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High Quality Yogurt Thermometer
Fool-proof way to make world's finest yogurt!

Yogurt Thermometer

Cuisipro Yogurt Thermometer

List Price: $13.95
Your Price:$9.95
You Save:$4.00

Availability: Out of stock!


  • Easy to Read Display
  • Reads Temperature Quickly & Accurately
  • Clips Easily to Any Container!

The Cuisipro Yogurt Thermometer takes the guess work out of making yogurt.

This easy-to-use yogurt thermometer displays proper temperature range for frothing milk 140 to 160 F (60 to 70 C). It reads the temperature fast making a healthy diet simple.

The large display and accurate temperature readings of the Cuisipro Yogurt Thermometer make it a must-have kitchen tool that will last for years.

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