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Volume II
September 3, 2010

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "What is your favorite method of cooking when camping?" Here are the results:

What is your favorite method of cooking when camping?

Over the Open Fire (43) 30%
Dutch Oven (35) 24%
Barbecue (39) 27%
In the RV (18) 12%
Stop at KFC on the Way (9) 6%

Total Votes: 144


It's all a matter of moderation. I think the kids would love to be with the cousins ~ for a little while!

We love to cook over the fire if a grate is there!

How about cooking on a camp stove?

We live in our RV so much of my cooking is done in the RV. BUT my husband is wonderful with the grill so he often to hamburgers, chicken, "smoked veggies and sausage", and the occasional steak on the BBQ. When we are in an area where we can build a fire, I love to use my Dutch Oven and make many of the recipes we learned to make in Girl Scouts and from my Dad the Boy Scout master for over 30 years. So the only thing we don't do is stop at KFC on the way.

need more dutch oven recipes

We also grill alot also

We also had a camp stove. Nothing tasted better than cold toast on a camp toaster with yummy jam for breakfast.

I enjoy LOTS of different ways to cook outdoors, including a box oven! Lots of good memories, and the kids learned lots!

I have a "campfire kitchen" - 2 uprights to hold the spit and/or hooks for the pots. I can get a complete meal cooking at the same time.

I voted BBQ but my real favorite is my campstove/oven combo(propane).

None of the above. I always cooked on a propane stove beside the picnic table. Of course, we cooked hotdogs over the fire.

Open fire leaves very little cleanup.

When we are camping, my husband does ALL the cooking over an open fire. Gets me out of the kitchen, but I'm still stuck with the dishes. LOL

I love using our Dutch Oven when camping. My favorite is 'Breakfast in the DO'...made of eggs, bacon, hash browns, cheese...I am ready for a camp out..

There is nothing as tasty as a 'Tin Foil' dinner hot off the coals. YUM!!

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