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Volume II
November 27, 2003

Newsletter Poll Results

         In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter, we asked "what should Dan name his new baby?" Here are the results:

  • Carson Michael Oaks (335) 31%
  • Jonathan Michael Oaks (474) 44%
  • Anthony Michael Oaks (164) 15%
  • Tucker Michael Oaks (100) 9%
Total Votes: 1073

Thank you all so much!! By the way, I should have pointed out that we have three other children, Daniel Van Oaks III (I'm Jr.), Brennah Kathleen Oaks, and Jackson Dean Oaks. Click here if you'd like to see a picture of all of us.

I liked Jonathan the best. Kathy liked Carson. So, I put Jonathan in the 2nd position so Kathy couldn't say the poll was biased and you all came through for me!! I'm so glad you liked that name too!! So, when the results were in, I showed Kathy what I had done...

and... didn't seem to phase her a bit. When she read the comments below, the negative comments about the name Jonathan seemed to validate her position.

Fortunately, she didn't get mad at me for doing this. Whew! However, despite the fact that most people liked Jonathan, I couldn't persuade her. She said something about "I carried him for nine months and I delivered sit down and shut up." Well, not exactly, but something to that effect.

So, I sat back, thought about the situation. I analyzed the facts, and then wisely sat up and told her how much I like the name Carson!

Thanks again for participating in this poll. I feel like the luckiest Dad alive to have so many people congratulate me and help me name my new baby boy. I'm going to save all of these comments and one day, Carson and I will read them together and have a good laugh at all the different points of view. But, most importantly, he'll know that his parents love him and that you all care about him too. Thanks again, I love you!

God Bless!


being married to a "Dan" myself, I love the name Daniel (Dan)...either short or full name is a good manly name, and Danny is cute when he's little. 11/25/03 7:43:25 AM MST

the name Craig prevents nicknames like Car and Tuck 11/23/03 4:23:22 PM MST

I have 2 grandsons named, Michael and Jonathan... so that's my pick 11/22/03 8:03:50 AM MST

Too many Jonthans' 11/19/03 10:17:21 AM MST

Just try yelling each name out the door, one at a time, and see which one sounds best. 11/19/03 9:35:51 AM MST

Jonathan Michael Oaks 11/19/03 6:01:10 AM MST

Jonathan is a fine name..hope he likes it! 11/18/03 7:41:42 PM MST

I think Sterling sounds nice too. 11/18/03 6:19:37 PM MST

Carson or Jonathan are both great, but I really like Philip 11/18/03 5:25:52 PM MST

I like Tucker. I am sure you are aware that a definition of "Tucker" is FOOD! How appropriate ;-} 11/16/03 11:10:23 PM MST

Jonathan is good 11/16/03 9:21:42 AM MST

I just voted for Jonathan, and want to stress if you don't like nicknames insist all call him his full name. We did that with our Patrick and he is 42 and still called Patrick all but a few strays. Thanks for listening. 11/15/03 3:50:56 PM MST

Jon, nice nickname-Better than Car, Tony, or Tuck 11/15/03 2:48:26 PM MST

Not many Tuckers, so he won't run into his name too often, good luck 11/15/03 10:34:25 AM MST

My Grandpas name was Tucker and he was the sweetest guy and a good friend to me. Hope this helps. Best Wishes for your whole family. 11/15/03 8:36:05 AM MST

I'm a little late voting! I voted for Jonathan. Hope you'll let us know which one you chose! 11/13/03 4:33:11 PM MST

go with th biblical name, it's a childs inheritance to have a good name! 11/13/03 10:22:39 AM MST

It's unique 11/11/03 4:51:30 PM MST

With Tucker, his monogram would be TOM 11/10/03 4:49:37 PM MST


Jason Michael Oaks sounds fine to me. Best wishes to the family! 11/08/03 10:30:53 PM MST

Carson is an unusual name.there are lots of Johns and Jonathons out there.Also Tony's. If he can't stand it when he's a teen, he can always go by Mike! 11/08/03 6:27:52 PM MST

best wishes to mom and dad and baby, 11/08/03 3:18:40 PM MST

You might look at James Michael Oaks too! 11/07/03 8:41:14 PM MST

Jonathan Michael just flows better off the tongue. Or do what we did loudly yell all tthe names even the last name several times and see which one flows the best for you. We named our girl Ariana Mercedes De Leon. 11/07/03 8:20:45 PM MST

Congratulations 11/07/03 2:26:32 PM MST

Jonathan is too common, your baby deserves a more unique name like Carson or second choice Tucker. Devlin would be nice too. 11/07/03 10:40:25 AM MST

You said that baby was healthy, how about a Hawaiian name, Keola which means healthy and/or life. 11/07/03 9:37:22 AM MST

