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Thank you so much for your awesome newsletters and software. I just wanted to let you know that I recommend your products every chance I get. My co-worker is looking for something to get her dad for a retirement gift and she thought it was such a great idea.

Dee Goss  

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Volume II
December 23, 2004

Tricks to Whole Wheat Flour

What is the trick to using whole wheat flour in white flour recipes?  I want to stay completely away from white flour.


Hi Judy,

I’m leaning towards this myself.  Because each product (cookies, bread, soups) vary so much on how to interchange wheat, the easiest answer to your question is to find a good cookbook on using wheat.  I just found an oldie-but-goodie at a thrift store last week for $1.

Cup for cup, whole wheat flour can be substituted for white flour.  However, the texture and quality will be different than what you are used to.  I’ve found that grinding hard white wheat makes fabulous flour that I can substitute in baked goods with little notice from my keen family members.

Below I’ve listed some book suggestions available through  I own this first book, and it is very helpful for utilizing wheat.

The Classic Wheat for Man Cookbook: More Than 300 Delicious and Healthful Ways to Use Stoneground Whole Wheat Flour by Vernice. Rosenvall, Mabel H. Miller, Dora D. Flack

Creative Wheat Cookery: Over 300 Easy Tips, Tasty Recipes and Low-Cost Ideas for Using Wheat and Gluten in the Home by Evelyn C. Ethington

Hope you’ll find all the info you need for better health

Desi @ DVO

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