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Volume II
February 27, 2004

Newsletter Poll Results

         In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter, we asked "What is the best way to lose weight?" It appears there are a lot of differing views! Here are the results:

  • Consume fewer calories (144) 25%
  • Exercise more (133) 23%
  • Weight Watchers (120) 21%
  • Low-Carb Diet (South Beach, Atkins, The Zone) (102) 18%
  • Other (34) 6%
  • Eat less fat (21) 4%
  • Dr. Phil (18) 3%
  • Diet pills (2) 0%
Total Votes: 574


It's rather a combination of exercising more and consuming fewer calories 02/25/04 1:45:36 PM MST

actually - THE BEST wasn't an option: eat less *and* exercise more! 02/24/04 2:40:09 PM MST

The best way to loose weight is to simply use smaller portions. If you are used to going for a third helping, stop at the second. This will be a lifestyle change that will stay with you, unlike any of the fad diets. 02/20/04 8:53:57 PM MST

Lean and Free 2000 by Dana Thornock is the most permanent weight (fat) loss solution I have read about!!!! 02/20/04 4:17:03 PM MST

weight watchers works not hard either 02/20/04 3:38:11 PM MST


The Dr Phil Weight Loss Solution incorporates all of the other choices in a practical and easy way that I can use daily. 02/19/04 2:43:39 PM MST

fast completely 02/19/04 10:40:14 AM MST

I voted for Weight Watchers because they help you consume fewer calories and exercise more. It's a great support group. 02/18/04 10:29:00 AM MST

Personally I eat rather well. If I find the extra inches creeping up on me increasing excersize and cutting out extras (sweets) usually does the trick. 02/17/04 11:32:24 AM MST

Exercise as well! 02/15/04 12:18:53 PM MST

I just started losing weight by changing 4 things: 1) I went from 3 tall chocolate milks a day to 1 a day & 2 glasses of water. 2) Same with Dr Pepper, from 3 a day to 1 a day & 2 glasses of water. 3) I went from eating only supper each night to eathing 3 times a day which boosted my metabolism & 4) I started riding a bicycle around the block once a day. 02/14/04 4:46:53 PM MST

what about Lean and Free? 02/14/04 5:42:37 AM MST

you can get it off faster if you increase your daily exercise by at least 1/2 - if you are walking 20 minutes - add an extra 20 minutes and walk faster - you will not be hungry and your desire for refined carbs will decrease! It works if you DO IT! Good luck! 02/13/04 12:17:20 PM MST

exercise nad weight watchers are a dynamic duo 02/13/04 6:52:07 AM MST

execise &fewer calories 02/12/04 6:00:06 PM MST

A healthy diet with a consistant amount of fruits and vegetables and workouts. 02/12/04 4:17:48 PM MST

I lost 55lbs by doing this, and walking on a treadmill 3 times a week for 20 min (while baby is sleeping for you) I took the weekends off and didn't do anything but what I wanted(its your time) my girlfriend did this and lost 35 lbs in 6 weeks. Myself I lost in 5 months and have kept it off for 2 years without being on W.W. sence then. Good luck! ;) 02/12/04 4:00:59 PM MST

There are two ways to loose weight, consume fewer calories & exercise more. But I am too good a cook & lazy to both. 02/12/04 1:21:38 PM MST

I lost my weight after my sons were born by cutting back a little on each serving and adding walking and exercising. 02/11/04 8:24:01 PM MST

The low carb diet and extra exercise such as a good brisk walk three or four times a week on an average 45/60 minutes helped me lose 40 pounds and counting. 02/10/04 4:32:07 PM MST

exercise more and eat fewer calories and do so always 02/10/04 3:13:28 PM MST

I lost a substantial amount of wt on WW, and have kept it off for a year now. It is good, sensible eating and exercise. AND you get support from others when you attend the meetings! 02/09/04 8:56:49 PM MST