I love Garrett Michael all though my husband was addiment about naming our son after him and his father; so he's Eric Michael--You'll know when God give you both peace about the name. 11/07/03 6:44:15 AM MST

please let us know what names were on whose list 11/07/03 6:37:22 AM MST

Congrats! We are expecting a baby boy at the end of December. His name will be Christopher Michael. Enjoy your new blessing! 11/06/03 9:14:02 PM MST

look at your bundle of joy and let the first name that comes to mind be your choice noone can name anothers child oh yes congratulations , Lynn 11/06/03 8:51:59 PM MST

How will it roll off the tongue without the middle name? And consider nicknames. Jon Oaks, Tony Oaks, I think I like Carson Oaks best. 11/06/03 12:17:41 PM MST

Tucker is an awful name. 11/06/03 11:45:17 AM MST

I think Sawyer Michael Oaks would be nice! 11/06/03 9:12:04 AM MST

The world doesn't need another "Johnny", or "Tony"! 11/06/03 8:26:39 AM MST

If the choice was mine, I would name him...Caleb Michael. 11/05/03 8:50:25 PM MST

I like names that don't have nicknames. With a one syllable last name, a two syllable first name sounds better. 11/05/03 7:59:45 PM MST

Congradulations on your new baby boy! 11/05/03 6:35:27 PM MST

I like Jordon, also 11/05/03 6:02:50 PM MST

very classic cool name! 11/05/03 2:55:29 PM MST

This is the best selection, your son will be happy not to e saddled with a name that one won't be teasing him with. 11/05/03 2:12:29 PM MST

Actually, I am partial to the name, Hunter. That would go well with your names. Plus there aren't too many yet, although it is getting more and more popular. 11/05/03 1:17:27 PM MST

John Michael flows better than the others 11/05/03 10:42:34 AM MST

Your parents named you Gaylord Focker? From Meet the Parents. 11/05/03 9:15:58 AM MST

He should be named after a significant relative in his blood line. what happened to Daniel? 11/05/03 9:09:12 AM MST

All right!! I knew Jonathan was the perfect choice!! Enjoy your new little fella!! 11/05/03 6:39:55 AM MST

Jonathan Michael kind of reminds me of John Michael Montgomery and I think he would be a good follow uo to that John Michael. 11/04/03 7:24:52 PM MST

Jonathan, though nice has been done thousands of times. It doesn't fit the bill for 'the perfect name". Same with Anthony. Carson or better yet, Tucker are the way to go. Best wishes and may God bless you beyond all measure. Deb C. 11/04/03 6:44:40 PM MST

I thought Tucker is so different and sounds, Carson is a cute name but I still Like Tucker Michael, It kind of rolls out of your 11/04/03 1:39:24 PM MST

I thought Tucker is so different and sounds, Carson is a cute name but I still Like Tucker Michael, It kind of rolls out of your 11/04/03 1:38:59 PM MST

I think he looks more like a Jonathan otherwise I'd be hard pressed between this and Anthony. Congratulations! 11/04/03 11:28:02 AM MST

How about Grant Michael? Good luck! 11/04/03 11:27:53 AM MST

How about Grant Michael 11/04/03 11:27:19 AM MST

God Blessed 11/04/03 10:58:26 AM MST

Congratulations!! 11/04/03 10:18:50 AM MST

A unique name usually equals a unique thinker. 11/04/03 9:54:29 AM MST

If you go with Anthony, then his initials would be AMO (i.e. ammo) which could be a cool nickname for a boy, especially if he ends up being good in sports! 11/04/03 8:56:03 AM MST

congratulations. Enjoy him, he'll grow too fast! 11/04/03 7:15:45 AM MST

Anthony Michael sounds distinguished. 11/03/03 10:11:44 PM MST

CONGRATULATIONS! 11/03/03 10:10:24 PM MST

You could call him "Sonny", if you named him Carson. 11/03/03 9:03:12 PM MST

Andrew Michael Oaks 11/03/03 6:30:25 PM MST

JMO 'SOUNDS GOOD' 11/03/03 3:24:03 PM MST

Of the four I like Carson because it is unusual. In my school we have 3 Jonathans and 2 Anthonys. Tucker will get changed to something not so nice by the school kids as he gets older. 11/03/03 2:41:39 PM MST

Congratulations 11/03/03 2:40:39 PM MST

Carson and Tucker are "too la-di-da" and don't fit with the middle name; Jonathan is good; but Anthony is unique without being unusual - the perfect name! 11/03/03 2:34:11 PM MST

Congratulations! 11/03/03 2:06:50 PM MST

My daughter is named Carson - so it is definetly my fav. 11/03/03 1:15:50 PM MST

I think Tucker is a captivating name! 11/03/03 1:09:11 PM MST

choose Matthew 11/03/03 12:30:21 PM MST

congratulations! I'm Julianne Balls (Roberts) mom and since I have a son named Jonathan and a son named Michael, I couldn't really vote for anything else! 11/03/03 11:58:35 AM MST

