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Volume II
June 30, 2003

Miracle Whip vs. Real Mayonnaise Poll Results

         In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter, we asked which you like better, Miracle Whip or Real Mayonnaise. Here are the results:

  • Miracle Whip (367) 35%
  • Real Mayonnaise (513) 48%
  • It depends on what I'm eating (180) 17%
Total Votes: 1060

I can't believe my yummy Miracle Whip lost. Obviously, many of the Real Mayonnaise fans voted more than once. Actually, the software won't let you do that...they must have had some family and friends vote for them and skew the results. I should have left off the third option...that extra 17% would have helped. I'm sure Miracle Whip would have won then. :)

You should read the comments people made. Some of them are very funny. For all of you Miracle Whip fans that voiced your support...RIGHT ON!! I hear ya and I'm with ya!!!


miracle whip is more tasty 06/27/03 11:43:09 AM MST

The operative word in that question is LIKE. I like real mayo but use Best Foods lite for less calories 06/24/03 11:01:29 AM MST

ONLY Best Foods Real Mayo! 06/21/03 11:04:46 AM MST

When making potato salad or macaroni salad I use half and half with a little pickle juice and everyone is happy 06/21/03 7:22:45 AM MST

I'm with you, it's Miricle whip all the way! 06/21/03 7:03:22 AM MST

Miracle Whip is definitely better in potato salad, but I prefer real mayonnaise for everything else. 06/20/03 3:48:34 PM MST

If I use real mayo in a salad I still have to add Miracle Whip to give it the right taste 06/18/03 9:02:30 PM MST

We actuallly alwalys eat Miracle Whip Free, it's the only "white" salad dressing we ever use, and is all we've used ever since they came out with it. And NEVER use mayonaise! 06/17/03 12:43:52 PM MST

Only the REAL deal for me! 06/15/03 10:16:43 AM MST

I used to be strictly a Miracle Whip fan -- then I got partnered with a Hellman's fanatic...and it's not bad! So, I'm just not as strict as I used to be... 06/13/03 8:38:48 AM MST

Go Mayo!!! 06/11/03 6:12:07 PM MST

Real mayo baby! That's the way to go.. 06/09/03 2:15:46 PM MST

I use only mayo EXCEPT on cold meatloaf sandwiches. Miracle Whip is the favorite there! 06/08/03 4:20:44 PM MST

I have learned that you can doctor up mayonaise to be more tart like Miracle whip, but you can't make miracle whip taste more like mayonaise. Hence, it really does depend on what I am making or eating. 06/08/03 2:12:36 PM MST

and I prefer Miracle Whip Light! 06/08/03 1:23:51 PM MST

Mayo because no carbs 06/08/03 10:39:33 AM MST

my frig throws out jars of mayo!!! I like the zip of miracle whip 06/07/03 7:28:50 AM MST

Miracle Whip is too sour! 06/05/03 9:22:43 PM MST

Less fat and more flavor in Miracle Whip 06/05/03 4:40:51 PM MST

Calorie wise, Miracle Whip Light is my choice. For a sandwich, give me just a little REAL mayonnaise 06/05/03 5:47:15 AM MST

The reason I like the real mayo is you can sweeten it or spice it up depending on the dish you are preparing. The Miracle Whip is very limited. It tastes awful if you try to spice it up. 06/04/03 7:15:02 AM MST

In pasta salads, real mayonnaise doesn't tend to get watery as quickly as Miracle Whip. Sandwiches really need Miracle Whip instead of Mayo. 06/03/03 11:13:46 AM MST

Since I add eggs to my salad the miracle whip is the moisture along with other ingredients. Mayonnaise has egg and I don't think more egg is needed. 06/02/03 8:00:34 PM MST

They both have their place. The more you cook and experiment the more you realize that they are not always interchangeable. 06/02/03 8:42:49 AM MST

there is no sandwich without MW Mayo is good for other things but MW is just as good. 06/01/03 11:47:09 PM MST

I'm with you. If I'm out of Miracle Whip, I just don't eat whatever it was that the Miracle Whip was going on/into. 06/01/03 7:09:12 PM MST

I love mayo, but in certain recipes Miracle Whip is definitely better. It just depends on the taste you are looking for. 06/01/03 3:27:52 PM MST

