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Thank you so much for your awesome newsletters and software. I just wanted to let you know that I recommend your products every chance I get. My co-worker is looking for something to get her dad for a retirement gift and she thought it was such a great idea.

Dee Goss  

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Volume II
July 30, 2003

Real vs. Paper Plates?

         In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter, we asked how often you eat out. Here are the results:

  • Once a month or less (67) 22%
  • Once a week (80) 26%
  • Twice a week (77) 25%
  • Three times a week (42) 14%
  • Four times a week (25) 8%
  • Almost everyday (19) 6%
Total Votes: 310


Eating out is one of the nice things we planned for in retirement. We have learned that drinking only water is a major savings. 07/25/03 9:19:26 AM MST

I need it spelled out step by step to prepare meals and sides at home. Including when to add what where and what size dish to prep in. 07/17/03 8:52:16 PM MST

I eat lunch in our cafeteria at work every day. It's good food and a lot better than competing with a lot of other people to heat up left-overs in the microwave. 07/16/03 8:26:48 PM MST

Being retired is Great! We now have the time & money to eat out more. 07/11/03 7:50:57 PM MST

Wednesday night is youth night at church and also just happens to be 99 cent Whopper Night at Burger King! It is either that or frozen pizza. 07/08/03 9:28:53 PM MST

Way too often; I hope'n your program will help me get more organized. There are just two of us at home now, and too often it is just too easy to stop for something instead of makin s and having to clean it up. 07/08/03 8:58:01 PM MST

Eating out is to much of a problem---fats, carbs, cholesterol etc. At home you know what you are eating---much easier to eat heallthy! 07/08/03 7:04:45 PM MST

We seem to lack time and energy. I have chronic fatigue problem and it always seems to be at its worse when it comes to preparing meals. 07/08/03 10:37:33 AM MST

but eating OUT is different than CARRY OUT, which I do much more often. 07/07/03 7:50:52 PM MST

Hello! Dan: We live 60 miles from the nearest town. So when we leave this ranch we have a long list! So of course we have to eat out while we are away. Over the years I have wished many times I could make a quick run for fast food....but instead I hit the Kitchen and go to work to feed the our family and hired men! There are conveniences that I certainly have missed living in a rather out of the way place! Thanks for your great letter and recipes! Joyce Ward from the EY Ranch! 07/05/03 11:08:49 AM MST

Often enough that the thrill is gone! Just have to eat something. 07/02/03 8:52:13 PM MST

My husband's job keeps him away from most meals and I don't want to eat by myself. 07/02/03 10:40:11 AM MST

I think eating out is the worst culprit in American's expanding waistlines. My daughter and I almost always split a meal no matter where we go because portions are always so huge. I cook extra on purpose at home so I have lunch for the next day. 07/01/03 3:47:42 PM MST

I eat out much less than I used to (only about 2X per wk.) because I am dieting. I find I do that better at home. Fewer temptations and less finishing what's on the plate. 07/01/03 12:27:00 PM MST

It is almost cheaper to eat out, applying senior discounts. Especially nice when mate eats different things than you do. Only problem eating out is to find diabetic desserts and drinks. 07/01/03 10:32:35 AM MST

My husband andI eat out almost every Friday for dinner. It is our "date night". We are celebrating our 43rd anniversary next week!! I a have your "Taste of Home" cookbook and use it regularly. Thanks for your great software. CE 07/01/03 8:21:55 AM MST

we actually only eat out about 4 times a year. 07/01/03 6:16:08 AM MST

If we have special visitors, we often take them out to eat. 07/01/03 5:33:44 AM MST

Sometimes we eat out twice, but that's usually Friday evening and Saturday afternoon/evening. Otherwise it's generally on Friday when we would rather not bother with cooking/cleaning. 07/01/03 5:12:39 AM MST

Wife just retired. We may eat in more now. 06/30/03 8:34:59 PM MST

my number is really twice a month but was not a choice 06/30/03 8:13:30 PM MST

I need a break from cooling SOMETIMES! 06/30/03 5:42:04 PM MST

At least once a week, and sometimes twice, my office orders out for lunch. As a family, we eat out for dinner at least once a week. So, sometimes this does add up to a lot of eating "out". But our preference is to keep this to a minimum, because of the cost involved, and because nutrition can be compromised when we eat "on the run" too frequently. Carolynn Scoffield 06/30/03 5:06:33 PM MST

Once or twice a week my office orders out for lunch and at least one a week we eat out as a faimily 06/30/03 5:02:54 PM MST

We are retired and going out for dinner (at noon, it is our big meal of the day.) is our recreation. We meet friends quite often. 06/30/03 4:44:57 PM MST

maybe like 2 or 3 times a year 06/30/03 4:34:47 PM MST

If you are watching nutritional values, stay home 06/30/03 3:37:03 PM MST

wish i could eat out more!!!!!!!!! 06/30/03 3:32:17 PM MST

Actually, it is more like once a month, but you didn't have that option. So I voted for once a week. DH usually does eat out once a week (lunch) but I don't. I prefer home cookin'. 06/30/03 2:02:58 PM MST

We really eat out only about once a month. We prefer home cooking. It's healthier. 06/30/03 1:58:24 PM MST

the 3rd meal is usually lunch out with friends 06/30/03 1:53:22 PM MST

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