There are many Jonathan children. Carson is a pretty name. My first choice was Jonathan till I thought about it,. I named my son Michael Allen. Congratulations on having the baby. Much luck with him. 11/03/03 11:55:03 AM MST

You should name him Russell Michael Oaks! 11/03/03 11:17:45 AM MST

I dunno.. my first thought was to use something referring to small acorns and mighty oaks... 11/03/03 10:34:36 AM MST

The name Jonathan means God's most precious gift. Need I say more. 11/03/03 10:24:58 AM MST

The name of Jonathan Michael Oaks just flows and sounds so smooth. 11/03/03 9:50:49 AM MST

Hmmm, was going to say David Michael Oaks but that wasn't on the list. =) I liked Carson because its hard to shorten it to a nickname. 11/03/03 9:35:37 AM MST

Before I even read the options, I saw Michael Oaks. I immediately thought Jonathan!!! It goes PERFECT! 11/03/03 8:05:49 AM MST

Jon Oaks is a strong name that He will grow into and make a fine man! 11/03/03 7:05:06 AM MST

Hi, Jonathan was second for me, But seeing as most people don't use the middle name very often, I liked Andy better than John. Most people shorten first names, so Car and Tuck just did not appeal to me. He's a beautiful baby and I am sure you will enjoy him very much. Best wishes, Vivian Calhoun P.S. Our son was named Michael Brian. 11/03/03 5:59:12 AM MST

Go for your wifes maiden name as a first name 11/03/03 3:43:39 AM MST

Patrick Michael is better 11/03/03 3:35:57 AM MST

Jonathon is too weak for the little man! Carson is an unusual name which we are seeing more and more. I would personally name him WINSTON!!! Good luck! Trish 11/03/03 1:40:46 AM MST

Voted for Anthony because it was the best sounding, but my favorite name to preceed Michael would be Ian. 11/03/03 0:47:46 AM MST

just like it 11/03/03 0:13:49 AM MST

how about Dallin? 11/02/03 11:44:51 PM MST

Jon (for short) Michael sounds good! 11/02/03 10:30:58 PM MST

Congratulations on your wonderful new bundle of joy! May God bless you all. 11/02/03 9:53:03 PM MST

Cullen Michael Oaks 11/02/03 8:42:40 PM MST

Ethan Michael Oaks is also nice 11/02/03 8:23:28 PM MST

Uncommon names are great! There are too many Jonathan's, Anthony will become Tony, and Tucker sounds more like a little kid's name or a last name. Carson's different - it's great! 11/02/03 7:58:46 PM MST

I also Like "Ian Michael 11/02/03 6:54:12 PM MST

He is adorable!!! Good luck with a first name. 11/02/03 6:36:20 PM MST

Unless you have another son named David, I really like David Micheal Oaks and I don't know why. 11/02/03 5:42:16 PM MST

I like Jonathan, too! 11/02/03 4:53:21 PM MST

Congradulations to you and your family.... 11/02/03 4:38:05 PM MST

Daniel would also be a great name! 11/02/03 4:21:16 PM MST

The following constraints should be considered. Never pick a name with a standard nickname such as Jonathan which will be John or Jack (I have lived with that!), Never select a middle name that spells anything (You're safe), Pick a name with only one spelling-not like Shawn Sean, and when you call the name at a day care, six boys should not say "Yes". I think Carson best suits these constraints. Also when you think you have a good name, go in the kitchen or on the back porch and yell it 15 times with the understanding you will be yelling it for the next 18 years. 11/02/03 4:00:58 PM MST

I guess cookie is out? Congratulations! 11/02/03 3:58:39 PM MST

The following constraints should be considered. 11/02/03 3:56:54 PM MST

Top 10 baby boy names for this decade are biblical leaving only 1 choice!! 11/02/03 3:55:28 PM MST

Congrats to You! Kids are a blessing. I wouldn't trade my twins for anything!!! 11/02/03 3:05:41 PM MST

This is such a good name to go with your last name, very strong & masculine sounding. Also the perfect match with Michael. BJ 11/02/03 2:56:51 PM MST

John Paul Michael Oats;what a great name sake 11/02/03 2:30:20 PM MST

I thought of the name Jonathan before I saw that you had it listed as one of the possibilities, i believe that it is a good strong name and as I looked as the poll results it is in the lead I truly hope that it is the name that you all go with but whatever decision you make go with God and enjoy your new son and make health, happiness and love endure with your family. 11/02/03 2:22:11 PM MST

Everybody is named John 11/02/03 2:15:37 PM MST

My parents could not decide on my name either and my birth certificate said "Female Ringkamp" for a long time I was called phonetically sounds like "fem alee" ....I don't think "malee Oaks sounds too great" Good luck and don't wait too long. 11/02/03 2:04:31 PM MST

Cute baby 11/02/03 2:03:08 PM MST

Congratulations 11/02/03 1:55:59 PM MST

Hi Jon! 11/02/03 1:54:02 PM MST

Congratulations 11/02/03 1:41:36 PM MST

I chose Tucker because it happens to be my boyfriend's last about Emeril??? Hahahaha 11/02/03 1:33:56 PM MST

