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Volume II
October 26, 2005

Is Homemade Chicken Soup the Cure Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "Is Homemade Chicken Soup the Cure for the Common Cold?" Here are the official results:

  • Yes (172) 73%
  • No (39) 17%
  • I'm not sure (25) 11%
Total Votes: 236


Maybe true

Maybe not cure - but definitely has healing qualities!

It doesn't cure it, but it certainly does help the symptoms improve.

yes,I believe so

Next time I have a cold, I'll try eating chicken soup.

I don'tknow why, but we sure feel lots better after eating it. One of those mysteries of life.

why wouldn't it? Grandma said it would and as Grandpa always said what Grandma says is right!

Loosens congestion

chicken soup always help you feel better when your sick

It works for my family too!!!

I think it helps by clearing sinuses and by being a "comfort" food but cure

The steaming broth helps open clogged sinuses and chest.

The soup tastes great but just minimizes the symptoms and isn't a "cure."

Probably not but it sure makes you feel better while you have the cold.

Most people are dehydrated when they have a cold, if nothing else it fights the water problem in a tastier way.

Maybe "cure" isn't the right word, but it can relieve the symptoms!

I would never argue with my Grandmother! It always made me feel better.

My Father and MD always said "lots of fluids" Old remedies often are better than modern medicine :-)

Okay, so maybe not, but it sure tastes good when you're sick!

Nothing better than a chicken

If it doesn't Cure it sure does make you feel better.... Great comfort food.

There is no cure for the common cold, medical fact, but homemade soup is delicious and does make you feel good, very good.

I always make it with homemade noodles. Whenever I make it, we HAVE to invite all three of our grown children to come and eat with us.

I have heard that chicken broth retains its heat in the body once ingested longer than other hot liquids and that is what gives it "medicinal" qualities. I have friends who get sick just to receive a pot of my chicken soup

It sure makes you feel better!

I'm sure it helps, but I wouldn't go as far as saying it actually cures the cold -- no more than drinking lots of fluids or getting enough rest contribute their part.


It's been proven medically there is no "cure" for the common cold. There are things you can do to reduce the severity, but if there were a cure, no one would have colds anymore.

There have been scientific research on the subject. They say YES!

Just the aroma of homemade chicken soup, or any soup for that matter, then the wonderful taste, it cures anything, at least it makes you feel better for a while. I have four kids and five grandkids and they still always ask me to make soup for them, especially my chicken soup. So as long as I'm able, I'll keep on making them soup when they're sick or just beause they asked for it.

Studies have proven that the increase in liquid in the body is what helps!

It never fails.

not surprised!!!


It is a proven scientific fact that chicken soup helps cure your cold. It also relieves symptoms by thinning the mucus and helping drain your sinus'. Plus it taste good and provides that warm comfy loved feeling!

I'd like to think it does, just because it brings back memories of being little and getting hot soup from Mom

It may be a medical myth, but eating chicken soup when we feel a cold coming on makes our family feel a lot better. It has some kind of cure in it.

Of course it does, I just ate a bowl of it, i feel better already! It's in the heart!

No, NO chicken soup cures the common cold. But, it is very comforting--a definite "warm fuzzy" when you're not feeling good. And, don't forget the love that goes into it--makes the cook and the patient both feel better!

Actually, it has been proven aid in the immune building and recovery of the cold.

no cure for it

It's the memories that make you feel better.

Homemade chicken soup loosens the flem relating to a thick cough during a cold to make the cough more productive.

It is the steam from a hot liquid that helps you breath and feel better. There is no cure for the common cold.


works for me with a large onion, stalks of celery, 3 or 4 cloves of garlic chopped, salt to draw the juices out...........hmmmmmmmm good. Enjoy throwing in a few carrots, and enjoying a bowl of ALL.....then, time to time while feeling "poorly" just sipping the broth.....yes, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgood!!!

Whether it has medicinal purposes or not if we can change our mind set when we feel lousy it has to be the cure!

Nothing better for a cold or flu. It relieves congestin with the steam and just plain old makes you feel better

And it really clears your sinuses!

The secret is in usung lots of garlic and onions and pepper. Also, it works best if you eat it several times a day.

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