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Volume II
October 12, 2007

Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "In a Refrigerator/Freezer Combination, Do You Prefer to Have the Freezer on the..." Here are the results:

Fridge/Freezer Combo Poll Results

Top, with single fridge door below (32) 18%
Side by side combination (41) 23%
Bottom, with a single door on top (29) 16%
Bottom, with double doors on top (75) 42%

Total Votes: 177


Don't have one...yet! But this is on my wish list for the next one.

I prefer side by side as you don't have to bend over quite as much.

I like the freezer on the bottom because I am older and you don't get in the freezer as much.

In a side by side it is too deep, the food gets lost, big wide platters don't fit, the freezer is too skinny, half gone if you have a water thingy on the outside, stuff freezes on the freezer side of the fridge. We got an Amana freezer drawer on the bottom and loved it. It was a single door, but a double door would have been much better. Especially since it was in a walkway, and the open door blocked all traffic. We are now replacing side by side fridges with bottom freezers as they break down.

Unfortunately, the combination with the freezer on the bottom and double doors on the top was not available several years ago when I bought the fridge we have now, so I am stuck with a side by side. I like it ok, but know that I would like the other better.

With a side by side you can store food in each at eye level for the items you use most and only have to stoop for the lesser used items which you can store at the lower levels.

If you have room... an all refrigerator and all freezer

I don't have one yet, but I know this is the way to go.

I have a small kitchen and it is just me so a single door refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom is just right. I like the freezer on the bottom because it seems to keep cold better than a top freezer.

get one with a solid bottom on the freezer, no ice on floor

I don't have one yet. Waiting to move into our new home before buying one. But I can't wait. It will make things so much easier.

I have a side by side & absolutely dislike it immensly. When we sell the house it stays!

The French Door refrigerator is by far the best ever. We have had six other styles in our 34 years of marriage, and I'm thrilled someone finally designed a truly functional appliance!

Double doors on top, freezer on the bottom! It is the only way to go!

I have a side by side, but I have just recently checked out the double door on top and freezer on bottom and just loved the space you get.

Never had one, though.

Double doors?

Ours has a huge basket for the bottom freezer and it lifts out for easy cleaning and the ice maker is a must have too.

I have had my french door refrigerator for about 1 year now, and I absolutely LOVE it. I find that the interior of the refrigerator has so many options with the way I can configure the shelves and the fact that they also slide out, makes for very easy axcess to everything. I LOVE it, love it, love it!

great choice

There is more room and the part you use the most, the refrigerator, is easier to access.

I agree that the double doors on top are nice but, they don't really give you as much room as you think you have. Try a large turkey and all the the things that go with it and you will wish you had a nice big side by side. Unless you serve large platters everyday and have an extra frig, you won't be as happy as you thought.

My kitchen isn't big enough for the freezer on bottom with double doors.

I have #1. Freezer to small in #2. If I were going to get a new one go big.

This is the one that I am going to purchase. It just makes sense!!

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