It's up to the parents, really though 11/02/03 1:29:12 PM MST

Jon Oaks, Johnnie Oaks, possible nicknames both ok. 11/02/03 1:14:28 PM MST

I wouldn't let Kathy know these results if I were you. And I sure wouldn't tell mom- Your brother, Brian 11/02/03 1:14:18 PM MST

Second choice is Tucker, both are Old West, with a good heritage. 11/02/03 1:05:40 PM MST

if Michael be the second name.. a shorter first name works best....Paul Michael, John Michael , ...etc..... Congrats !!!!!! 11/02/03 12:30:03 PM MST

Best name with Michael and matches Dad's good old-fashioned name!!! 11/02/03 12:20:14 PM MST

Jonathon is a beautiful and it fits perfectly with Oaks. He is also a big boy and will grow mightly like his namesake the Oak tree. Perfect 11/02/03 12:12:11 PM MST

Tucker may not be the vote for many, but would be a name not everyone is usuing, and a very masculine name at that. 11/02/03 11:59:23 AM MST

Dana Michael Oaks 11/02/03 11:40:22 AM MST

Since you've already got a tree motif going with your last name, I thought you might name him ELM-er. (Congratulations!) 11/02/03 11:29:45 AM MST

Congratulations! 11/02/03 11:21:26 AM MST

Classic Beauty - like your new Son 11/02/03 11:15:49 AM MST

Because its a stong name 11/02/03 11:06:57 AM MST

If you name him Jonathan Michael, you might call him Jon and when he grows to be a "little devil" you can scream "Jon Michael, NO, NO, NO!) and it will really get his attention. Best Wishes. 11/02/03 10:57:12 AM MST

As a long-time elementary school teacher I suggest that you don't name a boy with a name beginning with J. Ask any teacher about the Justins, Jeremys, Jeremiahs, Jimmys, etc in the class and get an earful. 11/02/03 10:41:04 AM MST

They are all good 11/02/03 10:28:00 AM MST

I think Tucker for first name is more unusual and will be less of a problem having friends witht he same name. Good luck! You guys have got to be special great parents! 11/02/03 10:17:55 AM MST

Jonathan has a great 'ring' to it. Congrats!!! 11/02/03 10:11:04 AM MST

anything but Tucker... that is mean and create teasing of the obvious 11/02/03 10:04:53 AM MST

How about the name Liam? Liam Michael Oaks sounds pretty nice. 11/02/03 9:54:41 AM MST

Carson is really the only good choice! 11/02/03 9:28:56 AM MST

It sounds the best and has biblical meaning, John means the first born of God, or something like that. Good Luck.! 11/02/03 9:08:11 AM MST

Congrats!! He's beautiful!! 11/02/03 9:05:30 AM MST

God Bless You ALL! 11/02/03 9:03:32 AM MST

Congratulations! 11/02/03 9:01:45 AM MST

I see now that Tucker is way down in the poll, but I am the mom of 5 great kids and Tucker is a great original name!! 11/02/03 8:48:12 AM MST

I'm an elem. school teacher, go with Jonathan, less likely to turn into unfortunate nickname. Many blessings to you and your family. 11/02/03 8:12:04 AM MST

Jonathan is my second choice after Carson, do you want him to bo called Johnny? 11/02/03 6:58:13 AM MST

Jonathan in the old testament had a lot of integrity 11/02/03 6:50:21 AM MST

Johathan woould have been my second choice. God bless you all! GM 11/02/03 6:33:46 AM MST

I would makeMichael the first name. 11/02/03 6:29:52 AM MST

Johnathan is too common, i drive school bus for over 30 years and that name is always there!good luck to you your wife and Carson. 11/02/03 6:28:12 AM MST

Best wishes to you & your family 11/02/03 6:20:29 AM MST


Glad you didn't consider "Henry" as HMO has a bad ring to it. 11/02/03 6:11:48 AM MST

I prefer names that can not be "nicknamed" so I voted for Carson. Congratulations on your beautiful gift from God! 11/02/03 5:45:55 AM MST

name him Carlton Michael Oaks 11/02/03 5:39:55 AM MST

A nice biblical name. 11/02/03 5:24:35 AM MST

I like tucker because you don't here it to much. good luck and god bless Tucker. 11/02/03 5:24:08 AM MST

I like tucker because you don't here it to much. good luck and god Tucker. 11/02/03 5:21:50 AM MST

I picked Anthony because that was my father's name and he was a GREAT dad - but I am sure whatever you decide - your little blessing from heaven will be GREAT also 11/02/03 5:07:57 AM MST

I think it is more of professional name. In this world it helps!!! 11/02/03 4:45:16 AM MST

Congratulations on your new son! You have been truly blessed. 11/02/03 4:36:43 AM MST

