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Thank you so much for your awesome newsletters and software. I just wanted to let you know that I recommend your products every chance I get. My co-worker is looking for something to get her dad for a retirement gift and she thought it was such a great idea.

Dee Goss  

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Volume II
July 30, 2004

Newsletter Poll Results

         In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter, we asked if you have "lemonade stand" age kids (ages 5-10). Here are the results:

  • One or more of my kids is this age (85) 25%
  • My kids are older than that (209) 61%
  • My kids are younger than that (21) 6%
  • I have no kids (29) 8%
Total Votes: 344


No worries, the grandkids are 14 & 19

We DID do the lemonade stand when we were young...

love the video, and the recipe, good hints and the milk wow nice trick

very nice letter

does this cost money to get this newsletter

AWESOME software!

no comment

My kids have kids, but the way of lemonade stands is long gone in their lives.

I have no kids, never liked them and never wanted any. I didn't even like myself when I was a kid. Oh, I've never been married either and am now 56. My last partner wanted kids. After 14 yrs. I still said no. Oh, well.

Yes, the ideas are very helpful!


My kids are the four-legged kind!

Although my kids are older, I have grandkids this age. I love lime - everyone can use a refreshing cool drink idea! It was fun to see the kids. Yes, I liked it.

only one of 7 grandkids are between 5-10

Don't forget the grandchildren.

It does not matter the age. My kids are 15, 15 and 18 and believe me they love to make different drinks. We will use the ones in this issue for sure and hope that you will continue with more. daughters love fruit smoothies, the low fat ones please! Thank you for all of your great news letters, I look foreward to every one. Debi

I have 4 in this age range as well as 4 under that age range. My older ones are 30, 28, 20 .

My kids are 52 & 54!

Avid Grandchild Lover who still loves lemonade


Avid fan -- 2 greatgrandchildren

of my five children, three of them are "eligible" :)

Limeade stand sounds good but suggest using Splenda instead of sugar

I love your News letter keep them comeing

do you use milk in the lemonade too?

My 1 1/2 and 4 year old grandsons LOVE to take part in fixing "real" things, used to serve guests. Love it!

all my Grandchildren are over 21

We still drink lemonade

However I have Grandchildren

Although I and my second oldest son had drink stands when we were young.

I do though, have 3 grandchildren who fit this range.

My (only) daughter is 40!

But, I do have 24 grand and great-grand kids that love good cooling drinks. Thanks Dan another winner.

I also have one younger--survey didn't let me check 2 choices

My daughter had a lemonade stand when she was younger.

My daughter just graduated high school but your question brings back memories of when she did have a stand. One weekend while selling a car stopped and accidentally knocked over a chair they were using so quickly bought a drink for $5!

my kids are grown, my grand-children are younger

Need recipes with no sugar other than the natural sugars in the fruit.

I have 3 grandchildren, ages 16,20 and 22

I have grandchildren (8 to be exact)

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