Fewer calories and exercise 02/09/04 7:22:37 PM MST

works 02/09/04 8:13:51 AM MST

Low carb, low fat and exercise. I got this advice from a dietician and it helped me to loose 50 lbs and keep it off for the past 5 years. Good luck with whatever you decide. 02/08/04 9:14:42 PM MST

have your grandkids visit that move exercise then I need 02/06/04 9:33:44 PM MST

With Weight Watchers, you not only consume fewer calories, but you also learn how to eat a balanced diet based on the food pyramid. Of course you do need to exercise as well. Something as simple as a 20-minute power walk 4-5 times per week will help you to shape-up and burn extra calories. You absolutely have to practice the combination of eating right, fewer calories (smaller servings) and exercise. I have been a lifetime member of weight watchers for many years....and can always depend on their information to put me back on track! D. Buss, Green Bay, WI 02/06/04 4:55:20 PM MST

Cut dowm on food intake 02/06/04 4:47:06 PM MST

The only way the really lose weight and keep it off is to consume less calories than need and if you exercise you can be healthy as well 02/06/04 9:45:23 AM MST

I joined "Curves" and have exercise more and am eating a low carb diet and actually losing weight for the first time in years! 02/06/04 7:07:50 AM MST

your body needs oil/fats (olive oil, natural),stay away from processed foods, man made get your carbs from fresh veggies 02/05/04 10:52:45 PM MST

The low-carb health plan makes the most sense if you follow all of the instructions. It appears that most dietitians and nutritionalists never read about the whole program. They think they already know all of the answers. They need to expand their knowledge. 02/05/04 8:41:57 PM MST

Atkins is a guy-diet. Did not work for my wife. 02/05/04 6:57:06 PM MST

Each person is different, therefore, one should see which plan would be of benefit to them. 02/05/04 11:54:56 AM MST

Not just any low carb diet, it has to be Dr. Atkins. I am not referring the Atkins products--I am talking about the complete science and theories that Dr. Atkins has known for almost as long as I have been alive. I have done the pregnancy thing six times! I am also hitting the 40 year stage. I am forever grateful for a friend having me read and study Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution... It is so much more than the media and a lot of health and diet professionals give it credit for. Usually when it is evaluated they are judging the first phase only of the four phases. Though the first phase seems extreme, it is important, too. He teaches about the value of fiber and other good choices and how to transition from one phase to another. I implemented Dr. Atkins ideas last January and went from a size 16 to a size 8, loosing 38 pounds!!! I have kept it off because of what he taught me--I never bought the diet bars and other money makers that the company puts out...really, if they only made money on the book sales, they wouldn't make much. Few people bother to read it!!! There is a market that they tap into just like every other diet oriented business. The only tool you need is the one book, New Diet Revolution and then use the tried and true principles and natural foods that make sense and taste good to you. I can really get bent out of shape when I hear critics of Atkins. From almost every criticism, I hear it is obvious that the professional (or the dieter) has not read and studied his book!!! [Your article in your newsletter didnd't bother me near as much as some] It was full of a lot of good. (I still have a problem with some of it, though.) I wouldn't lump this into just a 'low carb diet' label. These are truths that have blessed my life! What more can I ask for??? Exercise would have been my second vote for losing weight. Dr. Atkins--by the way, who really was a medical doctor--emphasizes the importance of exercise for healthy as well as weight loss. But those of us who really need to lose weight and for whatever reason can't do it by exercising alone, and watching what we eat, get pretty discouraged. For me it was a very discouraging time. I never had to really work at my weight in my younger years, even after baby number 5 the weight dropped off with the sensible eating and daily 4 mile walks, but something changed in me. I tend to blame it on age...but whatever it was I was in a downhill battle and only got more discouraged working my rear end off to exercise it off and getting headaches and being soooo ornery from feeling so hungry on the lower fat eating. As a mother who needs to smile and love her children and husband, I couldn't keep trying it that way! Besides I never lost, usually gained the harder I tried. So... To anyone else out there who feels as desperate as I did, read Dr. Atkins book, The New Diet Revolution. Seek to under the principles he teaches (and supports with actual science) and seek to know for yourself that first you need to correct a very real problem, then ease into stabilizing your weight and learning to live again. It is really hard for a lot of people to listen to the facts. We have been so ingrained with the 'fat is bad for you--no butter' ideas that diet professionals still hang on to. Also the fact that the number of calories taken in doesn't necessarily have a direct affect on weight gain. If you will open your mind and let the prejudices go, you can see that there are a lot of truths that have been hidden from us and still continue to be hammered on by 'knowing' people. Anyway, I will get off my soap box now. You can tell I really feel strongly about this. It takes effort. It takes understanding. It works. I am grateful for the knowledge I gained from a great man so that I could incorporate it appropriately. By the way, my cholesterol level also dropped 40 points! and my HDL's are high!! More importantly, I am back to feeling really happy again and able to do and give more to the important people in my life!!!! 02/05/04 11:08:33 AM MST

