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Volume II
February 28, 2006

When do you Clean the Kitchen Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n Newsletter we asked, "When do you clean the kitchen?" Here are the official results:

  • Right after we eat (348) 70%
  • The next morning (81) 16%
  • Other (62) 13%
  • The maid does it (4) 1%
Total Votes: 495


yeh, the "maid does it"!!!!! Too bad I am the "maid"!

I am the maid!

clean right away -- too many bugs in Fla.

If there are many dishes, I will clean it right after we eat; if not, I will wail until next day.

I don't like a mess

as I cook

I usually wait a couple of hours or so until I feel like it!! There are more important things to do than clean the kitchen! But it does get done, because I hate a dirty kitchen.

It also pays to clean as you go.

it is so much harder to clean if you wait till the next morning, plus why spend all that time fretting about having to do it

Clean I as cook

time is so short after dinner so we take that time to spend with family. I will clean as the kids get ready for bed.

it is easier to do it right away


When family come we all get together and continue as a team to take a few minutes to chose a job. Then before we know it the kitchen is clean and all of us can sit and relax!!!

I will clean off the dishes from the table and put awayleftovers, but washing the dishes is left for the morning. Family comes first when we all get together.

I don't have counter space so I have to clean and do dishes as I cook. Makes for less mess, less time after the meal.

it depends on the situation - if it is just the family (living in the house) then I do it right away - if we have company over alot of times I will leave it until they leave and then clean up

Clean as you go also helps, as soon as you are done with a bowl that you used to mix vegies into , when you are done just rinse and out into dishwasher right away.

The only time we didn't do this was holidays when we were tooooo stuffed to do anything for awhile!

Clean as you go

It is no fun to wake-up to a mess. I will leave it until morning if I have company.

Cleaning the kitchen also includes putting away leftovers. Which is a must just in case some things need to be refrigerated a.s.a.p. I also clean as I cook as much as is possible while I am cooking just so there won't be so many dishes that I'll be "tempted' to let them go for awhile or in the morning. I guests ask to help with the dishes, I always let them help...heh...I can always use extra help. I'm good at deligating work to those that can handle it so it works for me.

I find it is easiest right after the meal.

I'm a "Clean as you go" person, but the last minute mess is proportionate to the size of the meal. We always put food away immediately, but after that "People are more important" than dishes. Messy kitchen is always first on chore list, right after "people". If that is hours later or next mornig, Oh Well! (Doesn't happen often, 'cause I hate waking up to those messes.) Love your newsletter.

As I do not have a dishwasher, I keep things washed as I go, such as washing the utensils after each dish is prepared. After the meal, the womenfolk clear the table as I do the dinner dishes. My husband helps by arranging the left over food in the fridge. (I think he puts it up with intention of that before bedtime second helping in mind). With everyone pitching in, cleanup is fast and easy.

Not only does the kitchen look better if unexpected company comes, but it is easier to get the dishes clean when they are rinsed right away.

Actually, when my bedroom shoes start sticking to the kitchen floor - time to mop!

I usually try to get as much washed up before the meal as possible so there is not so much to do after the meal. I enjoy visiting with the other gals during cleanup time, so it's another social time for us. It just feels good to have most of it out of the way as soon as possible. However, if the guests are special for some reason, I always encourage us to just visit & my husband helps me clean up after everyone is gone. I neve wait until the next morning.

Why not take advantage of the help? This is especially helpful if you work. Then...everyone can relax and enjoy the fellowship time!

a maid would be lovely, but I think I was elected to that calling!

Clean up the next morning so I can enjoy the guests!

i clean my kitchen before i go to bed

can't stand to look at the mess any longer than necessary

FOOD IS PUT AWAY> DISHES ARE DONE AFTER COMPANY LEAVES> Kitchen can wait until morning.{Putting away platters , bowls, silverware, pots, pans, etc.

I try to clean as much as I can while I'm cooking so it isn't that much of a job after dinner!

Right after dinner, the table is cleared and the leftovers are properly put away we may relax together for a while. Then whom ever's turn it is to load the diswasher does so, along with a final wipe down and sweep of the kitchen, followed by a shining of the sink, so that when when we wake up in the morning we do not face a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink and we can be happy about that. So, you see we do not alway do the dished immediately, but we definately do them before we go to bed.

Right after the meal everyone just pitches in to put away leftoevers and load the dish washer. I think it's because they want dibs on the leftovers. :-)

it takes discipline to do this but the payoff is less work when you are tired later.

I clean as I go. This makes it easier and faster when everyone is thru. I like a clean kitchen.

It takes less time to do it immediately than it does dreading doing it later.

why wait - can't stand to walk into a dirty kitchen.

later that evening

you don't have to face the dirty dishes later.

Usually clean right after we eat except the dishes and they get done in the morning unless we have company and then the dishes get done usually when they go home.

I clean as I go, then do the dinner dishes right after we eat

I usualy clean up after the guests leave, even if it is 2o'clock in the morning. I hate to get up to a messy kitchen!

I usually eat, watch some tv, relax, then go clean the kitchen.

I don't like to come to a comp-letely dirty kitchen in the morning. So I some times leave a little.

I want to walk into a clean kitchen in the morning - ready to fix breakfast!

It helps if you clean as you cook and leave the dishwasher empty before dinner is ready

b4 going to bed

It's easiest to clean when it's right away. Not as much scrubbing or hard work.

Our kitchen is too small to let dirty dishes sit around. We have to clean them right away so the space is available for something else.

Wish I had a maid!

Mom cooks, Dad does dishes!

Don't like a dirty kitchen

I really hate coming out to a dirty kitchen before breakfast so with very few exceptions I always try to make sure that doesn't happen

Easier to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening

The only thing that waits until later is my smooth top range. It has to cool completely before I ccdlean it, so I wait until I set the coffeepot for the next morning and do it.

The next morning? That's just disgusting.

I clean as I go!

Can not relax until my kitchen is clean.

When my family gets together, we clean up shortly after we eat our dinner. Then we set the table for dessert.

I like to relax after eating so I usually wait until later in the evening just before bed.

I/m always too tired from cooking to clean immediately.

I clean the kitchen after the guest have left and before we go to bed

cant stand looking at the mess

I always try to clean as I go so there is not as much to clean when dinner is finished. If it is a dinner party I will sometimes wait to finish after everyone leaves. I always pre rinse the dishes before I put them in the sink though.

I am learning that its better to do it right after though.

Well, at least "later"

for just me and hubby, I clean up whenever, with lots of company I clean up after the meal.

easier to clean before food dries on utensils, dishes and pots and pans

I clean the kitchen when the mood sstrikes me buut not after a meal

I wait till the guest leave

Had to let the maid go. She was too neat! LOL

I resent having to cook, eat, and immediately clean the kitchen while my husband goes to his favorite chair as soon as he finishes eating! Therefore, I clean the kitchen when I get good and ready - sometimes shortly after eating and sometimes the next day.

Usually I'll clean up and put away food that must be put away and then save dishes and other clean up until later that night or the next day.

sometimes I will wait an hour or more but never till morning.

A little later so the meal can settle a bit. Definitely not right away.

How about after when everyone goes home

i clean as i go and only the plates and silver are left after i eat these are rinsed and left until i have enough to do a sink full so i don't waste water.

Or I clean up as I am fixing things so there is less to do at any one time!

I do a 'quick' clean, making sure I'm out of the kitchen before kickoff!

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