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Thank you so much for your awesome newsletters and software. I just wanted to let you know that I recommend your products every chance I get. My co-worker is looking for something to get her dad for a retirement gift and she thought it was such a great idea.

Dee Goss  

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Volume II
August 26, 2005

What do you like best about shopping online Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n Newsletter we asked, "What do you like best about shopping online?" I'm surprised. I thought "No Sales Tax" would have gotten more votes. Here are the official results:

  • Internet Stores are Open 24/7 (94) 16%
  • Shopping from home without having to drive to the store (88) 15%
  • Easier to Find Less Common Items (82) 14%
  • Saves Time (84) 14%
  • Wide Selection (74) 12%
  • Low Prices (54) 9%
  • No Sales Tax (53) 9%
  • Customer Reviews that tell me if a product is good or not (52) 9%
  • I don't like shopping online (12) 2%
  • Other...Read my Comment (8) 1%
Total Votes: 601


I usually shop from catalogs, but it is easier to order online, especially if I am in a hurry to by someone a gift.

Online Shopping is GREAT!!!!!

Don't have to fight the traffic or the people. No check-out lines, no one blocking the aisle with a cart or standing in front of the product I went to look at.

Out here in the country, there aren't many stores you can drive to. ONline it doesn't matter where you are.

I am a not always able to go to the store so shopping online provides a nice alternative. i stay away from companies that only provide email support.

I live in a small rural community with only a grocery store. Internet shopping provides me with a huge store of options without having to drive for miles to a larger city and waste my day running from store to store.

Since I live in interior Alaska, I now have the world to shop from at my fingertips, which is GREAT! No longer do I have to miss out or wait for a trip to the lower 48 to stock up on things.

I'm still afraid of putting my credit card number out there!

when cant find items in the grocery store, the online stores always have them

For some items shopping on line provides one the opportunity to do comparison shopping. However, in some states, if you order something on line you not only pay the sales taxes on the item but you also pay a sales tax on the delivery charge which increases the cost of the item. If you are watching your pennies shopping on line then cam be more expensive. For speciality food itmes such as spices which I can't get in most grocery stores, I so shop in line.

I also make on-line purchases provided it's NOT going to be at the expenseof supporting a local small business. I am the Service Manager for a local "Mom and Pop" consumer electronics store. Among many things, we are a Sony dealer and an authorized warranty station. Too often we are approached by a customer wanting free advice on how to install or operate a Sony product purchased off the internet. Many times the price the customer paid is lower than our cost for the same unit (even with the shipping)! If the customer wanted quality, personalized, "free" service, they should have considered paying a little more for the TV from a local dealer. Additionally, some of these sources aren't authorized by the manufacturer. When they seek our services for a warranty repair, they discover that the warranty is null and void. Therefore, they have a defective product, such as a big screen TV, that can't be returned. Add the cost of repair to the original price they paid and they'll discover that, once again, they should have purchased locally. America is about supporting free enterprise by supporting your local businesses. Don't forget this when making your purchase decisions, whether an internet source or a chain store. Thank you.

I used to worry about it being safe to shop online but don't have that fear anymore. I have only had one bad experience shopping online and that was with ebay. That was resolved to my satisfaction and I have never had another bad experience with anyone that I have shopped with.

I'm a personal chef. Being able to find those hard to get ingredients like venison, elk, or indian spices at reasonable prices makes the internet a great place to shop.

I like shopping online but with all the talk about identity theft, I'm very careful with whom I give my credit card number to.

I'm partially disabled, so online shopping is particularly convenient for me. It saves me struggling from store to store. And now that I live in Hawaii, I find that many things are still not available here on the island, so online gives me the convenience of shopping worldwide from my computer chair.

I especially like to order from DVO. I know I can depend on the quality to be tops. Thank you!! I'm so glad to hear it!

I like to reasearch products online for the reviews as well as the info on the product itself.I may or may not buy it online, but I can get a lot of info and compare to other products without having to run all over town.Sure saves a lot of gas.............

I like to reasearch products online for the reviews as well as the info on the product itself.I may or may not buy it online, but I can get a lot of info and compare to other products without having to run all over town

I can find products I want which are not in the stores.

Don't know if you have used the ShopSafe system for charging items ordered online. It's tied to one of our other credit cards, uses a "ghost" number each time we order online so we don't have to worry about our "real" number being "stolen, but the item is charged to our "real" credit card. Have used it for a year now and never had a problem.

Go Online! No more "shop till you drop" syndrome!

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