I use Miracle Whip for everything! 06/01/03 10:51:24 AM MST

we dont buy anything but Miracle Whip 05/31/03 10:59:36 AM MST

Miracle Whip was the standard in my house until I tried Real Mayo. Now I would not go back. 05/31/03 10:55:30 AM MST

Mayo is not real, Miracle Whip for me any day!! 05/31/03 10:36:39 AM MST

The Miracle Whip does not bother my stomach as much 05/31/03 10:26:58 AM MST

Don't like the sweetness of Miracle Whip! 05/30/03 8:07:11 PM MST

There's nothing like Miracle Whip! 05/30/03 11:52:34 AM MST

real mayo tastes much better than miracle whip 05/30/03 7:48:27 AM MST

Mayo just goes so much better with everything 05/30/03 4:56:18 AM MST

I grew up eating Miracle Whip. When Mom tried to switch us to real Mayonaise we refused t eat it, So she went back to Miracle whip and I've never cooked with any thing else. 05/29/03 9:41:07 PM MST

I like Miracle whip the best for potato, macaroni, etc salads.. However, NOTHING takes the place of Mayo in Broccoli salad... Mayo is a must there... 05/29/03 8:03:47 PM MST

gotta be mayo 05/29/03 6:22:00 PM MST

Sorry Dan, but the tang in the miracle whip ruins the taste in most recipes 05/29/03 3:34:32 PM MST

I'm doing a low carb diet and thank goodness mayonnaise is on it!!! 05/29/03 1:41:00 PM MST

I was raised on Miracle Whip--my Mother used it for everything. I find that real mayo has a "rich" taste that sometimes overpowers rather than compliments as I feel Miracle Whip does. 05/29/03 7:26:01 AM MST

Most of the time Miracle Whip, but certain things real mayonnaise. I keep both on hand. 05/29/03 4:43:52 AM MST

I like miracle whip on everything but Mayo for the french fries!! 05/28/03 9:39:20 PM MST

for me, only the best, and MW is not the best. 05/28/03 6:26:14 PM MST

It's not only got to be mayonnaise , but Best Foods Mayonnaise!! 05/28/03 1:25:33 PM MST

How could anyone vote for Miracle Whip? YUCK!!! 05/28/03 11:49:48 AM MST

An old fashion type of recipe like potato salad tastes best the way your favorite grandma made it and she probably used real mayo or made it herself from scratch. That's why one person likes it with real mayo. It's a real comfort food that reminds you of real comfortable times. I think you should do a newsletter on the topic of Comfort Foods. I know that I would enjoy reading about everybodys favorite comfort food. My fovorite comfort food is homemade, from scratch, hot cocoa! 05/28/03 11:05:25 AM MST

I voted for mayonnaises, but have to tell you that my hubby only likes Miracle Whip 05/28/03 1:46:02 AM MST

Mayonaise does not have the trans fats that are in Miracle Whip so it is much better for you 05/27/03 11:34:58 PM MST

Miracle whip on sandwiches etc..Best Foods on Vegies 05/27/03 10:02:51 PM MST

Mayonnaise is like butter, Miracle Whip like margarine - yuk 05/27/03 9:04:21 PM MST

There is a distinctive tang that whip adds that mayo can't 05/27/03 8:18:23 PM MST

tooooo bad Dan the Man 05/27/03 8:04:17 PM MST

Only Hellman's is allowed in my house! 05/27/03 6:52:04 PM MST

Nothing like Miracle Whip! 05/27/03 6:19:44 PM MST

Try a miracle & Peanut Butter Sandwich - especially toasted 05/27/03 4:18:12 PM MST

It depends on what I'm cooking 05/27/03 3:29:57 PM MST

miracle whip 05/27/03 12:44:34 PM MST

Real is the only way to go. 05/27/03 11:20:04 AM MST

Miracle Whip doesn't have as strong a flavor. Nor is it as thick as Mayonnaise 05/27/03 10:12:18 AM MST

We used to like Miracle Whip and then someone introduced us to Best Foods REAL mayo - no contest! 05/27/03 9:56:30 AM MST

