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Volume II
November 6, 2009

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "Trunk-or-Treat or Door-to-Door, What Do Your Prefer?" Here are the results:

Trunk-or-Treat or Door-to-Door, What Do Your Prefer?

Door-to-Door (124) 53%
Trunk-or-Treat (63) 27%
Neither (34) 15%
Other (12) 5%

Total Votes: 233


Never early enough for life's lessions to start...going door to door is harder and more tiring but children feel as though they have 'worked' for it.

Door-to-door, with parents supervising and kids showing off their costumes. The "trunk or treat" seems like just a candy grab.

Of course, it depends on the neighborhood.

I like the traditional way.

We've done trunk or treat for years in our church parking lot as part of our youth activity night -- works great!

We host a "Harvest Party " instead with snacks, games, pumking carving contest and of course candy. Kids and friends loved it . Did it every year from tot years to the late teen years! Fond memories.

Door to Door is where the fun is. Who says you can't stop at the Trunk or Treat on your way home though

I loved going door to door it was fun and exciting

Everyone in our neighborhood is taken around by an adult. One parent goes with the kids, the other parent stays home to pass out the goodies. What fun!

I use to think Halloween was a bad thing, but I was the one looking at it incorrectly, Halloween is the time of 'Fall Harvest' and it is a time to celebrate, It is also called 'All Saints Day'

Parties are nice, trunk-or-treat was to boring for my kids and grandkids. We all like the excitement of running door to door. We live in a town of 150,000.

We can't be afraid of everything!!! Let the children run through your neighborhood, and you can get out and just walk with them. Part of the excitement of Halloween is ringing the doorbell, dipping into the candy bowl, then running as fast as you can to the next house. And of course, those of us without children at home, love to see all the darling costumes. There is just something missing when you give candy out of a trunk!!!

Kids & parents need to get out & about that night.

We do both.

Old traditions are hard to break! And so much fun!

our school and kid's centers host parties...hopefully safer for everyone.

Trunk-Or Treat is better all the way around! All participants are willing to particiapate and we know the identiy of those giving out the treats,s so we do not have to worry about the safety of the treats or our children's physical safety! It takes less time to make the circuit around the parking lot than around the neighborhood streets, leaving time for a good dinner and/ or party with friends and family after collection of the "LOOT"!!

I would rather buy my children all the candy they can eat and sit as a family and watch a movie. Hocus Pocus is my fave.

Door-to-Door is much more exciting! Trunk-or-Treat seems a bit "lazy".

As a Christian home we do not celebrate Halloween because of the connotations. So we always celebrated a Bible figure dress up charater party. So much better than celebrateing evil.

our neighborhood is pretty safe and the police are in plain sight. The fire dept. come out and pass out glow in the dark necklaces. Most of the kids have adults with them. So it works out pretty nicely in our area.

Little ones can have a fun and safe time if they go door to door at homes of family and friends. Our town has an uptown trick or treat that starts about 5pm each year and most of the stores participate. After that, they can go to our local mall and trick or treat at the stores. They usually fill their bags.

Trunk or Treat would be much safer because of the controlled enviroment. Some towns have the kids trick or treat at the stores in the mall again much safer.

I live in a small town. Several years ago, the town set up a haloween T-O-T party for all kids and families. Safer and more fun, with contests and booths too.

I am 71. As a child, door to door was great. In today society the trunk or treat sounds great.

My elementary schoolers do BOTH - trunk or treat at the school, and door to door in the neighborhood!

Unfortunately the time for safe Holloween has past. Trunk or Treat is safer and those grow up doing that won't miss door-to \-door. Like most things if you have never had it you can miss it.

Our church used to do Trunk-or-Treat but illmannered kids trashed the parking lot so our church put an end to it this year.

I think it a great idea

trunk or treat is not really worth the time and the lines for the children to get there treats. Going door to door to the houses with lights on is much easier and more traditional

church festivals in controlled environment is good

We have trunk or treat at our church every year. Its great that we can feel comfortable with a safe holiday for our children.

It makes no difference as long as the kids are having fun. I am 60 years old. When I was in grade school, my neighborhood held a party in the street where we kids paraded and got treats from tables set up in the street with parents handing out the candy. It was fun. After we moved, I went door to door. It was fun, too.

Our church does it this way.

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