I have tried all of the above and after keeping a food log for 1 week, I realize I was not eating healthy and paying no attention to portions. I am not going to a nutritionist and hopefully will change my "life style." 02/05/04 9:59:30 AM MST

I have tried all of the above and after keeping a food log for 1 week, I realize I was not eating healthy and paying no attention to portions. I am not going to a nutritionist and hopefully will change my "life style." 02/05/04 9:59:30 AM MST

I have tried all of the above and after keeping a food log for 1 week, I realize I was not eating healthy and paying no attention to portions. I am not going to a nutritionist and hopefully will change my "life style." 02/05/04 9:59:29 AM MST

I have tried all of the above and after keeping a food log for 1 week, I realize I was not eating healthy and paying no attention to portions. I am not going to a nutritionist and hopefully will change my "life style." 02/05/04 9:58:02 AM MST

It would have to be a combination of eat less caleries while exercising more. 02/05/04 7:42:45 AM MST

I combine Weight Watcher & Low-Carb, it works for me. 02/04/04 8:28:05 PM MST

Actually,weight loss is based on expending more calories than are ingested-so eating fewer calories(esp. high fat/carb) of nutritious food sources combined with more exercise is the solution. I am a strong believer in moderation- I just don't practice it as well in my eating as I do in other dimensions of my life! 02/04/04 3:06:57 PM MST

It's a combination of everything-Be aware of portion sizes, add extra fiber (whole wheat pasta, tortillas, bread, etc), eat more vegetables, eat less fat and bad carbs (sugars like cake & candy) but be sure not to suffer, have 1 treat a day or a week but keep the portion small, just enough to satisfy your craving. try light or fat free foods, and last but not least strive to be HEALTHY not skinny. 02/04/04 12:25:26 PM MST

We've been using the Dr. Phil method of eating right. It is much more than a diet. As of today I have lost about 17 pounds, my daughter the same and my wife nearly 10 pounds. We use the tread mill as often as our schedules allow, which definitely helps. 02/04/04 11:06:43 AM MST

i cut down on carbs and exercise after dinner for 20 min. or so 02/04/04 7:10:03 AM MST

Oh and congradulations on the new baby! 02/03/04 9:26:24 PM MST

Just thing about what we have now that we didn't 100 years ago before obesity was epidemic. Fast food, more junk foods, soda and TV. We ate what we raised and grew, hence the exercise we need. 02/03/04 9:23:44 PM MST

combination of more exercise, fewer calories and jsut push away from the table when comfortably full. i lost 50 #s this wayand it has stayed off for over 3 yrs. 02/03/04 7:18:44 PM MST

Weight Watchers is healthy! 02/03/04 6:38:25 PM MST

Weight Watchers encourages eating a balanced diet and consuming fewer calories than you burn off. They are also great encouragers and someone to hold you accountable. 02/03/04 5:40:24 PM MST

I believe WW is the best overall because you get a variety of foods as well as their desserts when you get weak. It is easy to keep up with points also.If you will get in a 2 mile walk a couple of times of week it helps increase your metabolism. I have added a decrease in carbs. by just using the wheat low carb. bread and trying to stay away from white rice and eating low starch potatoes such as red potatoes. It seems to help a liitle more. Just some hints, hope it helps someone. 02/03/04 5:10:08 PM MST