Your little is so cute. 11/02/03 4:32:39 AM MST

Think something with 3 syllables sounds best 11/02/03 4:12:10 AM MST

Jonathan is the most common name. It is also a good Biblical name. Jonathan was Saul's son and David's loyal friend. 11/02/03 3:40:42 AM MST

The names just seem to fit together. 11/02/03 0:08:16 AM MST

Pray about the name and you will "know" the right one. 11/01/03 11:48:51 PM MST

jonathan michael has a nice ring to it aside from sounding like a strong name 11/01/03 10:53:14 PM MST

Possible nicknames your boy could get would be Tony Oaks or Tuck Oaks (which don't sound good), but Jonathan Michael Oaks would be a very smooth, classy name. 11/01/03 10:44:05 PM MST

Tucker would be rhymed with other names, I just think Carson is a cool name 11/01/03 10:43:44 PM MST

I am also partial to Spencer if you that name yet-Spencer Michael Oaks-huh, huh? 11/01/03 10:26:24 PM MST

Jonathan Michael, get out of those cookies! 11/01/03 10:23:32 PM MST

CONGRATULATIONS 11/01/03 10:18:19 PM MST

I have a primary child at church named Jonathan, he has blond hair and is the cutiest child. He got upon the highest tire in a tire store and yelled, Look I am King Benjamin, in the Book of Mormon! Your new baby has blond hair and reminded me of him. 11/01/03 9:57:39 PM MST

after reading all the comments about shortening Jonathan... I say... Stand firm on keeping it Jonathan. We did with our son and no one ever called him Jon or Johnny or any nickname. He is 30 now and still Jonathan 11/01/03 9:32:26 PM MST

Think about Sebastian. It goes quite nicely with Michael Oaks, doesn't it? Then call him Seb. 11/01/03 9:32:17 PM MST

that's the name we picked for our means gift from God... 11/01/03 9:27:30 PM MST

Jonathan Michael Oaks the name just flows 11/01/03 9:26:57 PM MST

Either Carson or Jonathan because the others "Tucker Oaks or Tony Oaks" don't roll off the tongue right. 11/01/03 9:18:51 PM MST

Tucker is a name with class. Carson isn't bad either. 11/01/03 9:15:04 PM MST

Jonathan Michael just sounds better to me. 11/01/03 9:13:11 PM MST

I polled my family and they picked Carson. We have a nephew named Carsen. So maybe we are a little biased. Congratulations on the birth of your son. May 11/01/03 9:11:50 PM MST

Jonathan was a wonderful friend to David in the Bible. 11/01/03 9:05:07 PM MST

Anthony might get Tony Oaks, Carson is not 'solid', Tucker Oaks doesn't quite sound right, but Jonathon is solid, Biblical and goes with Oaks very well! It's a no brainer! Just my thoughts..I had to name three boys! 11/01/03 8:39:48 PM MST

I like the name Tucker, but Tucker Oaks sounds an awful lot like Quaker Oats. Anthony Oaks is a little difficult to say. It doesn't flow. The other 2 are fine, but I prefer Jonathan. 11/01/03 8:26:08 PM MST

i LOVE THE NAME LOGAN 11/01/03 8:14:56 PM MST

I like Shane Michael 11/01/03 8:08:00 PM MST

I have a son named Carson and he is outstanding and it is not a common name. Enjoy your beautiful son. 11/01/03 7:56:36 PM MST


I prefer Joshua the most! 11/01/03 7:21:03 PM MST

Congratulations! He is beautiful. 11/01/03 7:19:20 PM MST

My choice would have been Gavin Michael 11/01/03 7:09:54 PM MST

My 3 yr old son's name is Carson! 11/01/03 7:05:18 PM MST

Samuel is a great name too 11/01/03 7:00:50 PM MST

I like Jonathan because I have a son and a grandson named John Michael. Also it a good strong Biblical name. 11/01/03 6:50:54 PM MST

David Michael Oaks 11/01/03 6:46:27 PM MST

I forgot to say, Joshua is Biblical also,. 11/01/03 6:46:13 PM MST

We have a Cory Michael and that name has always just "fit" him! Carson Michael also sounds like a good fit for your new little guy! 11/01/03 6:43:23 PM MST

Joshua would be great too. Oh, sorry, you didn't ask. 11/01/03 6:42:57 PM MST

the world is full of jonathans and anthony's which become jon and tony. go for uniquness. carson oaks sounds great....unless you plan to call him mike or michael. congratulations! 11/01/03 6:40:27 PM MST

Carson? Some are likely to start C. Oats, or Cutter Oaks. Blessings on you and your new Family. 11/01/03 6:39:38 PM MST

Jarret Michael Oaks 11/01/03 6:35:25 PM MST

Carson definately has the right "ring"! 11/01/03 6:31:36 PM MST

It was between Anthony and Jonathan. They sound the nicest. 11/01/03 6:25:45 PM MST

