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This is an awesome planner. I can't wait to recieve the new pages I just ordered.

Thank you so much!

Karen Heinzen

I just ordered the "Crazy Lady" planner from your web site. I have four kids and work full time in church youth ministry...balancing Faith and Family and Career has been challenging! Thanks for making your products available.

-Anne in Ohio

The Crazy Lady Planner is a notebook-style planner. This allows you to take your schedule with you to the doctor's office, your in-laws' home, and anyplace else where you won't have a computer handy. The Crazy Lady Planner is set up like many of the personal planners you've seen advertised, except that it's more specifically geared toward those of us who admit that we must be crazy to do all the things we do!

Besides the usual daily events and journal pages, the planner is broken down into eight sections. The Schedule/ Calendar section holds the assorted calendar types (weekly, monthly and yearly) and planning pages for various schedules. The Directories section contains address book pages. The Goals/ Personal section offers a place to jot down great ideas, short and long term goals and an exercise log. The Family section covers family info, school info/ schedules and a chore chart. The Household section covers home décor/ dimensions, garden planning and dinner planning.

The Social section has a place for Christmas card lists. The Financial section holds the monthly spending record. The Business/ Professional/ School/ Church section offers a place to list small business functions, lesson plans, mail order records and long distance telephone calls. Each of these eight sections has at least four types of pages to assist you in keeping track of your life. Each yearly filler comes with at least one copy of each type of specialty page, and you can buy what you need on a refill basis.

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Big Crazy Lady Day Planner
A sane approach to life's chaotic moments!
Bigger and Bolder
The Big Crazy Lady Day Day Planner contains each of the same features of the original, it's just bigger. If you prefer more space to write or have difficulty reading small print, this is the planner for you!

Crazy Lady Day Planner
BIG Crazy Lady Day Planner Pages (8.5" x 5.5")
Retail Value: $64.95  
Sale Price: $19.95     
Out of Stock!
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours

Big Crazy Lady Day Planner Inserts:

Activity Schedule : $4.00

Address/Phone : $4.00

Assignments : $4.00

Auto Repair/Maintenance : $4.00

Business Functions : $4.00   Sold Out!

Business Inventory Record : $4.00

Chore Chart : $4.00   Sold Out!

Committees/Groups : $4.00

Communication Log : $4.00

Contacts--Personal/Professional : $4.00

Data Keeper : $4.00

Daycare Record : $4.00

Debt Elimination : $4.00

Dinner Planner : $4.00

Emergency Storage Plan : $4.00   Sold Out!

Exercise Log/Diet/Nutrition : $4.00

Expenses and Receipts : $4.00

Family Information : $4.00

Family Responsibilities : $4.00

Family Time : $4.00

Fast Foods : $4.00

Follow Up : $4.00   Sold Out!

Gardener's Plan : $4.00

Gift Ideas : $4.00   Sold Out!

Gift Lists : $4.00

Goals--Long Term : $4.00

Great Ideas! : $4.00

Home Decor & Dimensions : $4.00

Home/Yard Maintenance : $4.00

Honey Do! : $4.00

Household Inventory : $4.00

Journal : $4.00

Kid Quotes : $4.00

Lender/Borrower Record : $4.00

Lesson Plan : $4.00

Long Distance Telephone Log : $4.00

Market Lists : $4.00   Sold Out!

Meals, Groceries, Coupons : $4.00

Medical/Dental History : $4.00

Meeting Notes : $4.00

Mileage : $4.00

Monthly Budget : $4.00   Sold Out!

Monthly Planning Calendar : $4.00   Sold Out!

Monthly Spending Record : $4.00   Sold Out!

Names and Numbers : $4.00   Sold Out!

Order Record : $4.00

Pet Record : $4.00

Plan-a-Week : $4.00

Professional/Personal Time Log : $4.00

Project Plans : $4.00

Quarterly Schedule : $4.00

Registration/Mailing List : $4.00

School Schedules : $4.00

Small Business Functions : $4.00

Social Gatherings/Guest List : $4.00

Someday...Recommendations : $4.00

Special Days : $4.00

Travel Expenses Receipts : $4.00

Travel Planner : $4.00

Travel/Packing Reminder : $4.00

While I'm Gone... : $4.00

Work hard! : $4.00   Sold Out!

Yellow Pages : $4.00   Sold Out!

  • If you are interested in the smaller planner, click here
    Electronic Calendar
    Tickler - $14.95
    Never miss another special event again. Use the Tickler to remind you of birthdays, holidays, etc. This is a download version only. No CD is available.A sane approach to life's chaotic moments! Designed for the woman organizing herself, her family and her business or service obligations.

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