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Volume II
May 9, 2008

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "What Did You Do on April Fool's Day?" Here are the results:

What Did You Do on April Fool's Day?

I pulled a gag on my spouse (9) 5%
I pulled a gag on my children (10) 5%
I was the one who got pranked (11) 6%
I didn't do anything for April Fool's (154) 84%

Total Votes: 184


A few days before the 1st I put our house up "For Sale by Owner" for 1/2 of the going price, however I didn't put my phone number on the sign... I put a neighbors phone number on the sign :) they got plenty of calls. I sold it in church to three different people and one couple said they had friends that would buy it sight unseen... it was a GREAT April Fools joke.

My daughter's wedding was comming up April 5. I called my husband and the Bride's twin sister, and told them that the Bride just called my crying, and said they had a big fight last night, and the wedding was off.

April 1st is our wedding anniversary, we went out to dinner.

There were men working to hook our house up to the city sewage system that morning. My husband works second shift and leaves at 2 p.m. Earlier in the day, he had told our daughter that the men had "bumped" her truck with the backhoe. Wanting to get back at him we teamed up and left him a voicemail on his cell phone saying the men had accidentally dug into a gas line and we may have to stay with relatives for a week. Needless to say, he called home when he got his break and we had him convinced it was really bad. We finally told him when he said he was leaving work early to come home. We all enjoy this silly holiday. No harm, no foul. KK from Kentucky.

I am sorry I didn't observe the day. It breaks up the time at work, home, watching for spring, times.

my daughter decided that she is "way too gullable" because she totally fell for our prank, hook, line and sinker!

I don't do anything on April Fool's day because I got a so called prank pulled on me that to this day still hurts when I thank of it. It is too easy for adults to forget themselves and hurt someone even when they don't mean to.

I had to work for someone with zero

My 17 yr. old son called from his high school, did a great job disguising his voice. Introduced himself by the Principals name and said that he had my son in the office and there is a problem. I sadly said ok, go ahead...After a brief pause my son laughed and could not believe that I thought it was a real call. I started to cry, he asked me why. I explained that it was sort of a happy, relief cry, and that wasn't it a shame that based on his recent behaviors I believed that the call could be real. It was a great prank, however I think it had even a larger impact on him to realize how deeply his behaviors impact me. Your friend, Ginger

April Fool's is just another day here.

I gave birth to my child. :)

Baked a beautiful but faux pie with cotton as the "filling." Looks so good, they tried to eat it...Boy, were they mad.

There was not an appropriate box for me to check....I got married on April Fool's Day! A lot of people asked if it was a was not! Kathy in Ohio

I got my brother (a web programmer) to send an e-mail message to my wife that looked as if it came from my sister indicating that she was coming out (with her 6 kids and 3 dogs) to stay with us for a few days...but no more than two weeks (translated, that means a month or more). It was fun to see my wife wig out at the thought!

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