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Volume II
October 26, 2005

Pressure Cooker Confusion

pressure cookerHi,

 I'm a confused customer.  Because of the busy life, I'm thinking of buying a pressure cooker suits me well.  But a lot of my friends say that the nutrition of the food will be damaged and it is dangerous.  After I've searched the Internet, I found out that such information is very limited.  I only know that vitamin C and 2 types of Vitamin B (not knowin  exactly which two) will be damaged.  Minerals are ok. For protein, I've no idea at all.  Overcookin g is a common weakness of pressure cooking. Could you tell me more information?  Thanks a lot.

 Yours truly,

Hi Sharon,

As far as I've read, pressure cookers actually retain nutrients.  Because food cooks in a third less time, less nutrients leach out.  But if you use the cooking juices for gravy, then you are putting those leached nutrients right back onto the vegetables.

Regardless of the cooking method used, there will be some alteration of nutrients.  This is why its so important to eat a variety of foods, cooked a variety of ways (stovetop, grill, microwave, pressure cooker, oven, etc.).

Today's pressure cookers are very safe.  They are convenient and fabulous appliances.  As a weekly user of a pressure cooker, I recommend it highly.

You'll also find that a pressure cooker works great for making all sorts of healthy grains, vegetables, rice and beans moist and tender!  I love how it cooks meat so that even the least tender cuts just fall apart in your mouth!

I think my pressure cooker is a marvel!  For more information and recipes, please read my articles on pressure cooking.

Hope this helps,

Desiri Wightman,
Registered Dietitian


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