Best Foods forever,bye bye miracle whip 05/27/03 9:20:05 AM MST

miracle whip is too sweet for me. 05/27/03 8:54:16 AM MST

Miracle Whip is too sweet for most recipies. 05/27/03 8:13:24 AM MST

Miracle Whip is just as real as mayo! There are no atrificial ingredients in it! Miricle Whip was not made to imitate Mayo. They are two totally different foods. Mayo is a true emulsion made with eggs and oil. Miricle Whip is a cooked dressing like homeade potato salad dressing was made in the old days! It is like trying to compare apples to oranges when comparing Mayo and Miracle Whip. PEOPLE please learn the real facts before you assume things are "artificial". You start others believing these myths! I do not work for Miracle Whip, but am a nutritionist who does know what ingredients go into foods and how things are made!!! 05/27/03 5:58:52 AM MST

Real Mayo has no flavor for my taste buds! Miricle Whip has a zip to my taste buds! 05/27/03 5:43:00 AM MST

Miracle Whip had to sweet a taste for me. 05/27/03 5:42:29 AM MST

I do not like any of the stuff! 05/26/03 11:41:14 PM MST

normally it's miracle whip but egg salad would't be the same with out real mayo 05/26/03 11:00:04 PM MST

Real is the best deal! 05/26/03 10:24:11 PM MST

Not only real mayo but it has to be Helman's 05/26/03 9:57:00 PM MST

Miracle Whip tastes awful! 05/26/03 7:17:13 PM MST

Mircle Whip is too sweet 05/26/03 6:08:40 PM MST

A miracle whip beats real mayo any day!!! 05/26/03 6:02:03 PM MST

How about home-made? That is hard to beat 05/26/03 4:05:29 PM MST

Sometimes I may use both in a potato or macaroni salad. 05/26/03 3:32:32 PM MST


I insist in my vote 05/26/03 1:06:06 PM MST

It has to be Hellmann's...Hellmann's brings out the best in any salad or sandwidh-the Real Mayonnaise 05/26/03 9:44:38 AM MST

Real Mayonnaise is to bland, Miracle Whip spices up a salad, sandwich or whatever you use it for. 05/26/03 9:22:43 AM MST


Have even got used to Ultra Low Fat Miracle Whip, but it is just not the same!! 05/26/03 9:12:34 AM MST

It depends on what you grew up with as a kid as to what you prefer. Miracle Whip is too sweet for anything. 05/26/03 8:41:22 AM MST

only hellmans 05/26/03 8:17:39 AM MST

I even like the low fat Miracle Whip better 05/25/03 10:16:29 PM MST

Miracle Whip...nasty stuff! What is it...really? 05/25/03 9:26:13 PM MST

Miracle Whip is imitation 05/25/03 8:59:39 PM MST

I even eat pb and Miracle Whip sandwiches. Yum!!! 05/25/03 8:53:33 PM MST

Dukes Mayonnaise is great for potato, pasta, and chicken salads because of the more acidic taste. 05/25/03 8:33:01 PM MST

I use Miracle Whip except when I make broccoli salad. Real mayonnaise is a must then. 05/25/03 7:44:31 PM MST

my husband also likes real mayonnaise 05/25/03 6:34:27 PM MST

I personally think that MW is too sweet. 05/25/03 5:52:31 PM MST

potato salad and sandwich spread definately has to have Miricle whip, dressings for salads I like mayo 05/25/03 5:15:51 PM MST

51% of the people need to get some serious therapy to get over that problem! 05/25/03 4:41:49 PM MST

Miracle Whip is too sweet 05/25/03 4:31:32 PM MST

We've always used Miracle Whip, but I've found out that there are some recipes where real mayonnaise cannot be substituted. 05/25/03 3:57:18 PM MST

Hellman's only or Miracle Whip but Hellman's makes the best ranch dressing from the packet 05/25/03 1:32:21 PM MST

Hellmann's(Best Foods) 05/24/03 11:49:07 PM MST

Real Mayo has no flavor!!! 05/24/03 10:48:12 PM MST

Better overall taste. 05/24/03 10:45:48 PM MST

Miracle Whip tastes better and is not fatty tasting 05/24/03 10:26:26 PM MST

Miracle whip tastes like vinegar 05/24/03 9:57:16 PM MST

If Mircle whip is present in any recipe I do not make it or eat it. It is far to sweet tasting for me. Mayonnaise simply adds a creamy texture to add herbs & spices to so they are the predominant flavors not the Mircle Whip. 05/24/03 9:50:15 PM MST

And not just any brand will do - real mayonaise is firm, lemony and one of life's pleasures 05/24/03 9:22:45 PM MST

