New Version of Cook'n for Android

The new version of Cook'n for Android will make you a rock star in the kitchen! The new User Interface features a bottom navigation bar that makes it easier than ever to navigate Cook'n and find great recipes fast.

The new Internet Recipe Search feature with search suggestions makes it a snap to find the best recipes on the internet. And, the new Capture dialog makes saving the recipes you find super simple.

With the local recipe search feature, you can type in what you have on hand and Cook'n will search your recipe database and tell you what you can make for dinner. Whether you use Cook'n on your Android phone or Android tablet, the new version makes it easier than ever to make mealtime memorable.

If you haven't signed up for a Cook'n Membership Plan yet, sign up today and take full advantage of the new features in Cook'n.


Dan Oaks
President and Founder
DVO Enterprises
Creator of Cook'n

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