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Volume II
December 24, 2003

Newsletter Poll Results

         In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter, we asked "When it comes to using your slow-cooker, which do you prefer?" Here are the results:

  • My Timeless Favorites (73) 15%
  • Experimenting and trying new things (394) 81%
  • I don't have a slow-cooker yet (19) 4%
Total Votes: 486


When I find a recipe that looks like it will be good, I will try it, but most of the time, it is the family favorites..... 12/24/03 2:14:43 PM MST

I love my slow cooker...don't know what I'd do without it. 12/24/03 1:04:16 PM MST

The best stew I ever made came from experimenting with my slow cooker 12/16/03 5:19:03 PM MST

You get to create your own timeless favorites! 12/16/03 4:28:46 PM MST

it is always good to experiment. 12/16/03 10:53:08 AM MST

I guess the adventurous cooks read Cookin' 12/14/03 3:27:55 PM MST

I make my bean soups in a slow cooker - much rasier and you don't have to keep stirring it as it cooks. The secret is to not add SALT to the soup until it is done - the beans get real tender and make a wonderful soup. 12/11/03 9:43:52 PM MST

I always am willing to try out new and different things. I have so far created a cake and several quick-time meals. 12/10/03 12:04:29 PM MST

I generally follow a recipe only once. From then on, it's what can I add to make it mine. 12/10/03 10:14:32 AM MST

I love my slow cooker... it's been with me longer then my partner... even when I see new models, I just can't bear to buy a new one or even touch... I feel like I'm cheating on my slow cooker... is it wrong to still love your slow cooker after 30 years? The best cooking machine... take away my microwave but don't you dare touch my slow cooker. 12/08/03 10:17:09 AM MST

Slow cooker meals are great when you have a large, hectic family. I love getting new ideas for a meal and so do my kids. 12/07/03 9:12:56 PM MST

foods taste better in slow cooker if I don't overcook -- I like to reduce heat to LOW about 40 minutes before its done. 12/03/03 12:38:18 PM MST

Always open to experimenting, that is why I collect so many recipes. Just now I am into "organizing " the recipes. I vow to try each one and then save with comments or toss. 12/02/03 4:47:18 PM MST

I haven't used it much so everything is an experiment! 12/02/03 10:36:47 AM MST

I love old family recipes, but just can't resist new,yummy sounding ones,too. Like my mother before me, I just keep on collectin'...and I'm 65. 12/02/03 10:11:58 AM MST

But I'm definitely open to possibility 12/02/03 9:34:08 AM MST

I am always in search of a GREAT recipe. Love to read cookbooks, too. Can't wait to get more recipes from you to put into my cook'n :) ~Lynn 12/01/03 9:38:04 PM MST

"OLD" Favorites had to be "NEW" at some point.: Let's go onward and upward in search of NEW favorites! Someday, if they are really "keepers", they will become "OLD" Favorites, too! 12/01/03 9:20:22 PM MST

I have to qualify my answer though. I have to be in 'the mood' to experiment with food. If not, it's back to the old tried and true recipe every time. 12/01/03 1:08:29 PM MST

I use my slow cooker several times a week. I live in a motorhome. When we are traveling I put my recipe together in the morning, put it in the sink so it won't fall off the counter and turn it on. When we arrive our dinner is done! The bad part is smelling the good auroma for hours. 11/30/03 7:10:46 PM MST

I get really excited if the recipe does not require a lot of prep work, including browning the meat. I want easy & delicious! 11/30/03 10:34:08 AM MST

Favorites get old, experimenting is fun!! 11/30/03 5:21:18 AM MST

see we are all inventors! 11/30/03 5:09:18 AM MST

I can't understand how anyone can get by without a slow cooker or crockpot. I actually have a 2 crockpots (different sizes) and 1 slow cooker. 11/29/03 9:11:48 PM MST

Timeless favourites are created when we first learn to cook. Sometimes, we encounter "timeless" disasters! They're worth it. They provide us with many good laughs, as every good cook has had them! 11/29/03 7:15:00 PM MST

Half the fun of enjoying meals is not getting bored and trying newe things always helps 11/29/03 6:45:43 PM MST

I don't use my slow cooker as much as I used to now that my children are all raised. When I am busy and on the run it is still great to use. 11/29/03 6:25:18 PM MST

I've always felt slowcookers were unsafe. People turn them on, and leave them all day unattended while they are out, and houses have burned. I am now ready to admit that it is not the cooker that is unsafe, it is the 'cookie' who is using it. Also meat cooking that slowly, would not be served in my house. Now I am thinking it would be nice to put on a soup, that I would not have to stand over and stir constantly. Or a pot of navy beans... d:) 11/29/03 4:16:31 PM MST

Yes, On with the new! 11/29/03 2:55:50 PM MST

just started to teach myself to cook 11/29/03 2:04:12 PM MST

I am alway's looking for new crock pot recipies,it is a great easy way to cook,I alway's do the prep work the night before and the the next morning I just throw everything into the crock pot and then when you come home from work it is so great to open the door to such delicios smell's so inviting and cozy! 11/29/03 1:48:25 PM MST