I like both. 05/24/03 9:18:32 PM MST

Real Mayonnaise has more flavor, and it is more natural than Miracle Whip, which has more artificial ingredients in it. I like any food to be as natural as possible. 05/24/03 8:49:05 PM MST

Miracle Whip is disgusting!!! No way would I EVER use it!! 05/24/03 8:44:17 PM MST

Miracle Whip all the way!!! 05/24/03 8:27:26 PM MST

I used to eat Miracle Whip al lthe time, but I have become addicted to Hellman's Mayo! 05/24/03 8:15:11 PM MST

Maybe it's a learned taste and depends on what you grew up on. Myra 05/24/03 7:16:10 PM MST

miracle whip tastes wrong! too sweet 05/24/03 6:37:26 PM MST

I like real maonnaise in potato salad and Miracle Whip in some sandwiches. 05/24/03 5:37:15 PM MST

I like miracle whip better, maybe because my mother used it . 05/24/03 5:12:31 PM MST

Miracle Whip is good on fruit salad if it's mixed with a little milk 05/24/03 4:57:16 PM MST

Real is always better than imitation 05/24/03 3:50:01 PM MST

I especially like the low fat mayonnaise, but fat free is yucky! 05/24/03 2:22:53 PM MST

Miracle Whip is too sweet for my taste. 05/24/03 1:40:56 PM MST

We love fat free Miracle Whip the best! 05/24/03 1:19:17 PM MST

I have used real mayonnaise for 60 years. 05/24/03 12:58:57 PM MST

I prefer Real, my son prefers Miracle Whip and his wife likes both equally well. 05/24/03 12:42:20 PM MST

sorry dan 05/24/03 12:32:29 PM MST

real, real, real LOL 05/24/03 12:16:33 PM MST

Hellmann's is the best 05/24/03 12:09:25 PM MST

Kathy is nuts ,why would anyone want real mayo when there is miracle whip 05/24/03 12:01:03 PM MST

Both of them are good. 05/24/03 11:52:34 AM MST

I prefer M.W. The only time I like Mayo better is in tuna salad. 05/24/03 11:46:29 AM MST

Real Mayo lacks the little tang that Miracle Whip has. 05/24/03 10:56:56 AM MST

But most usually I use real mayonnaise 05/24/03 10:50:38 AM MST

My husband is a mayo guy all the way! But I grew up on Miracle Whip and can't understand anyone liking mayo better!! 05/24/03 10:28:49 AM MST

I've had Mayo most of my life, so I take after my the way, does anyone know if, besides Kraft Mayo, any mayo companies are owned by cigarette companies??? 05/24/03 10:24:21 AM MST

There are times when Real Mayonnaise is clearly the better choice. More mild, a better compliment. However, there are a few foods which Miracle Whip provides the added zing for...Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts... 05/24/03 10:21:34 AM MST

miracle whip too sweet 05/24/03 10:19:03 AM MST

Miracle Whip on all Salads; Mayo on Sandwiches and in Tuna 05/24/03 10:00:34 AM MST

Dan, I prefer my potato salad with a mixture of Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip. Yummy! 05/24/03 9:58:12 AM MST

MW is nasty in my opinion, never eat it. love your stuff! Lisa 05/24/03 9:53:30 AM MST

It's Best Food Real Mayonnaise or nothing for me. 05/24/03 9:41:55 AM MST

Miracle Whip is nasty!! Only Kraft Real Mayonnaise for me. 05/24/03 9:41:28 AM MST

My husband likes Miracle Whip. I prefer Light Mayonnaise. 05/24/03 9:25:52 AM MST

NOTHING is better than real mayonnaise! 05/24/03 9:24:29 AM MST

no comparison 05/24/03 9:23:52 AM MST

We use lite or no-fat mayo 05/24/03 9:01:44 AM MST

I have a Miracle Whip cook book and I tried recipes w/ real mayo as well, it's just not the same, MW is sweeter and tangier YuM!! 05/24/03 8:39:38 AM MST

