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Volume II
October 31, 2003


Desiri Wightman, RD

       What is your first kitchen or cooking memory? Most likely it involves making a sweet treat with someone you love . . . a parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt. Or maybe you didn't actually get to help in the cooking but just got to sit at the table and eat warm cookies fresh from the oven.

Either way, cookies endear us with more than their sweet taste. They practically become comfort foods, feeding the magic and memory of childhood with every exciting nibble.

If you haven't baked with a child lately, find one to share this issue with. Don't let the children you know grow up believing that cookies come from cardboard packages in the store. Inspire and dazzle them instead with the alchemy of puffy cookies, shaped by their own little hands, the sound of the "buzzer" saying, "I'm ready!" and the aroma of baked love.

Pass on your talents. You never know which of the children you mentor in the kitchen will become a part of the next generation of home cooks, cookbook authors, or chefs, building upon a foundation of kitchen knack and know-how that started around your countertop. More importantly, you'll continue the tradition of passing on the magic and memory of cooking, just as it was passed to you, linking generations through the comfort of home cook'n!

Cookies, with their ease of preparation and quick baking time, make the perfect start to a child's kitchen experience--sweet and successful results fast! The following article segments will focus in on the art or science behind the cookie experience.

Of course, when baking, you can simply follow the recipe and call it good, or share the whys and hows behind the techniques. Your approach may depend on the inquisitiveness or interest of the child in your kitchen. Regardless, be sure to look for the handy tips in each segment that will make your cookie baking more efficient, fun, and easier to clean up.

         * DVO welcomes your kitchen hints and cooking or nutrition questions! Email us and we'll post your hints and Q/A's in upcoming newsletters! *

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