That is the adventure of cooking--trying new things! Thats how you find the "keepers" that become family favorites. Experimenting eliminates that "same old thing" syndrom, too. 11/29/03 11:01:22 AM MST

though my old stand-by chili is still a winner! 11/29/03 10:50:24 AM MST

I am always looking for a new recipe to try! 11/29/03 7:47:55 AM MST

I work and whenever I can use the slow cooker I do. I love coming home to a homecooked meal ready to be put on the table. Also, there are not additional pots and pans to clean up. Gets me out of the kitchen sooner. 11/28/03 9:33:40 PM MST

I am always looking for something new and good to try. That is one reason that I got Cook'n Deluxe. Before I obtained the program, I only used recipes that used Items that I had on hand, now I can shop the sales using Cook'n Deluxe and have something different every day and still save money on the food budget. 11/28/03 1:33:53 PM MST

I try out at least 2 new recipes a week! 11/28/03 12:22:21 PM MST

got rid of my slow cooker years ago ! maybe time to get one and start again! 11/28/03 11:01:38 AM MST

I don't get nearly the use from my slow cooker that I should -- I use mostly old favorites but am always to try new recipes because my husband gets bored with the "same old things." 11/28/03 10:35:35 AM MST

Experimenting and trying new things makes life interesting. I am always open to change with the capability to return to the tried and true. You must remember, if nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies! Everyone likes beautiful butterflies. 11/28/03 9:31:06 AM MST

I said experimenting, only because I just gone one last month and have not used it yet. Everything I cook will be an experiment ... 11/28/03 6:26:49 AM MST

i'm trying new recipes on my family all the time. some are keepers. once in awhile and naaaaaaaaaH! 11/27/03 8:47:57 PM MST

How will you ever learn to like new things if you don't try new things. 11/27/03 8:32:44 PM MST

Recipes are just great for ideas to start from! 11/27/03 6:27:50 PM MST

I don't use my slow-cooker a lot, but mostly when we have a large group of people to feed. I find it much easier . 11/27/03 5:11:13 PM MST

It seems most recipes have the same ingredients - including a can of cream of mushroom soup! 11/27/03 2:40:57 PM MST

I just exchanged my old Rival for a 6 qt duet. Thats a lot of Crock Pot for only 2 people, but the duet feature makes it much more usable, plus it will be great for potlucks. (I hate people who offer recipies for a crowd, then give you one that feeds only 12.) 11/27/03 2:04:07 PM MST

I actually go both ways - there should have been a third choice. I have a wonderful recipe for crockpot dressing that my family loves and they are picky about their dressing! If you would like it let me know and I will e-mail it to you. 11/27/03 1:57:47 PM MST

i wish i could cook the same meals over and over again. it would be so much easier to plan the week's menu. however, i tend to get bored, and find it nec3essary to experiment... using family as the guinea pigs. 11/27/03 1:47:06 PM MST

I find that I'm turning much more to my slow cooker than previously. 11/27/03 12:55:08 PM MST

I taught myself some Japanese cooking, married a Cantonese man became an expert asian cook, most often Chinese food, ended up teaching it some. Its exciting to try new dishes and see how authentic they are. 11/27/03 12:41:10 PM MST

The slow-cooker has been a life saver over the years. 11/27/03 12:36:44 PM MST

77 11/27/03 12:25:17 PM MST

keep up the good work -you have a really good product line 11/27/03 12:14:58 PM MST

As long as there is peanut butter and jelly in the cupboard, I'll try anything!!! 11/27/03 11:55:09 AM MST

Experiment occasionally 11/27/03 9:56:22 AM MST

I like to try new recipes from a cookbook, not my imagination. I look until I find one that fits the ingredients I have on hand. 11/27/03 9:54:45 AM MST

I'm thinking of changing my ways the trying new recipes. I have never liked to spend lots of time cooking, but love to look at new recipes. 11/27/03 9:52:40 AM MST

I have no creative abilities when it comes to cooking. 11/27/03 9:43:47 AM MST

I have two slow cookers 11/27/03 9:37:57 AM MST

Mmm.. Good :) T Long 11/27/03 9:01:19 AM MST

I have to admit, I have a slow cooker and cook my old standards. I would, however, love to get brave and try new ones. I just chicken out at the last minute. Sad but true. 11/27/03 8:50:16 AM MST

Thanks for the new recipies 11/27/03 8:48:55 AM MST

I am a man and I love expiermenting 11/27/03 7:58:01 AM MST

I think the slow cooker is the best thing to come along since sliced bread. I don't know what I would do without it. It makes the simplest things taste so good. 11/27/03 7:54:24 AM MST

Experiments are what makes new timeless favorites! 11/27/03 7:13:04 AM MST

Hardly a week goes by that I don't cook a pot of something in my slow cooker, whether it's soups, stews, meats, southern greens or slow cooked oats for grandchildren's breakfast. 11/27/03 6:52:17 AM MST

But the old favorites are liberally sprinkled in 11/27/03 6:29:46 AM MST

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