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Volume II
August 31, 2004

Cooking Addictions!

Dear Friends:

Hi, here are the URL's for two things that I am addicted to. Once you try them, you will be addicted too... but they will be two of the happiest and most useful/helpful addictions of your life...


For the FRESHEST spices you will ever use in your cooking in your life, I have found that there is no mail-order company better than PENZEY'S spices. They grind their spices on a daily basis. Chances are, the spices you order from them will have been ground the day or day before they were mailed to you. You'll never be able to use supermarket bought regular ground spices again (and you'll realize that you never even realized how stale they were, because you had nothing this fantastically fresh to compare them to). And, uh, Penzey's has a remarkable treasure trove of recipes online and in their quarterly paper catalog too. You should order their paper catalog for various reasons but I found it fascinating to learn the many different types of Chili Peppers there are in the world and the way they measure Chili Pepper-heat (on your tongue) in "Scoville Units". QUESTION: Guess which Chili pepper is the hottest of all the chili pepper varieties in the world? Hmmm... The Penzey's paper catalog is very interesting reading, great for gathering delicious recipes, and contain the BEST for truly truly truly FRESH ground spices (and they have their own spice blends too, amongst other things they offer).

ANSWER: The hottest of all the various Chili Peppers is the "PIQUIN" Chili Pepper with a Scoville Heat Unit Rating of 100,000+ points. Since Ancho Chili Peppers (used in regular Chili Con Carne) have a Scoville Heat Unit Rating of only a mere 3,000 points which nicely warms the tongue, even masochists avoid the "Piquin" Chili Pepper. Your tongue will slither to the phone to dial the Fire Department. I once thought of making and marketing a hot sauce out of ONLY Piquin Chili Peppers and thought I would name it "Pain In A Bottle", but I don't have the courage to taste my own recipe being that they're PIQUIN Chili Peppers, so I never made it.


This website, owned by chef Todd Wilbur, is a veritable treasure trove of many of his "Top Secret Recipes" that he creates of the most popular recipes in the world so you can re-create them in your own kitchen -- Today, Thurs, August 5, he is offering his "Top Secret" version recipe of "Starbucks Vanilla Almond Biscotti" on the mainpage of his website -- and you can find almost a hundred of his "Top Secret" version recipes (i.e., Sonic Cherry Limeade; Hostess Twinkies; Red Lobster's Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Shrimp; Bulls-Eye Original BBQ Sauce; Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese; Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies; Olive Garden's Alfredo Pasta; and many more) in the "Recipes" section of his website. If you go to this website and sign up for his free newsletter, he sends you a reminder when a new "Top Secret" version recipe becomes available at his website (which is just about every week). These Top Secret version recipes at his website are totally FREE and are the exact same ones also found in his best selling line of "Top Secret Recipes" Cookbooks.

You're all gonna LOVE these two websites!! Everybody does.


Miss Freya Friedman

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