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Volume II
May 31, 2006

Cocoa Substitute

All the recipes I've found for Red Velvet Cake involve some amount of cocoa. I'm allergic to cocoa, and wonder if there is a recipe not involving cocoa, or if you can suggest a way to substitute something else for it in one of the recipes on your website. Thanks for your help!

-V Shaw

Cocoa SubstituteHi V Shaw,

You might consider using carob to replace the baking coca.  It is usually available in natural food stores.  It looks like you can substitute carob powder straight across in recipes; but you may need to reduce the baking temperature.  The following links from the internet will give you more information.

Hope this helps,

Desi @ DVO  an article on carob

carob = St. John's bread = honey locust = locust bean    Pronunciation:  CARE-ub  Notes:   Carob is sometimes used as a substitute by those unfortunates who are allergic to chocolate, since its flavor is vaguely similar.  Others use it as a healthy alternative to chocolate, since it contains less fat and no caffeine.  It's available as raw pods, chips, and either as toasted or untoasted powder (toasting helps bring out the flavor).  Look for it in health food stores.  Substitutes:  cocoa powder (Most cookbooks call for cocoa to be substituted for carob measure for measure, but since cocoa has a stronger flavor, you should use less.  Cocoa powder has more fat than carob powder, and some caffeine.  Since carob burns more easily than cocoa, the recipe may call for a lower oven temperature than is necessary with cocoa powder.)


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