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Volume II
May 27, 2004

Muffin' but Spreads

Desiri Wightman, RD

Sometimes a hot muffin can stand on its own for taste with no creamy butter or sweet jam to garnish it. Other times, a spread compliments the lovely bread for amazing taste sensations. For those times, enjoy these clever topping recipes.

Lemon Curd
Makes 1-1/3 cups

2 large lemons
1/2 cup strained lemon juice
3 large eggs
1/2 cup sugar
6 tablespoons sweet cream butter (unsalted), melted

Grate the zest from the two lemons. Squeeze the juice from the lemons to measure 1/2 cup. Combine the zest, juice, eggs, and sugar in a blender or food processor. Process for 20 seconds. While still running, drizzle in the melted butter. Pour into a small saucepan and bring to a slow boil over medium heat. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cook, stirring constantly, until the mixture coats the back of a spoon, about 5 minutes. Pour into a bowl or jar and cool to room temperature before refrigerating for up to 2 weeks. Serve at room temperature.

Maple Butter
Makes about 1/2 cup

1/2 cup sweet cream butter, room temperature
3 tablespoons pure maple syrup

Cream the butter and syrup together until well combined. Store in a container with a tight-fitting lid for up to 3 days. Warm to room temperature before serving.

Minute Blueberry Topper
Makes 1 cup

1 cup fresh or frozen and thawed blueberries
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Combine ingredients in a 1-quart glass bowl. Stir to coat berries. Microwave on high for 1-1/2 minutes. Stir. Continue cooking for 1-1/2 minutes more. Pour into serving dish or cool and store in a covered container in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks.

Harvest Pumpkin Butter
Makes 1-1/4 cups

1 cup fresh or canned pureed cooked pumpkin
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ginger
1/8 teaspoon cloves
2 tablespoons lemon juice

Combine ingredients in a large glass bowl. Cook in the microwave on high for 5 minutes, stirring twice during that time. Cool. Pour into a serving dish and serve at once. Store in the refrigerator for up to 6 weeks.

Peanut Butter 'n' Yogurt Spread
Makes 1/2 cup

1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup yogurt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Blend in a mixing bowl until smooth. Spread over muffins or use as a dip for sliced apples!

Vanilla Sauce
Makes about 2/3 cup

2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons flour
1 cup boiling water
2 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon vanilla

Melt the butter in a saucepan. Whisk in the flour until smooth and bubbly. Add the boiling water and honey. Bring to a boil and cook for about 10 minutes. Stir in the vanilla. Serve over muffins.

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