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Volume II
February 3, 2007

Slow Cook'n & Truck'n

My hubby and I did our trailer truckin' from Shaky Town (Los Angeles) to the great white north of Toronto, Canada. We took care of our eating needs by purchasing the 12 volt cook pots (available at any TA, Flying J or Petro).

We also bought a Kool King cooler directly from the manufacturer and had an extra big fan/cooler motor put in it. The cooler fit right under the sleeper bunk and doubled as a dinner table.

When we were home I would cook up meals and freeze them as soon as they were done in foil. Because the cooler worked so well we would get our perishables the day we left so we could have milk, fresh salad mixings, cottage cheese, lunch meat etc.

When we knew we were getting ready to park for the night we would plug in the 12 volt pot or pan, put the frozen dinner into it IN THE FOIL and put the lid on. By the time we stopped the dinner was warmed up and all we had to do was make a salad.

We would do the same thing with frozen veggies, but make sure to line the pot with foil...sure makes clean up easy. We figured we saved about $400+ a trip just in food savings.

Breakfast was cereal and milk or fruit. Lunch was sandwiches or something light because we could take our condiments with us. We would take walks every day and between us my hubby's weight stayed the same and I lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers. One dinner I would make was:

2 Lean pork chops
1 can pineapple, chunk or ring
dash celery seed, ground or seed
salt and pepper to taste
Cook the chops with the pineapple (throw some cherries in too) and seasoning. When it's cooked, put it in a freezer bag or container the same size as the 12 volt pan, when it's frozen, transfer to aluminum foil. When you're ready to warm it up, put it in the 12 volt pot with the lid on.

The juices from the pineapple will keep the pork chops moist. I have also done these chops with raisins, apples and apricots. This could also be warmed up on the BBQ.

If Lisa's hubby is carrying a BBQ with him then they could use cast iron Dutch oven cooking as well, nothing like stew and corn bread out of an iron Dutch oven! May not be Atkins but yummy! Now that's called hanging iron!!! (In English that means she has tire chains hung on her truck)

Karen Ganger
aka "Lady Gunfighter" having fun in "Pete's Dragon"

I'm sure Dastardly Dan has already been taken so how about "DiVo Wizard" for your handle?

Breaker Breaker 19,

Hello Lady Gunfighter,

I love it!! This is great stuff! I really enjoyed reading your comments and look forward to publishing them in next week’s newsletter (if that’s OK with you!).

DiVo Wizard is not bad…but I’m still thinkin.

What about “Dan the Cook’n Man.” Is that lame? Help me!

Dan @ DVO

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