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I am here to say THANK YOU! Your software is great!!! I do feel like a part of the family. When I read the description of the software at your website, I thought it was too good to be true (the price, the ability of the software, etc.). I even called your company by telephone to ask if I understood the promotional information correctly. Upon receiving it and using it, I have discovered that every bit of it is true! (I LOVE the nutritional calculation feature!) Thanks so much for your product and for keeping it affordable, too!

I will look forward to each newsletter!

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Recipes for Chicken from
Betty Crocker's Best Chicken Cookbook

for Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT/Vista/Vista

Recipes for Chicken from the
Cook'n with Chicken CD

Fast and Easy Chicken

* Fast and Easy Chicken *
Pesto Chicken
Buffalo Chicken
Chicken with Country Cream Gravy
Fajita Chicken
Pecan Maple Chicken
Zesty Taco Chicken
Fresh Herb Chicken
Ranch Chicken
Caesar Chicken with Feta
Italian Chicken and Peppers

Wake up Your Taste Buds!

* Wake up Your Taste Buds! *
Spicy Wine Marinade
Santa Fe Rub
Sesame Marinade
Oriental Spice Rub
Cajun Spice Rub
Teriyaki Marinade
Indonesian Marinade
Maple-Bourbon Marinade
Herb Rub
Lemon-Basil Marinade

Super Express... 30 Minutes or Less

Easy Pasta and Sausage
Pesto Chicken and Pasta
Garden Chicken and Fettuccine
Vegetable-Chicken Stir-Fry
Szechuan Chicken and Pasta
Sweet-and-Sour Chicken
Mediterranean Skillet Chicken
Blue Cheese Tenders
One-Pan Potatoes and Chicken
Easy Mexican Chicken and Beans
Oriental Turkey Patties
Philly Turkey Panini
Chicken-Pesto Panini
Chicken Salad on Focaccia
Hot Chicken Sub
Garlic Ranch Pita
Red Pepper Turkey Rolls
Italian Turkey Pita
Garden Vegetable and Pasta Salad
Mediterranean Chicken Salad
Chicken Caesar Sandwiches
Chicken and Tortellini Salad

Stir-Fries and Skillet Meals

Spicy Chicken with Broccoli
Chicken Lo Mein
Mou Shu Chicken
Chicken and Pasta Stir-Fry
Chicken with Garlic Bread Crumbs
Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry
Chicken and Apple-Rice Skillet
Pesto Ravioli with Chicken
Easy Chicken Alfredo
Chicken with Potato Pierogies
Chicken Paprikash with Dill Sour Cream
Lemon-Pistachio Chicken
Two-Pepper Chicken with Honey Butter
Moroccan Spiced Chicken
Tandoori Chicken and Chutney
Basil-and Prosciutto- Stuffed Chicken
Chicken in Brandy Cream Sauce
Cornmeal Chicken with Fresh Peach Salsa
Chicken Nicoise
Caesar Chicken with Orzo
Skillet Chicken Parmigiana
Garlic-Soy Chicken
Chicken in Fresh Herbs

Baked and Roasted Chicken

Roasted New Potatoes and Chicken
Herb Chicken with Roasted Garlic
Crispy Chicken with Apricot Stuffing
Chicken with Cider Glaze
Three-Herb Chicken
Crunchy Garlic Drumsticks
Chicken Legs with Vegetables
Baked Lemon Chicken
Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Honey-Glazed Chicken Breasts
Two-Mustard Chicken
Curry-Coconut Chicken with Honey Mustard
Chicken Tetrazzini
Alfredo-Sauced Chicken and Rice
Fiesta Chicken Lasagna
Chicken and Rice with Autumn Vegetables

Great Chicken Classics

Chicken with Wild Rice and Cranberry Stuffing
Spice-Rubbed Rock Cornish Hens
Oven-Barbecued Chicken
Oven Chicken Kiev
Crunchy Oven-Fried Chicken
Skillet-Fried Chicken
Chicken Marsala
Easy Chicken Pot Pie
Turkey Divan
Chicken a la King
Chicken Fricassee
Chicken Salad
Salsa Arroz con Pollo

Fire up the Grill

Peanut-Glazed Rock Cornish Hens
Greek Chicken with Red Wine and Garlic
Honey-Pecan Chicken
Caesar Chicken and Vegetables with Pasta
Blueberry Chicken
Pesto-Chicken Packets
Spicy Cajun Grilled Chicken
Chicken with Peppers and Artichokes
Caribbean Chicken with Sweet Potatoes
Chili-Rubbed Chicken
Blackberry-Glazed Chicken
Chicken Breasts with Tomato-Basil Butter
Lemon Chicken with Grilled Fennel and Onions
Maple-and Cranberry-Glazed Chicken
Spinach Salad with Grilled Chicken and Raspberries
Chicken Salad with Grilled Pineapple
Autumn Grilled Chicken
Chicken and Summer Fruit Kabobs
Grilled Texas Turkey Burgers
Turkey-Cheddar Burgers
Blue Cheese Burgers
Italian Burgers
Firecracker Chicken Wings

Salads, Sandwiches and Pizza

Quick Chicken Caesar Salad
Caribbean Chicken and Black Bean Salad
Fruited Taco Salad
Fresh Berry-Chicken Salad
Thai Chicken Salad
Chopped Asian Salad
Chicken-Curry-Couscous Salad
Wild Rice-Chicken Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
Greek Orzo Salad
Italian Chopped Salad
Sausalito Chicken and Seafood Salad
Honey-Mustard Chicken Sandwiches
Montana Panini
Jerk Turkey Panini
Chicken BLT Sandwiches
Chicken-Pesto Sandwiches
Chicken Quesadilla Sandwiches
Chicken Gyro Wrap
Adobe Chicken Wrap
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Chicken-Pesto Pizza
Hawaiian Pizza
Thai Chicken Pizza

Soups, Chilies, and Chowders

Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken and Root Vegetable Soup
Spring Arborio Rice and Chicken Soup
Lemony Chicken-Lentil Soup
Italian Chicken and Bean Soup
Italian Chicken-Lentil Soup
Tuscan Tomato Soup
Summertime Chicken Gazpacho
Buffalo Chicken Chili
Southwest Chicken and Chili Stew
White Bean Chili
Turkey-Corn Chowder
Chicken Cordon Blue Chowder
Chicken-Cheese Chowder

Quick Main Dish Chicken Salads

* Quick Main Dish Chicken Salads *
Oriental Chicken Salad
Broccoli-Peanut Chicken Salad
Raspberry Chicken Salad
Chicken and Swiss Salad
Southwest Salad


01-Types of Chicken
02-How Do I Buy Great Chicken or Turkey?
03-Poultry Storage
04-How to Flatten Chicken Breasts
05-Cutting up a Whole Chicken
06-How to Bone a Chicken Breast
07-Get the Facts on Food Safety
08-Handling Food Safely
10-Thermometer Facts
11-Roasting Chicken and Turkey
12-Great Grilling
14-Poaching Chicken
15-How Much Poultry?
16-Microwaving Poultry
17-Use Your Favorites!
18-Moist Poultry Secrets
09-Check It Out!
13-Carving Poultry


-Nutrition Guidelines
-Criteria Used for Calculating Nutrition Information
-Ingredients Used in Recipe Testing and Nutrition Calculations
-Equipment Used in Recipe Testing
-Cooking Terms Glossary



Cook'n with Chicken
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