I make my own! I have the best recipe! 05/24/03 8:36:19 AM MST

Hey Dan, like your wife I'm a mayonnaise gal and my husband, Jon WAS a miracle whip guy ( I always called it mistake whip -- it certainly doesn't tast like a miracle to me!). And then one day he said, "You know, I don't think I like that miracle whip as much as the mayonnaise." This was a big shock since we had been trying to have a dual dressing marriage. You see, whenever I made tuna salad or potato salad or whatever, I always had to make two; you know "his and hers." Well, unbeknownst to me he was dipping into mine when his was all gone and he had become accustomed to the smooth wonderful taste of the mayonnaise, To this day, he's a dedicated mayonnaise fan and I only keep miracle whip in the house for the inlaws. Gina 05/24/03 8:12:06 AM MST

I won't eat anything with Miracle Whip!. Yuk!. 05/24/03 8:03:53 AM MST

I have zillion recipes that I use Miracle Whip in and ONE recipe that uses Real Mayonnaise 05/24/03 8:00:27 AM MST

It just tastes better. 05/24/03 7:57:34 AM MST

miracle whip lite tastes good 05/24/03 7:55:08 AM MST

prefer mayo but some things just gotta have the Miracle 05/24/03 6:58:10 AM MST

I LOVE HELMAN'S 05/24/03 6:36:54 AM MST

has to be helmans 05/24/03 6:36:11 AM MST

There's only one REAL MAYONNAISE 05/24/03 6:32:58 AM MST

Definitely, Miracle Whip--in my family it is unanimous. 05/24/03 6:30:21 AM MST

And......some dishes taste better when you combine both of them! 05/24/03 6:27:16 AM MST

Miracle Whip is just tooooooo sweet...yuck 05/24/03 6:14:10 AM MST

Miracle Whip is to sweet 05/24/03 5:57:47 AM MST

only Best Foods will do 05/24/03 5:52:02 AM MST

I like the mix the two (1/2 and 1/2)...delicious. You're both right! 05/24/03 5:48:33 AM MST

Sorry Dan 05/24/03 5:48:08 AM MST

Miracle Whip & Real Mayonnaise have different flavors. I use the one which best complements the flavor of the other ingredients. 05/24/03 5:43:50 AM MST

There is a difference in their structure, they are not identical, it would be like comparing McIntosh apples to Golden delicious apples, they are both apples but have a different bouquet. 05/24/03 5:36:59 AM MST

I'm with Dan - if there is no Miracle Whip, there is NO sandwich but I put both in my potato salad. 05/24/03 5:16:17 AM MST

Must be Dukes brand mayonnaise--it has a more vinegary taste. 05/24/03 5:04:21 AM MST

Hellmann's is our favorite mayo 05/24/03 3:36:43 AM MST

Miracle Whip is not...a miracle that is. yuck 05/24/03 3:18:27 AM MST

I like miracle whip on sandwiches but real mayo for salads. 05/24/03 3:08:38 AM MST

Miracle Whip ought to be illegal!! 05/24/03 1:43:38 AM MST

Mayo with salads, Miracle on sandwiches. Try it! 05/24/03 0:11:14 AM MST

it has to be best foods ( hellmans east of the rockies) 05/23/03 10:41:36 PM MST

Sorry Dan, either your miracle whip or mayo. I find very few people are both... :) 05/23/03 10:29:03 PM MST

I do not eat something what is not real! 05/23/03 10:25:42 PM MST

Like the real thing 05/23/03 10:23:39 PM MST

I occasionally will use half real mayo and half Miracle Whip but most of the time, I prefer MW. My mother who was an excellent cook used on Miracle Whip. After all, think about it.. If you use mayo you add other ingredients which make it taste like MW.. so why not just use MW and forego adding vinegar, sugar, etc? 05/23/03 9:37:54 PM MST

I grew up on Miracle Whip, but changed to real mayonnaise and like it much better. not so sweet. sorry, dan!!!! 05/23/03 9:37:29 PM MST

Miracle Whip is too sweet 05/23/03 9:27:32 PM MST

Miracle Whip has more tang 05/23/03 9:04:47 PM MST

Real Mayo is too heavy 05/23/03 8:57:10 PM MST

Miracle Whip is phony mayonnaise! 05/23/03 8:42:59 PM MST

Miracle Whip is phone mayonnaise! 05/23/03 8:42:47 PM MST

Best Foods or Hellman's is the only way to go 05/23/03 8:38:23 PM MST

Mayo Light is better than either of the others. 05/23/03 8:36:37 PM MST

Miracle whip for sure 05/23/03 8:25:58 PM MST

I like miracle whip in chicken salad, otherwise...mayonnaise! 05/23/03 8:19:13 PM MST

