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While walking around Staples, I saw the Cook'n program and started reading what it had to offer. I was fascinated with everything. So, I added it to my Christmas list, and imagine to my surprise, I received it from my husband.

I was overwhelmed and thrilled with all the recipes it had. I was excited to get started using the program. I have only a few added, but with time I can add more and throw away all my wrinkled, stained, and torn recipes I have written on paper, napkins, or whatever was available.
I also received a beautiful recipe box for Christmas, and I plan on saving my recipes on disk and print some on recipe cards I hope to purchase from you in the very near future. I loved the samples that were included with the program.
I am going to tell family and friends about this program, and highly recommend it!

Sincerely, Michelle Hoffert

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