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Volume II
March 31, 2006

Do You Eat Breakfast Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "How often do you eat breakfast?" Here are the official results:

  • Everyday (278) 63%
  • Most of the time (75) 17%
  • Some of the time (69) 16%
  • Never (22) 5%
Total Votes: 444


I have a combination of a cereals. I mix cheerios with berries,corn flakes and cinnamon bun cereal. I put a hard fresh banana, a few spoons of raisins and fresh strawberies and 2% milk of course. This is a large bowl and I usually skip eating lunch. I eat brunch.

i,m surprised

By the time I get a chance to address my's already lunch time!

I enjoy a good breakfast

I really don't have enough time to cook!

Sometimes it's only a piece of fruit on the go. Usually it is oatmeal or cottage cheese.

im a Diabetic so i have to watch what i eat more receipe for this please

helps when your trying to lose weight

Everyone should eat breakfast!

I eat breakfast every day. It is healthy to have breakfast

Eating early triggers my appetite, so that I eat all day long, thereby putting on extra weight. I am very active, but on Med that seem to alter my metabolism.

are you KIDDING?!?!?! a car doesn't run on "empty" & neither do i!

since reading your breakfast article I now eat everyday - yogurt (vary each day with either fruit or grains mixed in it

I always eat breakfast. Now that I am a diabetic, I must be more careful in my choices. I would like to see some receipes for us diabetics.

I fast occasionally.

Cooking in the morning can be hairy....but like the passage of time, it always happens!

Breakfast is my favorite meal... but my husband says he must be up for a while before his stomach can enjoy food. We save the waffles or omlets I love for Saturday brunches when we bothe can enjoy them!

Something light... fruit, berries, etc.

I lift weights 3 days a week and walk 5-6 miles on the other days so I have to eat breakfast or I would pass out. I either eat a bowl of steel cut oats with brown sugar, flax, and I Can't Belive It's Not Butter Spray. There are 0 calories and fat in it and the taste is wonderful. Other times I scramble 5 egg whites and saute some red peppers, onion, zucchini and shredded carrots or whatever vegetables I have and serve on the side. This is great with biscuits or left over cornbread toasted.

No time and I don't get hungry until mid morning when I have a light snack

Getting around to in within the first couple hours is the hard part.

oatmeal or smoothies for me

I start the day with lunch. My stomach doesn't appreciate breakfast food of any kind.

Breakfast is where I get my energy to keep up with 4 children ages 5 and under!

start the day running & the next thing you know it's almost lunch.

I eat breakfast everyday but it is always the same thing, toast and tea.

sometimes i will eat breakfast at dinner time , omlet or ham and eggs or pancakes and eggs

Breakfast is my most important meal even though it is usually oatmeal and coffee.

Breakfast is best, but usually eat it as a "brunch."

I feel good after a nice breakfast

most important after starving all night.

Most of the time, in too much of a hurry. By that I mean that I need time to wide awake and have my coffee first.

This is a very interesting poll! Thanks

Breakfast is my favorite meal

Usually in a rush! Will be hungry all day.

I LOVE breakfast! I just hate lunch. I can never come up with easy, quick, HEALTHY ideas for lunch for my husband and myself who are both at home. Any ideas?? Breakfast is a piece of cake (not literally!). But, the options are endless-- smoothies, fruit and cereal, eggs anywhichway, pancakes, french toast, etc. All quick and easy!

I just haven't got the time...

It is very important to break the fast at the beginning of each day.

just not hungry

Sometimes it's a cinamon roll but it's always something.

Best meal of the day.

I am a Chef and working when most are eating.

If I don't eat breakfast I am eating all the wrong things the rest of the day. Guess it helps jump start my day.

I cannot start the day without having a good breakfast, this has been happening for the last 56 years

Most important meal of the day.

its my favorite meal

I love breakfast foods but can never seem to get up and get going early enough to eat! - I can't face food until I've been up at least 2 hours!

I try to eat breakfast, but I am not as good at it as I should be for optimal health benefits!! I shall resolve to eat breakfast an I wiil be good to go!!!!!!!!!

sometimes too rushed to have time

I absolutly love breakfast but love to eat it out. Don't know why it is my favorite meal to eat out. Maybe it's because it's the least expensive.:)

I'm not hungry most of the time.

God fed the Israelites in the morning and in the evening." Exodus 15 and 16 - So I figure it's okay to skip lunch but not breakfast. . Grandma Pat

I usually don't have time. I get up, get myself ready and then get my kids ready for school. They usually have milk and cereal bars that they eat on the way to school.

breakfast is the most important meal of the day

It depends on if I am hungry. Sometimes I do eat a bacon and eggs breakfast, but there are times that I only have two pieces of toast. Or wait until I am hungry and have an early lunch.

Only because it takes me too long to wake up.

Before being diagnosed withnType 2 Diabetes I was a breakfast skipper! I simply was too busy to take the time to eat and I never was really hungry at that time anyway---but with my condition I have learned the importance a a nutritionally balanced meal at the Top O' the Mornin

When I do, it is usually a supper meal type food. Eat maybe 10% a year for those breakfasts.

find it hard to eat while sooooo busy, throw up if i do..

Breakfast slows me down, I guess because of the body digesting it. If I get a little hungry I grab something light.

Since I started Weight Watcher a few months ago, I now eat breakfast every day. Before that, I would always get something at a convenience store on the way to work. Chocolate donut, bag of pretzels, egg roll, corndog--you know, good healthy foodstuffs that help fuel me for a long, hard day. Now I eat an apple on the way to and from work, and like it just as much! (Lost 42 pounds so far!)

I just have hot cocoa during the week and breakfast on the weekends

Rarely before 10am

Brent should eat his breakfast.

I rarely feel hungry in the a.m., and am in a hurry to get to work. Not a morning person, so don't want to get up earlier to prepare breakfast. :)

I always have eaten breakfast. My Mom saw to that, she always cooked hot cereal or eggs and toast for me. I enjoy starting the day right.

I am 81 years old and I ha ve always eaten breakfast. My Mom always

Fruit and Nut Bar 1/2 cup yogurt

I'm usually not hungry in the mornings so why eat extra calories?

I can't eat when I first get up, it makes me sick, even as a kid, I hardly ever had breakfast...I like it now more than before, especially at diners..NJ was full of them...down here GA you hardly see them...that's too bad...I miss them...even for a late night snack and have breakfast...

...but I only COOK a whole breakfast on weekends!

need more totally eggless breakfast dishes

I was raised that Breakfast got you going for the day. It was the most important meal. SO I have con't that with my family.

I don't like breakfast, but I feel I should eat it!

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