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Thank you so much for your awesome newsletters and software. I just wanted to let you know that I recommend your products every chance I get. My co-worker is looking for something to get her dad for a retirement gift and she thought it was such a great idea.

Dee Goss  

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Volume II
October 31, 2003

Newsletter Poll Results

         In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter, we asked "what is your favorite section of the newsletter?" Here are the results:

  • I can't decide...all of the above (54) 41%
  • Featured Recipes (38) 29%
  • Jest for Fun (jokes) (16) 12%
  • Video Clips (11) 8%
  • Kitchen Remedy (helpful cooking tips) (5) 4%
  • Cook'n Tip (software tips) (4) 3%
  • Table Talk (main cooking article) (5) 2%
  • Family Fun-Time Ideas (2) 2%
  • Notes from Folks (0) 0%
  • Poll Questions (0) 0%
Total Votes: 133


ALL GOOD 10/30/03 7:16:46 AM MST

Congratulations you are very excellents. Continue in this way 10/20/03 10:10:47 PM MST

The Vidoes are fun to watch and they give beginners cookin' confidence! 10/07/03 9:24:56 PM MST

I love the recipes AND the poll questions!! Gina in IL 10/07/03 2:33:13 PM MST

I miss the newsletter when it is late to arrive in the month! 10/05/03 7:05:58 PM MST

I also like Kitchen Remedy & Cook'n Tips 10/05/03 1:06:17 PM MST

Please don't take anything out!! 10/05/03 10:17:34 AM MST

This is the first edition I've seen - it's great! 10/05/03 9:35:23 AM MST

Cook'n tips 10/04/03 6:06:08 PM MST

Recipes 10/04/03 6:04:03 PM MST

I like it all. Sometimes the video clips won't work, but at least I can read the recipes that go with it. 10/04/03 12:14:50 PM MST

Recipes & Jokes best 10/04/03 9:25:08 AM MST

I have some sections that I access almost religiously, like Kitchen Remedy and Featured Recipes, but if I have a little time to nose around I still love to delve into the other sections. Good job on what you're doing! I love this newsletter and is one of the few (internet newletters) I have signed up for, make regular use of, and have remained signed up for over several years... and I'm sure I'll keep coming back for years to come! Thanks for all your work! 10/03/03 11:09:56 PM MST

I enjoy and look forward to your newsletter each month. It is a highlight! 10/03/03 3:15:13 PM MST

I enjoyed looking at it all really 10/03/03 2:53:27 PM MST

Have enjoyed this since it started 10/03/03 8:57:57 AM MST

Only 76 votes and this is a great down to earth site...Poor folks that miss it' 10/03/03 7:20:43 AM MST

This is such a great letter, I love all of it. Thank you. 10/02/03 10:21:16 PM MST

Great letter 10/02/03 10:20:11 PM MST

This is an excellent newsletter, thank you! 10/02/03 5:52:58 PM MST

Like to try new recipes 10/02/03 4:40:37 PM MST

I enjoy your newsletter a lot. But I guess the recipes are my favorites. But then it would be I can't decide.... all of the above. anna sipple 10/02/03 12:26:30 PM MST

I really look forward to the Jest for Fun Jokes, but I read the whole newsletter. Thank You, SJC 10/02/03 9:42:13 AM MST

Did you even consider that some of your jokes might not be funny to some people (degrading) and might encourage them not to frequent your page or buy a product? 10/02/03 8:51:46 AM MST

Keepup the good work 10/02/03 7:22:33 AM MST

I like it all 10/02/03 7:10:02 AM MST

I also like it all but the featured recipes are my favorite section! 10/01/03 11:42:28 PM MST

I voted for Table Talk since I like learned about tricky things like sauces (they have mistique!), but really like the software tips too. As a new user the tips are very helpful. 10/01/03 11:42:10 PM MST

I put the featured recipes as my favorite section, but actually enjoyed all of the newsletter. I loved the jokes and helpful cooking tips. Keep up the good work! 10/01/03 7:51:05 PM MST

Thanks all of it makes it work together. 10/01/03 7:49:11 PM MST

Since I collect cookbooks ( about 300) I love the recipes but all the other features are interesting and fun to read

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