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Volume II
March 5, 2010

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "What Kind Of Jam/Jelly Do You Like Best?" Here are the results:

What Kind Of Jam/Jelly Do You Like Best?

Strawberry (49) 32%
Grape (18) 12%
Raspberry (34) 22%
Apple (3) 2%
Apricot (7) 5%
Peach (13) 8%
Blackberry (29) 19%

Total Votes: 153


Home made freezer jam is best!

plum is not listed

Orange Jelly is good also.

Quince jam is another favorite.

my favorite is fresh blueberry/raspberry freezer jam

Really, really love Orange Marmalade

Would have picked Apple Butter if it were here

Current Jelly is my fav.

I like blackberry, grape and orange marmalade and raspberry isn't bad either.

Really the best is Strawberry/Rhubarb. I agree that Jelly should not be allowed next to Jam. Jams are the best!!!! raspberry currant

I do like strawberry jam also, but my favorite is apricot. I love to eat grapes but grape jam is yuck.

I love strawberry, but I also love Orange Marmalade

mix strawberry & raspberry

mine is strawberry banana

I like Orange best


With an abundance of apricot trees at our house, I LOVE apricot jam, nectar, puree, etc. It tastes soooo good!

to be honest I like butters the best but if I MUST eat jelly make it grape, if there's nothing but jam I'll just pass.

Only 10% for Blackberry?? :(

I love blackberry jam or jelly especially if you can get it made fresh during blackberry season. My store bought favorite is red current jam or jelly.

My REAL favorite - to make and to eat - is tomato preserves!

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