Weight Watchers teaches to change your lifestyle, less of a diet and more of a lifestyle change. 02/03/04 2:24:23 PM MST

There really isn't one answer in your list. The best diet is a well-balanced, high fiber, (whole grains are great!), plus get plenty of exercise. The low carb diet is unhealthy and can't give you the needed nutrients for total health. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables also help with getting all the nutrients and high fiber. Plenty of exercise is, of course, a must also. Give yourself plenty of time to lose a few pounds and still enjoy that new baby! Any yes, lower fat foods help achieve the few calories faster than having less of anything else. 02/03/04 11:31:20 AM MST

I am going to Weight Watchers, but I find that I still eat just for the enjoyment of eating. So, if I would simply eat less and watch calories I would get the same results. I also need to exercise, and not eat so much just because I love the taste of the food! 02/03/04 11:27:01 AM MST

I tried to loose my baby weight for three years. Finally, attending the weight watcher's meetings and listening to other members, I lost 40 pounds in four months. I have kept it off for almost a year. Weight Watcher's teaches you that you can eat whatever you want in moderation. Plus, you can stil cook all of your favorite foods. I am so much healthier in fact I lowered my cholestrol by 20 points. Good luck ... it worked for me. Patricia 02/03/04 6:40:27 AM MST

It is a combination of fewer calories and more exercise. 02/03/04 5:44:02 AM MST

It needs to be a combination of finding the right exercise and eating the right amounts of the right foods. Oxycise is an excellent exercise program. You should check out their web site. Aletta Moffett, Fairmont, WV 02/02/04 7:10:31 PM MST

I need a plan to consume less calories. 02/02/04 5:51:37 PM MST

Body for life/ Eating for life combine excersize , with eating BALANCED meals 6 times a day! And it is great. 02/02/04 5:30:16 PM MST

Combine eat less and exercise more. 02/02/04 3:13:10 PM MST

comsume less and excerise more. 02/02/04 2:29:47 PM MST

South Beach Diet is the only way to diet! It's heart healthy and a definite lifestyle. I've lost 15lbs in one month and have lost 5% body fat 02/02/04 2:00:39 PM MST

I would add Exercise with Weight Watchers. 02/02/04 12:34:00 PM MST

I just lost 20 lbs by cutting my portion in half, cutting back amount of carbs and sweets. 02/02/04 12:18:47 PM MST

The "Curves for Women" exercise circuit program and eating plan/philosophy (which is:following a diet to loose weight, then an eating plan to bring body's metabolism up to maintain desired weight) combines those good and sensible parts of all these current diet programs; so it has been successful for me. 02/02/04 12:04:57 PM MST

The "Curves for Women" exercise circuit program and eating plan/philosophy (which is:following a diet to loose weight, then an eating plan to bring body's metabolism up to maintain desired weight) combines those good and sensible parts of all these current diet programs; so it has been successful for me. 02/02/04 12:01:44 PM MST

do not use diet pills low cab & exercise good luck Andrea 02/02/04 10:47:10 AM MST

Any diet that requires you to give up any food is a bad diet. The best way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet, limiting the amount of refined sugars (like regular pop and lots of desserts), and getting more daily exercise (not always gym workoiuts, but parking at the end of the lot or taking the stairs can contribute to your daily exercise). When your body doesn't get the nutrients it needs from natural foods, it won't burn fat as well. If you don't eat enough, you're metabolism slows down. If you aren't active, your body won't need to burn fat reserves for energy. The best advice is to be sensible when making food choices and find little things you can do to increase your daily activities. 02/02/04 10:18:43 AM MST

the poll wouldn't let me put down 2 choices, but the only way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories and exercise more. the exercise part is what increases your metabolism, thus taking the weight off faster. it also strenghtens your hear, increases flexibility and tones that loose flab. Yeah! 02/02/04 10:04:22 AM MST

carbs make you hungry! Eat more protien and complex carbs (whole wheat, vegs) and exercise! 02/02/04 9:26:09 AM MST

