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Volume II
November 7, 2006

Bad Veggie Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, Do you can and/or store food? Here are the results:

Canning and Food Storage
Do you can and/or store food?
I have no food storage 2%
I store only what's in my kitchen or pantry 17%
I have enough food storage for at least 60 days 14%
I have a 72 hr. survival kit 6%
I have a years supply of stored food 10%
I never can 10%
I can every few years 9%
I can at least once a year 30%
Canning costs too much 0%
Canning is not worth my time. Too much work. 2%

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I can or freeze whatever is in season. My friend and I even tried canning butter last fall when it went on sale. I opened it this fall after storing it in a cool basement for over a year and we were both surprised at how well it tasted!! We are now going to begin canning meats in a pressure canner. Poultry and beef are both on sale now.

What a peace of mind it is to know that we don't have to run to the store everytime bad weather is forecast. It is so much nicer to be able to gather my children and make a treat and enjoy our time together.

We actually could live nicely for a month and more with what we have canned, frozen and stored. Hopefully, we never had to test it for that long.

I love to can and also can beef and pork

We have a 30 day supply

I am diabetic. I find canning enhances my choices of healthy product for me at only 25% of the retail cost. I like things like rhubarb, pickled beets and salsa. Also I can soups. Make all my own sugar-free jams. Everyone begs for my jams. I love canning.

if food is mor than 30 kilomiters or more away

I do good to keep the pantry stocked up with enough items for 4 kids.

I enjoy canning and I also do quite a bit of dehydrating. It's very satisfying to create healthy foods for my family.

The food I store is primarily to save me shopping time so it fluctuates between 6 and 60 days.

I would love to see you put together a cook'n CD with food storage recipes on it.

I can whatever I have surplus in my garden for each year. Favorites are salsa, spagetti sauce, pickled peppers and green tomatoes.

I don't have enough space to store much, but if I did, I would store more.

there is nothing like your own canned tomato juice

I open a lot of cans, Does that count?

I go the grocery store each time I plan to cook and just buy what I need for that meal.

I have gone up and down on canning but it has become a lost art to many of our younger women. I feel that everyone should know how to do this and have taught my daughters how. They now do it when ever they can find a deal on fruit or veggies.

I would can, but have no room

It only takes a few moments to blanche and freeze green beans and asparagus out of the garden, compared to all that work of canning. Same with tomatoes, making stewed tomatoes, and spaghetti sauce. I freeze them all now.

We watch for bargains and store the cans on shelves or in the freezer. I always have extra bread, muffins, rolls, pizza, meat and juice in the freezer on hand that way.

I would love to can more, but with only the two of us left, there's not much sense in it. When the kids were home, I canned tomatoes; juice, stewed, and whole, green beans, and peaches. I also made lots of apple leather and jerky and dehydrated a bunch of different stuff.

I donīt know how

The Prophet said do it, so we did.

I want to learn more about canning.

I used to can many things, but the kids are gone so I don't anymore.

To can, I would have to order the lids from out of the country and then pay a heavy tax. I can find the jars, but you can't re-use the lids and you cannot buy them separately.

I would enjoy seeing more canning recipes. I can a few hundred jars every summer, sausage,beef and venison in the fall and winter. But I am always looking for new canning recipes all the time. I enter several jars in our county fair each year and I always come home with several ribbons I have won.It gives me a great feeling of satisfaction to can the vegetables we grow ourselves. Our children and grandson have become quite spoiled with our homemade and canned foods,relishes,jelly.etc.

I would enjoy seeing more canning recipes. I can a few hundred jars every summer, sausage,beef and venison in the fall and winter. but

I do a canner or two, but my 81-year-old mom does most of my canning. She loves processing food and is most excited about life when she is do it.

I live full time in my motorhome so I store only as much as I can carry in my pantry. It may hold enough for 60 days.

hurricane areas store!

My mother used to can vegetables that my father grew but I never learned to grow enough vegetables to can.

I also have our 72 hour kits

It is personally satisfying, besides I know what's in the jar.

I believe in being prepared and not having to run to the store every day.

Even when canning costs more than buying cans from the store, there is extreme satisfaction in al those jars when on the counter and over and over when I see them on the shelves. The taste is much better from jars than from cans and we control what we put in the bottles and how much sugar and salt we use. Our children are gone from home, but love jars of fruit given from time to time. I surely hope they will be forever stuck on canning!

The "year supply" includes cans that have been hanging around way too long.

Not enough time to do everything on my to-do list!

It is not that I don't want to but that I don't know how, and do'nt have a lot of time to do it!

I am just starting to save up. I have five months of school starting in February and I want to have all my cooking done by then. Your articles have been helpful. I recently ordered a "Cook'n" CD and am looking forward to cook'n and stor'n.

I hate not having something at the last minute. It's nice to have a well stocked pantry!

One of the reasons I purchased your software was to help me archive the best of my canning recipes! I would love to see a DVO product that was specifically targeted at the home food preserver/canner

used to have a years supply till we had to use it when husband was forced into early retirement 4 yrs ago

Canning takes work. Food storage takes money. I guess If I didn't have money I'd can. But then I'd have to buy jars...hmmmm...

Watch the news. You better have something on hand. You can never be sure what the future may bring!

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