Congratulations on the birth of your new son! May your blessings be many. 11/01/03 6:16:19 PM MST

Go with Carson!!!!! 11/01/03 6:02:32 PM MST

This name is cute and is easy to yell when he is a toddler( just Kidding( 11/01/03 5:51:57 PM MST

Carson & Tucker Oaks sound like furniture manufacturers or trees. 11/01/03 5:50:17 PM MST

To me Carson mostly will not become a nickname like Johnny, T 11/01/03 5:49:50 PM MST

Anthony Michael just flows better than the others. 11/01/03 5:46:48 PM MST

He doesn't look like any of those names. Maybe Dylan or Andrew. But who am I to say. He sure looks handsome. 11/01/03 5:46:08 PM MST

I have a Michael. They are Angelic children. He is a funeral director. 11/01/03 5:45:45 PM MST

We have a grandson named Hunter Michael. We're partial to that. 11/01/03 5:43:34 PM MST

How about Kevin Michael Oaks 11/01/03 5:36:10 PM MST

You're a winner, I'm a winner...I chose Jonathan too! 11/01/03 5:35:47 PM MST

Congratulations! A name is important, so it's good to know you are taking so long choosing one. 11/01/03 5:35:04 PM MST

Out of these, I like Jonathan the best. The very best, however, would be Jared Michael Oaks. We named our oldest son Jared Michael 27 years ago. It has always been a wonderful name and we've always been grateful we named him that. Jared means "One that rules." 11/01/03 5:34:38 PM MST

congratulatopms 11/01/03 5:26:06 PM MST

Best of everything.....congratulations 11/01/03 5:22:46 PM MST


congratulations, enjoy them while they are little 11/01/03 4:54:40 PM MST

Can't name him Tucker... that's a "sure to get him teased" name! 11/01/03 4:54:03 PM MST

Jonathan Michael seems to flow so well 11/01/03 4:53:45 PM MST

This name just rolls off the tongue! 11/01/03 4:51:55 PM MST

Congratulations...and wish you'd thought of the first name of SAWYER....oops, that wouldn't work with Oaks as the last name....He looks like a doll, and please give him a hug from me. Let us know what you named him. Connie 11/01/03 4:50:18 PM MST

I actually like Jonathan better but I don't like Jon (John) which is probably what he would be called at school etc. 11/01/03 4:37:05 PM MST

Beautiful baby 11/01/03 4:36:07 PM MST

I like Sterling better! or Stanton 11/01/03 4:33:48 PM MST

Congrats to you both! 11/01/03 4:27:38 PM MST

Christopher would have been good too! 11/01/03 4:15:57 PM MST

Anthony may get shortened to Andy. I am prejudice. My daughter is Andrea. We call her Andie. She will be 21 in December. Watch out, it goes fast! 11/01/03 4:04:05 PM MST

Good luck with your new son. I hope your wife and yourself are up to all those long nights . So Good Luck from a grandma of 4. 11/01/03 4:03:03 PM MST

Jonathan is a boring name! Besides you should name him yourself!!! 11/01/03 4:02:48 PM MST

Xavier Michael Oaks is a good name too 11/01/03 3:57:52 PM MST

Jonathan is such a popular name I've always liked Anthony. 11/01/03 3:50:01 PM MST

Jonathan goes better with Michaell 11/01/03 3:49:18 PM MST

I thought of "Jonathan" before I saw your list of choices! Must be the right name! Good luck... 11/01/03 3:48:17 PM MST

I really like Jonathon, but I know hundreds of Jons and Johns. I really like Carson. It's different, and I've rarely seen it anywhere. Anthony Michael reminds me of the geek on the Breakfast Club. Good luck! 11/01/03 3:44:09 PM MST

Jonathan Michael Oaks has a musicality and rhythm to the whole name! 11/01/03 3:39:41 PM MST

Congratulations!! 11/01/03 3:35:24 PM MST

I'd really like Michael Carson Oaks or Michael Tucker Oaks rather than the other way around... actually, Michael first sounds best in all four cases! Congratulations on the little one!!! 11/01/03 3:27:37 PM MST

Jonathan was my next choice, but I thought Carson was a little more unique. There are alot of "Jonathans". 11/01/03 3:22:51 PM MST

Good luck with baby Jonathan 11/01/03 3:19:58 PM MST

Congrats! Our son was also born on October 20, although he was born in 1990. Gods blessings to you and your family! 11/01/03 3:19:55 PM MST

Have you considered Justin Michael? Justin means "righteous" 11/01/03 3:18:34 PM MST

Jon Oaks sounds best. Tucker Oaks reminds me of Quaker Oats. 11/01/03 3:08:38 PM MST


Naming a baby is harder than anyone ever thinks. Congratulations! 11/01/03 3:04:52 PM MST

I like Jonathan, because it is a Bible name. SJC Jacksonville, Florida 11/01/03 2:52:14 PM MST