Smaller servings and more exercise are the best, most logical way. 02/02/04 8:33:48 AM MST

I lost 15 pounds on the Atkins diet but the down side for me was that my hair started to fall out and it quite when I started to add a few carbs, so I don't know if on some people you just can't quite cold turkey on the carbs and caffeine 02/02/04 8:33:16 AM MST

Consuming fewer does not work if you metabolism is at a stand still. 02/02/04 7:40:16 AM MST

I believe it takes several things. Balance being the key and exercise is great. Try walking more. 02/02/04 7:19:21 AM MST

You also must consume less calories and pump up the excercise 02/02/04 6:37:29 AM MST

even if you consume fewer calories, you still have to boost your metabolism with exercise. 02/02/04 6:25:31 AM MST

One pound of fat contains approximately 3,500 calories, so to lose one pound a week, a person should consume approximately 3,500 fewer calories per week. This can be done by reducing the daily intake by 500 calories per day (500 x 7 days will provide a deficit of 3,500 calories per week). To lose 2 pounds per week, a deficit of 1,000 calories per day is required. 02/02/04 6:21:01 AM MST

Everything else being equal, if you consume less calories than a maintenence diet you will loose weight. You should still eat a balanced diet. 02/02/04 6:13:34 AM MST

one needs to learn good nutrition along with smaller portions and good choices 02/02/04 1:31:38 AM MST

At least consuming fewer calories works best for me! 02/01/04 7:45:14 PM MST

Good Luck, and don't give up! Exercising does work! 02/01/04 7:24:07 PM MST

Although I believe combining the consumption of less calories and exercising more works just great, Weight Watchers takes the guess work out of it for you and its much easier to follow a specific plan that provides support groups than trying to go it alone. 02/01/04 7:10:54 PM MST

I have lost 33 lbs 02/01/04 6:58:14 PM MST

My husband and I have lost 40 pounds each on the low carb thing. We're not strict, strict but have simply changed the way we eat. However, if your wife is breast-feeding, low carb is NOT FOR HER. 02/01/04 6:43:57 PM MST

must drink a lot of water 02/01/04 6:11:51 PM MST

I have to tell you that while I cast my vote for the one that has worked for me there is no "right" diet. What works for one doesn't always work for the other. You should as always check with your doctor before you start any of these, but do your research as you are doing. Please look at what you can and can't do. What I have found is I had to find the one that I could live with for a lifetime. I have done all of these and Dr. Atkins is what has acutally worked for me. I have lost over 100 pounds on Dr. Atkins and have kept it off for over 2 years. I need to do a "tune-up" every once in awhile but find it so easy to fit into my lifestyle. I wish you all the best, Chels 02/01/04 3:53:51 PM MST

Protien Power is "The Best" 02/01/04 3:40:20 PM MST

Weightwatchers combined with exercise is a winner! 02/01/04 3:35:55 PM MST

Weight Watchers allows you to eat and still loose weight. 02/01/04 3:31:21 PM MST

A combinationof eating healthier with fewer calories and more exercise are the best way tlo lose weight. 02/01/04 2:00:04 PM MST

I found that good old fashioned discipline is the best way. There are no quick fixes and remember that you gave yourself alot of time to gain the weight, so give yourself so time to lose it. When I started exercising regularly and doing a HARD workout (running as much as I could of 3 - 4 miles 2-3 times a week) - it took me about 6 weeks before I even started to lose weight. But the next month I lost over 15 pounds without much effort (the exercise had become more of a habit by then). But I also found I ate alot less. The exercising made me less hungry! Just go for it! 02/01/04 1:50:45 PM MST

Dr Phil's is a good plan if you are really a lot overweight. You do need to change your lifestyle. But after having a baby you need to exercise and and eat the right/nutritious foods in moderation. 02/01/04 12:40:02 PM MST

