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Volume II
January 27, 2006

Falling Cakes

Whenever I bake cakes, sometimes after peaking, the middle collapses, do you know why?

Thanks & Warmest,
Bob D. Del Castillo

Hi Bob,

I think you'll find the following articles helpful to answer your question.

Good Luck,

Desi @ DVO

Why do my cakes fall?
There could be a number of reasons your butter cakes are falling; a butter cake is one made with shortening or butter. Among the more common reasons is the addition of too much baking powder or soda, overbeating the egg whites, or removing the cake from the oven before it is done.

Cake sinks in the center –
- batter over mixed
- too much fat and/or sugar or leavening
- not enough liquid
- oven temperature too low


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