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Volume II
April 8, 2008

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "What Do You Do with all Those Left-Over Easter Eggs?" Here are the results:

What Do You Do with all Those Left-Over Easter Eggs?

Make Deviled Eggs (91) 35%
Make Egg Salad (97) 37%
Throw Them Away (19) 7%
We Don't Use Real Eggs (27) 10%
Other (27) 10%

Total Votes: 261


The adults and the kids have a contest to see who can shoot them the farthest across the field with a giant sling shot.

potato salad and eat them

we make several things potatoe salad is just one

When I was a kid there was 7 of use and no left overs

Sometimes I make egg salad too.

Don't have young kids, so we don't make Easter eggs.

I like to make red beet eggs also.

I make Eggs a la Goldenrod. That's our yearly treat.

tuna salad with HB eggs and a touch of mayo is the best...

Just ate them with a little salt and pepper

creamed eggs on toast are also great

Remember, if you plan to consume Easter Eggs, don't leave them out of the refrigerater too long!

I make a white sauce and slice the eggs into that and serve over biscuits or toast. It is a special Easter treat.


potato salad

It is easier to use the plastic eggs just in case some are not found

Although I do the deviled eggs and the egg salad, I also pickle them with beets, vineger, sugar and onion. Let stand for several days and YUMMMMMMMMMMM

I wanted to do BOTH deviled eggs and egg salad, but it would only take one vote. Now you know! Thanks!

Creamed Eggs over toast

Our family loves deviled eggs! I put the yolk in a dispenser and squiggle it in the egg half and to with paprika..yum!

We just eat them

Deviled eggs my kids eat like they were candy!

Love the deviled eggs, but also enjoy them as the hard boiled eggs that they are with just a little salt.

We use fewer real eggs each year, but we like deviled eggs best and then egg salad on whole what pitas with sprouts... YUM!!!

We make cury with the eggs

our favorite is spinach salad with bacon and sliced eggs and red onion- a little lighter than egg salad

We always make potato salad.

We use the leftover eggs to make a huge potato salad to go along side the ham & turkey sandwiches that we make from Easter dinner leftovers. We have great lunches and snacks for several days following the holiday!!

Thanks for all the fun items and ideas

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