There are a FEW things I enjoy with "real"mayo, but I grew up with M.W., so..... 05/23/03 8:12:25 PM MST

only Hellman's 05/23/03 8:03:14 PM MST

Miracle Whip or nothing!!! 05/23/03 7:40:12 PM MST

same problem @ my house - one likes miracle whip and I like real mayo 05/23/03 7:31:34 PM MST

Dan looks like you lose 05/23/03 7:27:28 PM MST

The choice of real mayo or Miracle Whip truly depends on "the what you are eating" perspective of taste. Take a ham sandwich...real mayo is the only choice, while a tuna salad gets some much needed zip from Miracle Whip. Also, it is important to note for those of us who count fat grams & calories that low fat Miracle Whip tastes MUCH better than the low cal mayonaise varietes. 05/23/03 7:24:43 PM MST

Nothin' like the real thing! 05/23/03 7:18:18 PM MST

Nothing beats Hellman's. It is the best! 05/23/03 7:15:27 PM MST

I like both Miracle Whip and Real Mayonnaise. There are some recipes that call for Miracle Whip and some that call for Real Mayonnaise. 05/23/03 7:06:39 PM MST

just proves 50% have not tried Miracle Whip 05/23/03 6:55:40 PM MST

Jar of each: His & Hers in our home 05/23/03 6:47:51 PM MST

Truthfully Mayonnaise is best on sub-sandwiches and in Ranch dressing mix, otherwise Miracle Whip wins by a mile. 05/23/03 6:40:05 PM MST

Real Mayo reigns 05/23/03 6:38:55 PM MST

It's gotta be real mayonnaise, first and foremost. Beyond that, it's gotta be homemade mayonnaise---storebought will do in an emergency, but homemade is SO easy, so fast, so good, and more healthy---I've been making it for over 40 years and we're spoiled to it. 05/23/03 6:21:13 PM MST

Bring out the Hellmans! 05/23/03 6:17:29 PM MST

I hate the taste of real mayonnaise 05/23/03 6:14:22 PM MST

My mother ALWAYS used Miracle Whip so for me, potato salad simply doesn't taste right without it! I'm now 68 years old! 05/23/03 6:10:35 PM MST

husband like miracle whip and i like the mayo... 05/23/03 5:51:55 PM MST

I have never been able to stand the taste of Miracle Whip. 05/23/03 5:45:39 PM MST

Miracle Whip is too sweet! 05/23/03 5:45:20 PM MST

I prefer miracle whip on sandwiches but for things tuna salad or chichen salad I prefer mayonnaise 05/23/03 5:44:27 PM MST

For the true sandwitch lover, Miracle Whip is the only way to go! However, when the expert cook creates an exceptional salad, She does it with Mayonaise! 05/23/03 5:21:39 PM MST

M.Whip,no question 05/23/03 5:18:48 PM MST

M.W 05/23/03 5:18:55 PM MST

For Sandwhiches it is definitely Miracle Whip! 05/23/03 5:15:50 PM MST

Miracle Whip Light is my favorit!! 05/23/03 5:09:33 PM MST

Miracle whip is too sweet 05/23/03 5:07:06 PM MST

Real mayo is the best, Only with a seafood salad do I mix half & half Mayo and Miracle whip 05/23/03 5:02:19 PM MST

Miracle Whip is whimpy & too sweet! 05/23/03 5:00:32 PM MST


Miracle Whip tastes too sweet 05/23/03 4:48:16 PM MST

you are both wrong for potato salad use sour cream 05/23/03 4:35:59 PM MST

Best Foods only! 05/23/03 4:30:20 PM MST

they are different altogether,one is sweet the other real, i would never think of using whip in any salad etc. 05/23/03 4:26:47 PM MST

Only Best Foods/Hellmans will do! 05/23/03 4:04:45 PM MST

It's what my mother used, less fattening? 05/23/03 4:01:48 PM MST

wow 05/23/03 3:45:09 PM MST

My family prefers Miracle Whip to any other dressing, if I use something else I get complaints 05/23/03 3:44:23 PM MST

I usually like real mayo, but in some salads I put 1/2 and 1/2 05/23/03 3:31:08 PM MST

Sorry Dan! -- 05/23/03 1:53:17 PM MST

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