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Volume II
October 2, 2009

Poll Results

The results are in for our most popular poll question ever! In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?" Here are the results:

Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip

Mayonnaise (222) 55%
Miracle Whip (141) 35%
Either (39) 10%
Neither (4) 1%

Total Votes: 406


I'm a mayo freak. Dear Hubby is fond of Miracle Whip. So, we have both in the house. BIG jar of Mayo, small jar of mw.

I thought there was only MAYONNAISE...LOL

Miracle Whip contains High Fructose Corn Syrup. NOT good!

Dijonaise is a nice alternative to mayo, but never Miracle Whip!

No comparason

Best for my lactose problem

We know what tastes better!!!

raised on miracle whip,but have since learned that it is a bit too sweet for certain recipes that just require the creamier less sugarey texture of mayonnaise. Although in some recipes, I prefer them mixed together.i.e. potato salad

Hellman's is the very best!!

Miracle Whip has been changed in recent years and doesn't have that good old taste it used to have.

Mayo unless it's for potato salad

yeah! mayo

I only use REAL Mayonnaise

I was raised on Miracle whip, my husband on Mayonnaise. so we have both in the frige

Only mayonnaise will do. I would rather have nothing than have Miracle Whip!

Hellman's definitely

Miracle Whip has a much better flavor,

It all depends on what you are making. I like both with different things.

I try to eat low fat. I really love the flavor of Whole Food's soy mayonnaise.

Mayo is wonderful, even in helping a box cake keep it's moisture for a longer period.

For a quick snack when growing up, we had miracle whip spread on bread, sprinkled with a touch of pepper. I remember my dad sometimes requestiing a miracle whip sandwich for his lunch too!

For me it depends on what I'm making or eating. ex. Egg, tuna, chicken or potato salad, deviled eggs = Miracle Whip, BLT, turkey or other lunchmeat sandwich = Mayonnaise.

once an a very long while, i'll get a craving for miracle whip deviled eggs, but it's rare

No doubt about it, mayo is the best!!

Mayonnaise is the real thing; Miracle Whip isn't.

If I use anything on my sandwich bread, it is a light layer of butter.

Homemade mayonnaise only, please. That's the only kind my husband will eat, and I've been making it for over 35 years.

I believe Miracle Whip Lite is healthy.

got to be miracle whip!!!

Mayonnaise is the REAL DEAL!!! Anything else is SUB-STANDARD!!

Though I prefer a generic salad dressing that is simular to Miracle Whip, I have and still do use M.W. as well as a Mayo made with olive oil.

hubby like MW-I add a bit of vinegar to mayo and it's goes over ok

When I was growing up, Miracle Whip was all that was used. I never use it since I discovered Mayo.

Hellmanns mayonnaise is my favorite. Don't like the flavor or consistency of miracle whip.

Each has it use

For sandwiches I prefer Miracle Whip because of the seasoning in it. For other things I use Mayonnaise if I am not needing the seasoning but need the moisture or texture.

mayo is way better

I have both. I add Mayo to freezer slaw after draining most of the liquid to make cream slaw.

I prefer the taste of Miracle Whip. Plus if you are watching your fat and calorie intake, Miracle Whip is just about half of mayo. If you go to light Miracle Whip it is further reduced to about a quarter of mayo. I think the extra tang of Miracle Whip adds to sandwiches and salads without that heavy oily taste of mayo.

I grew up on miracle whip, now it seems to sweet as my Husband only likes mayo I seem to like it better than miracle whip

I was raised on Miracle Whip too. When I tried to make a tuna sandwich for my husband using Miracle Whip, he wouldn't eat it. He was a Mayo guy! So I tried it with Mayo. And I like it much better -- not so strong! I've been a Mayo lover ever since. I still use Miracle Whip, along with Mayo in my Potato Salad and Tuna Noodle salads. It adds a little zing(flavor) that mayo is devoid of.

My mother always used Miracle Whip. My husband likes mayo and now my daughter does, too. Me and my son, however, don't like either.

Best Foods

My mother always used iracle Whip. My husband likes mayo and not my daughter does, too. Me and my son, however, don't like either.

miracle whip is the best

For us, it's Hellman's Mayonnaise. We cannot stand Miracle Whip.

I prefer Mayo, but Hubby won't eat it.

Dont like the fatty taste of mayonnaise like the tang of Miracle whip and buy light

Miracle Whip tastes too sweet.



Miracle Whip is (NASTY)

99 percent of the time it's mayo. I do use a teeny bit of MW in the late summer when tomatoes are on. For some reason, I like the tang on tomato sandwiches. I don't eat tomato sandwiches unless the tomatoes are fresh, though.

mircale whip is more sweeter to taste

I would always vote for Mayo however I would not be surprised that in some recipes the sweeter taste of M.W. works well. I was surprised to find a number of people that did not agree with me but that's what cook'n is about.. It is always the case.


There's the proof!!!

Only Best Foods/Hellman!

love the whip yummm

Mayonnaise all the way!

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