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Volume II
June 25, 2005

How often do you go camping Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "How often do you go camping in any given summer?" It looks like we have some campers among us!! Wow!! I'm excited!!

I'm thinking that we should schedule a time for all of us to gather at a campsite to meet each other, share recipes, and eat a whole lot. We could plan some games and activities for the kids and have a great time!!! What fun that would be! What do you think?

Here are the official results:

  • Five times or more (82) 35% WOW! That's Great!
  • None (67) 28%
  • Once (25) 11%
  • Twice (27) 11%
  • Three times (23) 10%
  • Four times (12) 5%
Total Votes: 236

Comments: Can't afford the

You can't beat camping in the High Uintah's in Utah. There is so much to do and see. My husband even likes it when it is raining and we can stay in the tent and play board games all day with the family.

We are getting too old to want to do all the work. We love the outdoors and play all day but at night we love a clean bed with shower and other amenities. So have fun all you younger generation! Carrie from California

More dutch oven recipes!

I'd love to go, but it's not my husbands cup of tea! :(

Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan are great places to see. I grew up coming to the northwoods in a primitive cabin with outhouse & a gas refrigerator since I was 5. Loved it so much, started tent camping. Now my husband is our Scoutmaster, so I get to go to Scout camp every summer and anytime the "boys" go. I dislike bugs, but it is a mind set. It comes with the territory and you just put up with it. I agree with the person that said camping far outweighs the bugs!

Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan are great places to see.

I guess I should mention we go as reenactors of the civil war 9 months a year and live in canvas tents with the bare minimum of convienences and dutch ovens are a must thanks for the recipes for deserts. I am trying to add to the recipes so it will be more realistic. I love the whole 1860s living for that time we are there!

We go as a family once a month at least and then I go to 2 womens campouts at least and I am over 50! I love it!!

Working weekends makes it hard to find the time, but sleeping in a tent, on lumpy ground after good long hikes in the great outdoors can make for some of the best sleeping. I think it is the fresh air. We live close to the Adirondack park, which is some of the most beautiful forest in this country! We are blessed to be near such a place!

I want to go more.

I used to go quite often!

Great Dutch Oven videos, Thanks

My wife won't even camp out in a cabin if it doesn't have maid service.

I would camp more often if my work schedule permitted

I do NOT like the bugs, heat, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, making up beds, etc. when on vacation!!! I go on vacation to relax, not work, not burn up, not to battle with bugs!

My husband and I began camping to celebrate our first wedding anniversary May 1972 and have camped every year since then. We like to camp in the summer and fall. There's nothing like sitting in front of a camp fire on a crisp fall morning or evening drinking hot chocolate. In 2000 we got a small camper for 2 to get us off the ground while sleeping. Our 2 sons and their families camp with us once every summer. Camping is a wonderful family activity. We like to camp in the state parks of West Virginia. We also camp when traveling instead of staying in motels.

Never, never, NEVER!!

We camp 6 mts a year

A lot of times we only go once but it is for the entire summer.

Even though we live in a rural area, we enjoy being in a different spot, in our little camper. No chores at home, we eat well, and it is just nice to have a change of scenery! We go to Pow wows a lot when we camp.

We go to Memorial Park in La Honda, Calif. They have rangers that take the kids on hikes, there's a creek to swim in, a small store to buy anything you forgot, movies on Fri & Sat nights, warm showers, and it's about 15 min from the beach if you wanted a quick side trip. I've been going for over 41 years. And I still sleep on the ground! ......Gina

I remember camping as a small child. My mom hated it but went anyways. More work for mom than for dad or kids!!! I now have 2 girls, 8 and 5. 2 summers ago, friends of mine convinced me to go camping again - my husband was not really interested. So I bought a tent from a friend and a new generation of campers was born. I camped all summer with my friends and my husband joined us at the end of the summer for one of our trips. He had a great time. My husband decided the next summer we would get a pop up tent trailer. So last summer we graduated to a pop up tent trailer. More work setting it up than a regular tent!!! We camped in the cold, hail, rain, wind and what little bit of sun we had last year. This year we bought a travel trailer and used it in late April. We are heading out this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) for our 1st of many weekends planned for the summer. We camp all over MN and WI. My kids love it!! We have met so many wonderful people and have a great camping group to go with. I guess my husband has grown to really enjoy it as well. He learned that first summer that I was not going to stay home because he was not interested in going and realized all the fun he would be missing with his girls. And no matter what the weather is like - we have fun - it's what you make of it rain or shine and we have had just as much fun in the rain as we have in the sun. We have all become very creative at stringing up tarps over fires and tables. There is never a lack of good food, friends and love when we all get together. Happy Camping!

I feel sorry for anyone who can't let down thier hair enough to enjoy camping out with thier family. One should overlook the not so nice side, bugs etc. as they are far overwhelmed by the experience itself!

Not often enough!

We've camped 6 of the last 9 weekends!

We love to give this to our kids. They need to experience it. Once a year is not to hard and we get at least one family to go with us so it shares to work.

I prefer camping in a nice hotel!

We would like to go more often-some times the kids just "camp out" in the backyard, putting up the tents, dutch ovening and smoring and enjoying the fresh air!

go camping with the boy scouts lots through the summer and all year long thanks for the dutch oven cooking great subject randy bsa

Thanks for the Dutch Oven Videos !!

We're residents of north Idaho and fulltime RVers. We like to go where we can use our ATV and enjoy exploring areas for their local history and beauty.

we camp everyweekend throughtout the entire year, winter and summer

Twice is a minimum - try for more... time and lack of money get in the way.. Love my 25' travel trailer! this year I have a new kitten to go with me. LJF So. Cal.

Live by the beach

We camp with our Boy Scout Troop

I began with a tent, moved up to pop up trailer and now have a travel trailer. I would still tent, but over the last 40 years I find I prefer a soft bed to the ground.

we go all summer

We camp all year long traveling about four months a year

Camping is part of many aspects of my life. I camp with our church group, with family & friends, and with two volunteer organizations (Girl Scouts and ACS Relay For Life). And my dutch oven goes with me nearly every time!

We are retired and go North in Summer, living in our Motorhome.

When kids were young we went camping in a pickup camper every weekend - summer and winter - in NE SD CO IA MN

We live on the Texas Gulf Coast and are able to be outdoors year round right at home.

We love to take our boat and go camping at Lake Naciemento which is in Northern Ca. in the Paso Robles area. We also like to take the boat and go to the Colorado River and camp at Park Moabi in the Needles area. There is nothing more relaxing than floating down the river in the spring months before the temps reach 117 degrees. Lake Naciemento is in the shape of a dragon and has many coves and fingers to explore, of course when our children and grandchildren go with us there is alot of sking and tubing going on. Camping is a great time for quality time with family.

There was a time when I particularly enjoyed camping; but my arthritic bones don't allow for it anymore.

Jon & I have an RV and a boat. Our summers are filled with weekend camping trips which includes family and friends. We have a great time...and now we'll have a better time with all these new Dutch Oven recipes. What simplicity!!! I loved your video!!! Keep 'em comin'!!! Jane Lawrence

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