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Volume II
September 4, 2009

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "What Do You Think of Canning?" Here are the results:

What Do You Think of Canning?

Do it all the time (104) 40%
Wish I had the time to can (66) 26%
I would can if I could figure out how (44) 17%
Not really interested (25) 10%
Waste of time, it's a dying art (4) 2%
Other (14) 5%

Total Votes: 257


I can alot but would like to learn more.

Great way to save money on the grocery bill. Nothing you can buy can compare to homecanned peaches.

I canned when I was younger and first started growing my own food. Now I lived in a hot climate & it just isn't as practical. I dry and freeze food. The excess from my garden goes to family, friends and neighbors. Anything left goes to the local food closet for the hungry and homeless.

Todays young women need to know the basics of canning. I taught myself, and then taught my daughters. I now need to teach my grandaughter. Its an art that is being lost.

My mother canned every summer. Why, oh why didn't I pay attention...

I love to can! I make my own apple sauce and it is much better than any bought apple sauce.

I love the fresh flovor you get when opening a jar of vegies - and its snow bank season! Also like the cost savings

purchase cans cheaper

Sure vegetables put in the freezer taste better at first, but I've never lost a canned jar of beans when the power went out.

Home canning is the only way to keep out the preservatives and chemicals that make our bodies out of ballance, with food sensitivities, allergies ect.

Our preceding generations did do more home canning than we do today! And our Great-grandmothers taught our grandmothers and then our mothers, but as each generation had more mothers working outside the home, there came a point of asking,"Do I have more time or money?" As our economy tightens, we ought to be returning to the canning traditions of the past! We need to take the time to learn and pass on what we have learned to our younger generations!!

I did a lot of canning when my kids were young. Then I changed to freezing, faster and easier! Now I am not able to process a lot of stuff at one time so I just freeze lit bits at a time. Enjoy life while you can!

I can tomatoes and salsa and some pickles. But I have found that finding proper instructions and instructions that are easy to follow are hard to find. I would also like to find some recipies for making things like soup and pasta sauce that can be canned in a jar safely. It is hard to find recipes and then if you find an old one from a grandmother it is recommended not to use it because it may not be safe.

didn't have a garden or the space for one until now. Grew up canning food with my mom and grandma and will be canning stuff next year for sure. For this year have ordered a pressure canner and will be canning soups, stews, and spaghetti sauce.

love it

Could you start putting it in the news letters?

Canning food from our garden is great! We usually can green beans and tomatoes in the pressure canner but also can peaches, apples, jams, jellies, and pickles. I try to can/try something new every year. Seeing all those different foods and colors on the shelf gives me that " I did it myself" feeling and helps me to feel good about myself! Give it a try. It is not as much work as you might think.

I know what goes in the food I can. And, even if it is sometimes to cheaper to buy it, I prefer home canned for the taste and convenience of having it on hand.

want to learn how

been there done that

Something in my makeup wants to make pickles and preserves and chow chow when the ingredients present themselves. Just that time of my life has now past.

I use to can and since going full time as an RVer, I don't have the space to do much canning. Sure miss the good food.

Used to can a lot when my family was here. Now it is just me and it is just easier to buy stuff at the case lot sales. I still do freezer jam.

what a sense of satisfaction it gives you to jars filled with all the stuff you grew or picked

I keep my pantry full year round with canning

When my children were young I canned for years. I really miss it. There are a lot of people canning this year, including my daughters. I'm glad to see it coming back.

I think it would be more accurate if you had a category of "I do it when I need/or from time to time.

My grandmother canned all the time. It was great in the winter when fresh veggies weren't always available. She made the BEST watermellon pickles. Unfortunately, watermellons are now grown for less rind and more meat. Nothing left to pickle.

Can't get a garden to grow in the suburbs, so I don't have anything to can.

Nothing can beat the taste

I believe it requires to much effort and equipment to do. If not done correctly food poisoning is great concern too.

When I figure out a way to do it outside, I'll do it more. Like a mini Summer Kitchen. I can apples in various forms and I want to can more soup. I love MY soups, which are more healthy than commercial soup.

Canning recipes are harder to find than the actual canning itself

What's canning?? Just kidding!

Only two of us at home and not worth the effort

Love the quality, I fill about 50 QT of fruits/vegetables and about 50 jars of jelly/jam. Wish I had time to do more!

It's not necessarily cheaper, in this day and age, but the food is much better and no preservatives.

Aside from pickles, I now freeze instead of canning.


I grew up on a farm in Southern Ohio. I help my mother raise an acre garden. I also helped do all the canning, It was hard work but well worth the toiling. My mother still cans only in East Texas.

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