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I have been wanting to join for months now. This is the birthday gift I requested from my husband. I can't wait to select my software title that comes with joining and am hoping to get more organizing tips from the weekly letters.


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       Volume I - August 28, 2009

Plastics Correction

Reader Judy Klep emailed us after the printing of the article on the plastics warning. She wanted us to know that John Hopkins shouldn't be credited with this research. We checked it out, and she's right - it's true that there are dangers associated with cooking food in plastic as the research said, but the article we took this information from was misquoting its source, and we inadvertently furthered the problem by continuing the misquote. We found similar research on the USDA website under Food Safety and Nutrition, so we'll continue to stand by the message.

We do apologize for not digging deeper to make sure our sources were accurate, and we'll go forward doing exactly that from now on. We appreciate Judy's keeping us honest!"

Alice Osborne

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