Dr. Phil's program and all the steps that you follow hit at the root of why we are overweight. When you deal with all those issues along with following all the things you must do in relation to food, then his program encompasses many of the others listed on this questionaire. 02/01/04 12:06:44 PM MST

As of this date, 2/1/04, I have lost a total of 102.2 pounds on Weight Watchers. I'm not at goal yet, so I'll continue on this program until I am. 02/01/04 12:02:31 PM MST

Soth beach diet is not a low carb diet. It teaches one to eat good carbs and good fats. It has some science behind it. 02/01/04 12:00:56 PM MST

Consume fewer colories & exercise more is the answer! 02/01/04 11:57:13 AM MST


Also exercise more 02/01/04 11:25:47 AM MST

Although to lose weight you have to consume fewer calories, feeling good and being healthy is also important. It comes off slower with Weight Watchers, but you learn how to eat good healthy foods in the appropriate portions for weight control. The group support is also helpful. 02/01/04 10:32:40 AM MST

Also consume fewer calories 02/01/04 10:17:39 AM MST

A sensible diet (not limiting any one food group) and exercise. Carbs should be included but NOT the super-refined white rice, white potatoes, etc. and the fats that go on them! 02/01/04 9:27:39 AM MST

eat what you like in moderation. Excerise early in the day to get your metalobism going. Do not skip meals, eat fruits or veggies for snacks if necessary. Otherwise only eat at meals. Do not try to loose a lot of weight will come back quickly. Comes down to move more eat less! 02/01/04 9:18:12 AM MST

I have lost 80 lbs on WW. Counting points is much easier than calories. It is a helathy program with variety and no deprivation from the foods I like. Good Luck 02/01/04 8:59:29 AM MST

Its tough,try eating anything you like within reason. Then ea smaller and smaller amounts. Try to get to a level of 4 oz. of protein anone small scoop of potatoes or rice and large amounts of vegetables with just a taste of butter. Swith to more fresh fruits and limit sweets to half usual amount. Such as one half of a candy bar or one very small bag of chips. Eat desserts in the same way. Very small amounts until people start to comment "is that all you are going to eat. that way your stomach will shrink and you will not feel deprived. 02/01/04 8:49:30 AM MST

High fiber, low fat, complex carbs and exercise. I always lose on this program and I always gain when I go off it. I feel so much better when I do stay on this program. There are so many good foods in this cat. too. Valerie Perkins 02/01/04 8:46:12 AM MST

I personally like the support. i too just had a baby, 12.6 pounds gone, many more to go. I see myself with the weight off and can't wait! 02/01/04 8:26:25 AM MST

I have tried Atkins, the Zone, and eat less, but on WW on the internet I'm finally actually losing some weight, exercising, and having enough to eat without having to cook separte for me and then cook for my husband. 02/01/04 7:46:22 AM MST

Exercise will improve metabolism and will tone muscles. Probably will make losing weight seem longer in that muscle weighs more than fat. 02/01/04 7:45:54 AM MST

I did Suzane Sommers. She does not cut out carbs and take in complex form. It really works. the products that she sells are pricy and I find you can find substatutes. Good Luck. Pam 02/01/04 7:32:15 AM MST

To lose weight you need to exercise on a daily and eat a healthy diet daily. 02/01/04 7:16:07 AM MST

don't eat breads/cakes 02/01/04 7:15:35 AM MST

my dr put my on a drug named topomax at bedtime....i lost 20 lbs in 25 days! 02/01/04 6:35:46 AM MST

I LOVE South Beach. I lost 20 pounds in 2 months including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, and a week's vacation! I never went hungry and learned what the high glycemic foods were so I rarely eat them anymore. Lots of veggies & fruit and complex carbohydrates! My cholesterol went down 30 points also. 02/01/04 6:32:53 AM MST

