14:02 PM MST

If I'm not sweatin' I'm not really eatin', HOT alone doesn't do it. It's got to have flavor, too! 09/13/03 9:39:55 AM MST

By mild, I don't mean "bland" or "flat", but to have some pleasant tingle without assaulting my taste buds. 09/12/03 7:17:54 PM MST

The hotter the better 09/11/03 9:11:37 PM MST

wimps&lightweights abound 09/11/03 8:15:11 PM MST

hot 09/11/03 3:36:36 PM MST

Fresno Red peppers are the hottest. Jalapenos are nothing in comparison. 09/11/03 1:48:54 PM MST

the only time i would like hot is when i was sure the rest of the meal tasted terrible. otherwise i want to taste the rest of the meal. besides, i hate to cry while i'm eating, very distracting. :) 09/11/03 9:58:29 AM MST

my children love salsa and so does my husband. we go with the mediums so that all can eat it. chris in ronan 09/11/03 8:21:40 AM MST

If it is too hot, you can't really taste all the "goodies" in good salsa. 09/11/03 0:53:08 AM MST

love to use jalapenos but remove seeds 09/10/03 8:46:22 PM MST

It has to be hot or at least real warm or it doesn't taste like salsa. It is great with chips and melted cheese. 09/10/03 8:21:59 PM MST

Flavor is everything not heat 09/10/03 7:34:00 PM MST

Hot enough to know it is there, but not so hot that your nose starts to run unrelentingly! 09/10/03 6:34:20 PM MST

Sorry if I could eat it hot I would! But just can't do it... I am only one in family that eats Mild Salsa. Although sometimes if I have a craving and we only have Medium that's what I eat. 09/10/03 5:54:18 PM MST

I prefer richness of flavor to heat. Perhaps my attitude is influenced by an allergy to peppers,especially the bell and Scotch bonnet types, I do occasionally use some hot sauce, like Tapatio or Szechwan. 09/10/03 4:50:57 PM MST

I still like to taste the pepper taste and the other ingredients. Just "heat" is not good! 09/10/03 2:08:18 PM MST

I like mine Medium, but my husband, Jim likes his Mild. So I have to can both. Thanks Anna. 09/10/03 2:00:44 PM MST

If its TOO hot, I can't taste the other ingredients -- garlic and onion, especially. Yum! 09/10/03 1:11:26 PM MST

My husband likes things on FIRE! I don't understand it, because when something is hot enough for him, I can't taste anything but hot. I like to feel it a bit on my tongue, but I don't want to have to gargle with milk to get the got to go away. I'm with you Dan. It doesn't have to be flaming to be good! Erin B. in Okc 09/10/03 11:48:13 AM MST

I like mine a little spicy so that I don't feel like I'm eating tomato paste. 09/10/03 10:29:02 AM MST

We planted Jalepeno's too, and thanks for the heads up on them being REALLY HOT! 09/10/03 10:24:17 AM MST

the hotter the better, make me sweat!!! 09/10/03 10:20:09 AM MST

I like to be able to taste ALL the flavors--not just the peppers! 09/10/03 10:10:37 AM MST

When it's hot you have no flavor, I like to taste my foods 09/10/03 9:32:31 AM MST

so so good 09/10/03 7:24:07 AM MST

Actually like mine between mild and medium but would lean more to mild so voted mild! 09/10/03 6:58:10 AM MST

Heat is good up to the point it overrides the flavor. 09/10/03 6:56:00 AM MST

i can't imagine salsa without cilantro, but i'm going to try some of these recipes! 09/10/03 4:21:45 AM MST

very mild! 09/09/03 10:00:59 PM MST

My husband likes his Liquid Fire 09/09/03 9:05:13 PM MST

Medium gives you flavor and spice. Why cauterize your tonsils just for bragging rights? 09/09/03 8:42:58 PM MST

I can't have salsa too hot because I've a acid reflux and at my age (66) I don't want to try to act heroic. I'll just take mine low key and let others be macho. Even if they call me wimpy. Charlotte Traylor 09/09/03 7:17:10 PM MST

my husband is of the liquid fire group! 09/09/03 7:16:24 PM MST

I actually prefer a hot salsa, but find that medium does better for parties. 09/09/03 7:06:14 PM MST

Try Habaneros in place of Jalepenos 09/09/03 6:36:04 PM MST

The more spicy hot something is the less flavors you taste! 09/09/03 3:16:20 PM MST

I would rather eat my salsa without my nose running to the point that I can't enjoy it! 09/09/03 2:10:21 PM MST

Hot and Liquid fire are okay but I prefer to taste what I am consuming. 09/09/03 12:25:46 PM MST

So what may be Liquid Fire in Jersey, could be medium in Texas! 09/09/03 12:09:37 PM MST


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