Jonathan is NOT trendy! Good solid name. 11/01/03 2:50:48 PM MST

Congratulations! 11/01/03 2:43:33 PM MST

Bibical names 11/01/03 2:41:14 PM MST

I was torn between Carson and Tucker, since they are unusual and very distinctive. Just like your new son. Congratulations. 11/01/03 2:38:28 PM MST

I really don't like Tucker. My favorite first name would have been Cody, but Carson is next best. 11/01/03 2:31:44 PM MST

David Michael would be nice too. 11/01/03 2:29:33 PM MST

and what's wrong with tony? 11/01/03 2:19:42 PM MST

my name is Tony...........reckon it's 11/01/03 2:18:42 PM MST

Carson is a strong masculine name and is my choice for him. It is not likely to be shortened to "Car" as the others would be Jon, Tony, and Tuck; however, it is actually your choice. Good Luck with Carson Michael Oaks. In the other comments, have you noticed all the misspellings of Jonathan and Jon??? Just something to think about. 11/01/03 2:06:56 PM MST

Carson is a strong name and is my choice for him. It is not likely to be shortened to "Car" as the others would be Jon, Tony, and Tuck; however, it is actually your choice. Good Luck with Carson Michael Oaks. In the other comments, have you noticed all the misspellings of Jonathan and Jon??? Just something to think about. 11/01/03 2:05:43 PM MST

Carson is a strong name and is my choice for him. It is not likely to be shortened to "Car" as the others would be Jon, Tony, and Tuck; however, it is actually your choice. Good Luck with Carson Michael Oaks. In the other comments, have you noticed all the misspellings of Jonathan and Jon??? 11/01/03 2:03:49 PM MST

Why are you fighting with your wife? She had the baby-did all the work-she gets to be the one saying the kids name all day as she raises him-let HER choose!!!!!! 11/01/03 2:01:14 PM MST

I like the name Jonathan because Anthony would give him the initials AMO 11/01/03 1:56:26 PM MST

voting for 'tucker' keeps the first initials of your kids in alphabetical order and doesn't repeat any initials-jonathon would give you two j's 11/01/03 1:54:29 PM MST

Carson is a strong name and is my choice for him. It is not likely to be shortened to "Car" as the others would be Jon, Tony, and Tuck; however, it is actually your choice. Good Luck with Carson Michael Oaks. 11/01/03 1:51:21 PM MST

If Oaks is last name, Kathy can choose first name. Fair's fair. 11/01/03 1:43:13 PM MST

go for something uncommon 11/01/03 1:40:11 PM MST

There are an awful lot of Johns out there... 11/01/03 1:38:35 PM MST

Jonathan Michael just seems to flow. Besides you don't want to call a little guy Car, Ant or Tuck! 11/01/03 1:33:21 PM MST

Congratulations!!!! 11/01/03 1:25:34 PM MST

You are so blessed! 11/01/03 1:22:06 PM MST

I like names you usually do not shorten. If you give a child a name, that is the name they should use. Jonathan and Anthony will become Jon and Tony. Carson is a strong name and goes well with Michael. 11/01/03 1:18:44 PM MST

You should have named him Cookie and revived the character on the old TV series Route 66. 11/01/03 1:16:53 PM MST

I really thought you should name him "Sawyer Dan Oaks" and then say it five times real fast. Just kidding, congratulations! 11/01/03 1:16:09 PM MST

Carson and Tucker are so-o-o-o Utahish! 11/01/03 1:11:22 PM MST

think the middle name should be mighty 11/01/03 1:08:02 PM MST

Good luck and God bless your baby. 11/01/03 1:07:25 PM MST

SAM Michael Oaks 11/01/03 12:56:22 PM MST

Congratulations ! 11/01/03 12:55:52 PM MST

Michael Carson instead, or Jonathan Michael ... God Bless you & your blessing 11/01/03 12:46:04 PM MST

I think that jonathon has been over-done haere lataely. Carson seems to give honor to his mother's maiden name or to another sur-name in the family. Just my opinion of course. 11/01/03 12:33:49 PM MST

Jonathon Michael Oaks just has a nice ring to it! 11/01/03 12:32:38 PM MST

God bless you and congratulations! 11/01/03 12:22:51 PM MST

Congratulations! 11/01/03 12:15:55 PM MST

Griffin Michael Oaks is an excellent name:o) 11/01/03 12:15:55 PM MST

I really would have liked 'Daniel' but unfortunately that was not in the choices. Jonathan has great Biblical significance (as would have had Daniel!) Go with Jonathan!!! 11/01/03 12:15:52 PM MST

congrats! 11/01/03 12:13:08 PM MST

If it can't be BRYAN, then Jonathan is my second choice. Sugar 11/01/03 12:12:09 PM MST

chances are, carson will be the only one in his class with that name.... and that's a nice thing! 11/01/03 12:10:40 PM MST