Exercise is key..but you should eat healthier as well ! 02/01/04 5:45:58 AM MST

I think it depends on your age. When I was younger (much younger) Weight Watchers and calorie counting worked. Now at this time in my life, the only thing that works for me is the count the carbs and exercise. 02/01/04 5:33:18 AM MST

eat less exercise more 02/01/04 4:42:02 AM MST

My husband, grandson & I have been on Southbeach. We have lost from 15-20 lb in 2 weeks and have not been hungry.It is a good mixture of nutrients. All it takes is time to prepare. No special foods needed. 01/31/04 11:57:03 PM MST

Exercising AND eating a lot less. It's hard the first few weeks, but then it's easy, and you've lost the weitght before you know it! 01/31/04 11:40:31 PM MST

I like Atkins because it's simple, and I don't obsess over food all day long. The food is rich and satisfying, so I'm never hungry. I eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full. Simple! 01/31/04 10:57:00 PM MST

I like Atkins because it's simple, and I don't obsess over food all day long. The food is rich and satisfying, so I'm never hungry. I eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full. Simple! 01/31/04 10:53:42 PM MST

adding exercise with speed up your motabolism making it easier to loose weight without cuting calories. 01/31/04 10:08:43 PM MST

I have an underactive thyroid so my weight has just gone haywire. Not happy. But I don't have the will power and no money to go to the gym. I would just love to join the gym but can't afford it. because of my thyroid I need to take a pill a day for the rest of my life. my husband doesn't really help either. He even told me I was FAT. Do you believe it? So I want to lose weight just to show him up and make him envious. and get him back. I was not very impressed at all. 01/31/04 9:53:42 PM MST

I say it is both reducing your portions and adding exercise as well. It is working for me. Healthy weigh to go All my best.. 01/31/04 9:30:01 PM MST

Weight Watchers is a combination of eating less fat, consuming fewer calories and they do encourage you to exercise more. My daughter has lost 75 lbs. on the Weight Watcher plan. I am SO proud of her. 01/31/04 9:21:53 PM MST

WW promote healthy eating, with a very flexible program no food is forbidden. The point system is easy to use. The point system is the best plan WW is come out with! 01/31/04 9:18:26 PM MST

I use the Suzanne Somers' program (Somersize) and have lost 9.5 lbs. since the first of the year. Her books are available in all book stores or you can order from her web site, Her food products are excellant too. 01/31/04 9:06:59 PM MST

I've had 4 kids and the easiest way to loose it was with reduced carbs and doing an exercise I liked, like walking. It was easy to breast feed on the low carb too. 01/31/04 8:43:26 PM MST

With Dr. Phil's "diet" is really a combination of things. If you consume less calories and exercise, the weight will come off. This takes the weight off and keeps it off. 01/31/04 7:53:12 PM MST

I have just lost about 40 lbs. by eating less fat and calories and not eating late at night. Eat a good breakfast and lunch and less for the evening meal. 01/31/04 7:16:46 PM MST

The Zone give you a way to keep the right amount of food for you. It's Works! 01/31/04 6:50:53 PM MST

Eat less food. Eat real, nutritional food. 01/31/04 6:50:03 PM MST

You need to find the method that works best for you, your schedule and your body. I think it's trial and error until you find the right path to take. I started weight watchers and working out with a personal trainer 10 months before my wedding. I lost 17lbs. and have been able to keep most of it off over a year later by sticking with the plan. 01/31/04 6:47:41 PM MST

Eating smaller portions works for both my husband and me. We don't give up desserts, for instance, we just have a smaller amount. 01/31/04 6:47:29 PM MST

Most all of these diets are about 1500 calories per day, which will cause weight loss. Exercise is also very necessary so as not to loose muscle mass. The Curves program and a low-carb diet is my way to go. K.F, Registered Dietitian. 01/31/04 6:40:08 PM MST

I am back on Weight watchers after trying all the fad diets. It may take longer but my weight is comming off---slowly, and I am keeping it off. Also EXcercise is really helpful. I try to walk 4 to 5 miles a day. It is easy with a pedometer. 01/31/04 6:34:07 PM MST

