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I have been a satisfied Cook'n customer since 1999, upgrading every time a new version came out. I have literally thousands of recipes entered into the recipe software and was looking forward to being able to make a family cookbook for Christmas presents. I ordered the recipe software from DVO directly and received it on December 5th. Version 10 does not install properly on my desktop computer at home, my son's new laptop, or my new desktop computer at work. I get an SQL error message, and Version 10 will not restore my huge .ck9 backup file...


I spoke at length with the company CEO last night (1/4/12), and he was able to resolve my installation and data file restoration issues. The company does stand behind their promises; however, they are overwhelmed by the perfect storm of circumstances:; Christmas holiday, new employees, employee illness, new product release and lots of customer service emails to answer.

The Cook'n product is definitely worth giving DVO the benefit of the doubt right now. I have changed my review from one star to five and encourage anyone who is having issues with Cook'n 10 to be patient.

I have used Cook'n for over a decade. I started using it to organize my recipes, but found the cookbooks on the Cook'n web site were wonderful too. I have upgraded my recipe software several times and Cook'n 10 is outstanding. The recipe software is not the only thing that is wonderful, the company as a whole are teriffic too. I had a downloading problem once that I couln't seem to figure out. The owner of the company, Dan Oaks, personally trouble shooted my problem live on my computer. That's what I call Integrity!! Also, be sure to sign up for the monthly newsleters! Dan and his wife Kathy show you how to cook a recipe on video. The bloopers at the end are hysterical!

I looked at more than 20 different organizer/cookbook programs, but none of them had all the features I was looking for - until I found Cook'n (v.10). I've only been using it for a short time, but so far, I absolutely LOVE it. I have a couple of favorite features. First, there's the option to capture recipes from the internet, including any photos shown. Then there's the option to add my own photo to any recipe. Since my goal is to have a photo with every recipe in the book, this is great. There are also various themes and other customizations to apply, whether to individual recipes or the entire cookbook and I appreciate that too.

Not only can you create your own cookbook(s), it even comes with a complete cookbook from the developer.

As for the company - they're great. When I first tried to use the recipe software, I couldn't get the print option to work. I submited a question to the company and I received a response very quickly. The representative kept in touch with me until it resolved and even offered to use a remote desktop option to take care of it for me. It turned out that my computer system was compromised, so it didn't come to that. However, once I got everything straightened out in my system, the program worked like a charm!

Try it. You won't be disappointed!