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A note of thanks for.....everything! I received a CD as a gift 2 years ago, and have enjoyed the recipes and the info on the website. I've entered many of my own favorite recipes as well. From the technical side, the program is so thoughtfully written and easy to use; very intuitive. I recently decided to install the CD on a laptop to use in the kitchen. I visited the tech support section of your website, and was able to fix everything with out having to call you, and without having to mutter bad words under my breath! You do an outstanding job of offering a useful product at a reasonable price, and backing it up with a commitment to excellence!

Trish O'Reilly

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Cook'n with Pillsbury FAQ's

With the exciting release of our newest product, Cook'n with Pillsbury, below are some answers to common questions about the new program. For answers to specific questions about Cook'n with Pillsbury not listed below, please visit the main Support page.

How will Cook'n with Pillsbury affect my other Cook'n programs?
Cook'n with Pillsbury is designed to work together with your other Cook'n programs, just like our other Cook'n CDs. So, when you insert your Pillsbury CD for the first time, the program will first update your existing Cook'n to the newest version (this will not affect your recipes). Next, Cook'n with Pillsbury will import the recipes from the Pillsbury CD into your existing Cook'n program. You'll end up with the most current version of Cook'n, along with the new Pillsbury recipes, all in one place.

What if Cook'n with Pillsbury doesn't update my existing Cook'n program?
On some systems running Windows 95/98/ME that have a previous Cook'n program installed, the Cook'n with Pillsbury CD may not automatically update your existing Cook'n program. It might simply open your existing Cook'n and then ask to import the Pillsbury recipes. If this happens:

  1. Start Cook'n, then connect to the internet and perform an internet update of the program (click the Internet menu and choose Update Cook'n and follow the onscreen instructions). For more help on updating Cook'n, please visit the main Support page.
  2. Once updated to version 6.91 or higher (click Help>About to see the version number), close Cook'n, then insert the Cook'n with Pillsbury CD and LET THE PROGRAM START UP ON IT'S OWN. When it does, it will the give you the option to do a Full or Basic installation to put the photos and video clips on your hard disk.

If I install Cook'n with Pillsbury, will my previous Cook'n program run without the CD too?
Yes! Cook'n with Pillsbury is designed to run without the CD, and as noted in the section above, if you have another Cook'n program already installed it will be updated to the newest version automatically. Therefore, your Cook'n programs will run without the CD.

How does the MasterCook import feature work?
Cook'n with Pillsbury allows you to import MasterCook recipes that have been saved in a text (.txt) format. In MasterCook there is an option to export recipes as Text Only. Choose this option, and export your MasterCook recipes to a text file. Then open Cook'n, click File>Import>MasterCook Text File and choose the text file you've created from MasterCook.

NOTE: This import feature works on text recipes from MasterCook version 6, and should also work on recipes from previous versions of MasterCook that have the text export capability. However, if you have a MasterCook text recipe file and Cook'n is unable to import it, please email for assistance.

After I install Cook'n with Pillsbury with other Cook'n titles, the introductory background and videos change each time I open Cook'n. Why?
Cook'n with Pillsbury will automatically rotate the background image and video clips each time you open the program. This will allow you to see the intro videos and tips that come with each program, since they are unique.

I can hear sound but don't see any video when Cook'n with Pillsbury plays video clips.
The videos in Cook'n with Pillsbury are in a fairly new Windows Media Player format, and not all players have the updated codecs necessary to see the videos. If you're hearing sound but not seeing a picture, you simply need the updated codecs.

Click Here to download the update file now (725kb file). Save this "" file to your C: drive, then double-click on the file to unzip it, then double-click on the "wmpcdcs8.exe" file to install the updated codecs for Windows Media Player.


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