Print a Family Cookbook and Save 60%

Print your favorite recipes and make a family cookbook! It's easy to do. It's super cool. And, it's surprisingly affordable! Watch this next video to see how to print your own family cookbook...

To print Kathy's 214 page cookbook (with 336 recipes!) at the local copy shop, they will charge you $.60 per page. But, the Cook'n elves will print this same cookbook for only $.24 per page. You save 60%! And, the professionally bound cookbooks printed by Cook'n look SO much better!

In this next video (click here to see it), I made a quick phone call to the local copy shop to find out how much it would cost to have them print Kathy's cookbook. They will print my book for $126. Cook'n will do it for only $52! Note: this cookbook has 336 recipes. If your cookbook has fewer recipes, the price will be even lower!

Printing a professionally bound cookbook using Cook'n is MUCH more affordable...and it looks WAY better too!

Print your favorite recipes and give a personalized Christmas gift that your family & friends will treasure forever!

Dan Oaks
President and Founder
DVO Enterprises
Creator of Cook'n

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