I liked Tucker too! 11/01/03 12:02:25 PM MST

Congratulations on this wonderful miracle of God's love!! We have recently been blessed with our very first Grandchild, a boy, Hayden Henry!! Your baby is beautiful!!! 11/01/03 12:01:51 PM MST

Congratulations on the newest addition to the "Family." Hope Mommy & Daddy are doing well. Dan, don't forget to throw in a few flowers with the nice meals that you are going to be cooking the new mommy! 11/01/03 12:00:13 PM MST

They will shorten Jonathan to John! Carson won't be shortened. 11/01/03 12:00:11 PM MST

Carson is such an unusual name. I really like it. There are too many Johns in the world, he will just be one more. Jonathan is a mother's name for a boy, but sounds too weak in a man. 11/01/03 11:57:13 AM MST

Jonathan Michael Oaks has a nice flow to it. I like it a lot. Congratulations and much happiness to all. 11/01/03 11:55:32 AM MST

Jonathan means gift of God. 11/01/03 11:51:41 AM MST

I would go with a one sylable name such as Jon. It is easier to say. 11/01/03 11:42:36 AM MST

I eliminated Tucker (it could be a source of teasing as in 'tuckered out') and Anthony (which will likely get shortened to Tony at some stage, and sounds like it would fit in too much to "mares eat oats and Tony Oaks..." ), as I believe that a child's self esteem is very important. Jonathan is alright, but I think it will be spelled wrong a lot of the times which could be a source of frustration for him. Carson has a nice ring to it, is a little less common (if later he wants a more common name, he can use his middle name), and doesn't abbreviate down to something that can be "used against him"! Good luck! 11/01/03 11:38:54 AM MST

Carson is the least likely to be nicknamed and easier to spell without having to spell it for folks all his life. It is strong and masculine. 11/01/03 11:37:10 AM MST

Congartulations Mrs.Oaks 11/01/03 11:37:00 AM MST

Jonathan just sounds right! 11/01/03 11:34:20 AM MST

Jonathan is a good, strong biblical name; but so is Anthony. God's blessings to you all! 11/01/03 11:26:21 AM MST

not quite so common, and can be shortened to "Tuck". I like that. 11/01/03 11:26:18 AM MST

I like the name Gavin Michael Oaks 11/01/03 11:25:39 AM MST

Jonathan is such a good Bible name and goes well with Michael. Thanks for including the picture of you and your son in your newsletter. He is such a doll (you're not bad yourself...this from a grandmother)! Keep up the good work with newsletter and babies! 11/01/03 11:21:04 AM MST

Congratulations! I think this has the best sound. Even Jon Oaks is good for short. 11/01/03 11:19:49 AM MST

Caleb Michael Oaks 11/01/03 11:19:26 AM MST

Congratulations! 11/01/03 11:15:29 AM MST

I voted for Jonathan because it really flows well and I like the name and all of it's short versions. Having said that, I also really like the name Carson, which also sounds nice with Michael. Good luck! Whatever you decide, you'll love it as soon as it is YOUR baby's name. :) 11/01/03 11:15:24 AM MST


I like Jonathan, because it will be shortened and Jon Oaks is short and sweet.....God bless you and CONGRATULATIONS! 11/01/03 11:08:28 AM MST

John Michael goes well together 11/01/03 11:04:43 AM MST

I like Jordan 11/01/03 11:04:25 AM MST

congrats!! 11/01/03 11:03:21 AM MST

Congratulations, watch those nicknames and initials. 11/01/03 10:59:32 AM MST

my pick: Adam Michael 11/01/03 10:56:12 AM MST

Way to go Dan, Congratulations to both of you. 11/01/03 10:53:27 AM MST

How about Avery Michael Oaks 11/01/03 10:49:45 AM MST

How about Chip for a first name 11/01/03 10:39:17 AM MST

Jonathan means "Gift of the Lord" 11/01/03 10:33:24 AM MST

Congratulations! I'm happy for you and your family. From Marilyn Atwood in Salem 11/01/03 10:32:22 AM MST

Even though it doesn't flow as well as Johnathon Michael, Tucker is more unique! 11/01/03 10:28:41 AM MST

Different & sounds special, Carson 2nd choice. Jonathan toooo common!!! 11/01/03 10:26:38 AM MST

sorry i love Cody 11/01/03 10:26:35 AM MST

Congrat's and God bless! 11/01/03 10:24:18 AM MST

I like Carson, but Carson Oaks sounds like a national park, so..... Anyway, I (mother of six) used to, when expecting, go out on the back stoop and call various names--the one that "yelled" best won! By the way, all the nicknames associated with Jonathan are safe! Congrats! Nancy 11/01/03 10:20:32 AM MST

Harrison is a good name, we named our son Harrison, Sonny for nickname. Harrison is a fancy name for baby, but Sonny fits him also. 11/01/03 9:54:24 AM MST

down with using last names as first names. call me old fashioned! Anthony is a beautiful name for a child or an adult. And Tony is way cool! 11/01/03 9:33:57 AM MST

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