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Volume II
April 30, 2005

Kids are Mealtime CEOs
by Amy Hunt

There once was a time when I thought that I was in charge of mealtimes. However, I have learned my lesson and now know that my two year old is the mealtime CEO. Dinnertime just seems to be much more enjoyable for everyone when she is happy and in charge. But let’s face it, I can’t serve Mac and Cheese straight from the box every evening—my husband would leave me. So to make my little girl happy I always try to involve her in the whole dinner process. Last night she was in charge of washing the carrots. They were the cleanest carrots in the world after their 30 minute bath. My daughter then refused everything except the carrots at the dinner table, and we all went to bed happy. 

            I have found over and over again that my daughter will eat better when she is involved in the preparation of the meal. She is not surprised by what is on her plate and is willing to try everything. It doesn’t mean that she will eat everything, but she is prepared for what is served. This eliminates the crying and whining—most of the time.

kidsMeals can in fact be peaceful when my daughter is in charge. I look forward to dinnertime when I know I can involve her. I hope that she will look back on these times and laugh at the bread snakes (breadsticks that she shaped herself and covered in cheese) and remember meals as an enjoyable time.

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