New Features!
Smart Directions and Print Recipes from your iPhone!

The newest version of Cook'n for iOS has some cool new features.

It Remembers! Cook'n memorizes which recipe you were on last to make it easier for you to find your favorite recipes fast.

Print You can print recipes right from your phone or tablet.

Smart Directions! This feature automatically injects the ingredient quantities into your recipe Directions so you don't have to scroll up and down while making dinner! Yahoo!

Note: The "Cook'n Recipes" app has been discontinued so, if you are using it, be sure to go to the App Store and download the one called "Cook'n."

Why are there two Cook'n apps?
When the first version of "Cook'n" for iOS was released back in 2011, it had a robust feature set but it had some problems syncing to the Cook'n Cloud. Many users had no problem at all. But, some users with very large databases were not getting all of their recipes to download from the cloud to their device.

We decided to re-write the app from scratch with our amazing in-house development team. The DVO programmers perfected the mobile app sync process but hadn't finished adding all of the features that the original "Cook'n" app had. At that point, we faced quite a dilemma.

Option A was to release the new version so we could provide a sync solution to those who were having difficulty. But, if we did this, those who were not having trouble would be mad that the new version lacked some of the features that the old version had.

Option B was to wait till the new version had all of the features of the old version. However, if we did this, those who were having trouble syncing would be mad because they would have to wait 12 more months for a solution.

We decided to go with Option C: release the new version under a different name and simply tell those who were having difficulty syncing to use the new "Cook'n Recipes" app instead. This turned out to be a great solution! Those who were having trouble syncing got a solution right away. And, those who didn't have any trouble at all were happy to keep using the original version with the robust feature set.

We sent an e-mail message announcing all of this in April of 2015.

Over time, when we finished adding all of the features that the original app had, we updated the original app and ended up with a bug free app that worked great for everyone. However, that left us with two identical apps in the App Store.

To resolve this, we recently discontinued the "Cook'n Recipes" app. Everyone should download the "Cook'n" app and remove the "Cook'n Recipes" app from their device.

Dan Oaks
President and Founder
DVO Enterprises
Creator of Cook'n

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