I know how hard it is to get started, but it is the only way to ensure success! 01/31/04 6:19:53 PM MST

Exercise & eat less fat 01/31/04 6:16:35 PM MST

drink plenty of water and chew sugar free chewing gum 01/31/04 6:10:42 PM MST

Drink more water, eat more fibre, and keep active - physically, mentally, and spiritually! 01/31/04 6:02:59 PM MST

lower fat & exercise 01/31/04 5:58:42 PM MST

because of injury I cannot do aerobics,following atkins I have lost 22 pounds with very moderate weight lifting. I'm happy,wish you had more recipes for low carb eaters. good luck Kathy 01/31/04 5:49:27 PM MST

Dr. Phil has helped me correct wrong thinking so that I don't need diet pills, am eating less fat, consuming less calories, and losing weight makes me WANT to be more active and exercise more (this is most of your voting choices). You have to want to change your thinking, though. It has been a lifestyle change for me, and I have miles to go yet. 01/31/04 5:40:54 PM MST

I know what should be done, I just don't do it. 01/31/04 5:32:54 PM MST

Weight Watchers is the healthiest and most diverse way of eating for life I have done. I have tried them all including gastric bypass. 01/31/04 5:05:10 PM MST

Eat less. Move more. Oops. More news: It helps me to have gum on hand for the times I just want to munch on something. Coffee (decafe for me) is a great chocolate candy substitute. Add those chemical flavorings if you really need to satisfy a sweet tooth. I've also found that eating fat, makes my body crave fats. I gave up meat, and suddenly had no hankering for candy, cake, etc. 01/31/04 5:03:10 PM MST

Eat less. Move more. 01/31/04 4:58:43 PM MST

The best way I have found to lose weight is to eat everything I want, but in smaller portions. That way you don't crave foods. 01/31/04 4:47:25 PM MST

Balance what goes in (calories) with what goes out (exercise) and never eat more volume than your fist at any one sitting (keep your stomach small) eat more often IF you are hungry, dont eat when you are NOT hungry. 01/31/04 4:47:14 PM MST

Low carb and exercise is the best way to lose weight. 01/31/04 4:45:37 PM MST

I've lost 32 lbs. but it's taken me awhile. I'm "over the hill". I have found that it's just eating smarter. Everything in moderation is really true. Also, I started walking 2 miles every day. Slowly the lbs. have come off. 01/31/04 4:44:10 PM MST

I lost 66 lbs on Weight Watchers. Cutting Calories is not the answer unless you are cutting calories with a balanced diet. Weight Watchers teaches you how to eat right. 01/31/04 4:32:46 PM MST

The best way is to talk to your doctor. Not everyone can go on the same kind of diet. 01/31/04 4:25:37 PM MST

I lost over 170 pounds, took 4 years and all I did was watch what I ate, limiting the obvious bad foods and exercised more was something I could do from then on. Just change habits and forget the grapefruit diet, all carbs, no carbs, all fat etc. Just move more. ss, california 01/31/04 4:24:27 PM MST

Lower calories and exercising more goes a long way in losing weight. 01/31/04 4:21:28 PM MST

tried them all and starting with a low carb diet for a couple of weeks then going back to eating sensibly and exercising (pilates moves are great and easy) have done the best in my experience. 01/31/04 4:14:35 PM MST

I have adult diabetes and high triglycerides. I have also had two heart attacks. When I found out I was diabetic, I modified my died to consume fewer calories and begain walking two miles/day on a treadmill. I was able to drip 25 pounds over six months and have been able to maintain that weight with this regiment. 01/31/04 4:14:00 PM MST

So. Beach seems more sensible. And not too hard to do. 01/31/04 4:04:35 PM MST

It takes both less calories, and more exercise! 01/31/04 3:57:39 PM MST

I think the key is balance. Less fat, more healthy food, more exercise. 01/31/04 3:54:20 PM MST

Fats make fat 01/31/04 3:52:57 PM MST

If you have anything to add (if that's possible), click here and send me an e-mail message!


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