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Volume II
June 5, 2009

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "Which Small Kitchen Appliance Could You Not Live Without?" Here are the results:

Which small kitchen appliance could you not live without?

Mixer (51) 18%
Toaster (24) 8%
Blender (14) 5%
Food Processor (18) 6%
Microwave (150) 52%
Rice Cooker (11) 4%
Other (18) 6%

Total Votes: 286


No sub for a mixer except "wrist power"

don't cook with microwave just heat things up

pressure cooker!

Are you kidding? Talk about a no brainer

You left out a husband that knows how to cook

next would be my rice cooker

I use my microwave for what it is entended for - cooking. I do meals in the microwave all the time. Brown ground beef, a whole chicken, chicken breast etc.

this is really hard,

we've stacked 2 in kitchen

it is so much more than a rice cooker,

i could easily LIVE without any of them, but out of the list you created, i use the microwave the most, as most people have shared too)

It is our main stove. How could you heat up food without it?

Rice Cooker/steamer is 2nd

I remember using an egg beater to mix mayonnaise in my grandmother's kitchen. That was hard work! Now mixing is so easy with electric mixers. That item would be the most difficult to live without.

Can't I choose two? I need my microwave too!

I never wanted I couldn't live without it!!

Would love the 1 hour bread receipe

microwave & toaster would be great

Mixer & Microwave were a tie for me, but I could only check one...

i still love cooking in the oven

microwave is essential

"I guess most folks agree"

My "blender" is a VitaMix and it would be very hard to get along without it.

I researched and reviewed. Then I scrimped and saved. I finally got my food processor. Oh the time I would have saved if I had bought it ten years ago! I will never give it up.

I had to pick between my blender and food processor. The only other thing I could say is a must is my stand mixer, but many recipes can be mixed with a spatula or put in the blender or food pro.

The only kitchen appliance that I could not live without is my imagination, I can make do to replace anything else.

I do everything in the microwave and it's especially good in the summer when you don't want your house heated even more from using your oven.

Vegetable Slicer Dicer


I could live without all of them, but the one I'd miss the most is the microwave. Especially if the rest of my life continued as it is now (working, kids, etc).

How about, "Which one NOT?" Then it would be the rice cooker, followed by the mixer!

My favorites appliances are: Vegetable Steamer, Pressure Cooker, Egg & Muffin Toaster, and Rice Cooker...and Apple Machine.

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