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After reading Mirielle Guiliano's memoir about food, entitled "French Women Don't Get Fat" and feeling annoyance over the loss of Total Greek Yogurt on the shelves of my local Whole Food (this is temporary), I decided to buy this yogurt maker and simply make my own.

The procedure is a simple one; heat some milk in the yogurt maker until bubbles appear on the side of the pan and steam actually rises; take off the stove and pop in the included thermometer. When the milk temperature lowers to a specific window indicated on the thermometer, add some milk to 2 tablespoons of purchased plain yogurt or yogurt starter. Mix and then add to the milk in the pan.

As the yogurt maker has slots for 8 containters with lids, simply pour an equal amount of the milk from the pan, put on the lids, cover the yogurt maker and plug the machine in.

The yogurt maker sits on a counter; I advise parking it in a place where the digital controls are not interferred with as just one little push will turn the whole thing off. I set my yogurt to "cook" for 14 hours. The result: Great consistancy and flavor that matches store bought without the preservatives and other additives.

The yogurt maker includes includes instructions on how to make flavored yogurt; it seems simple, but I have not tried it.

Bottom line: this yogurt maker does the trick with little or no fuss. I also purchased the yogurt cheese maker which will allow me to turn my homemade yogurt into a spread that I can use on bread in the AM. Doesn't get any better!

-Diana Behren

I must admit, I was skeptical. Over the years, I've eaten so much yogurt; in the last two years, I've switched to plain yogurt as most others have so much sugar. It's hard to find plain yogurt that tastes great--both the taste and the texture have to be just so. The best-tasting option I've found is a brand sold at Whole Foods; it's expensive, and it seems that the full-fat version is the only kind with the right texture.

When I read the book "French Girls Don't Get Fat", I thought I'd give homemade yogurt a try and save a little money (sort of like buying an espresso machine, rather than buying a $3 latte at Starbucks every day!)

Yesterday I made my first batch with the Donvier Yogurt Maker. First of all, it's SO simple. Three ingredients: Milk, milk powder, and starter (I used 2T of my regular brand). Four simple steps:
  1. Stir the milk powder into the milk (I used non-fat milk, and the non-fat milk powder makes the yogurt creamier)
  2. Heat the milk until it almost boils
  3. Cool the milk till it reaches 110--simple to gauge, using the thermometer included with the yogurt maker --then add the starter
  4. Pour into the cups, and let the yogurt maker do its work!
I mixed the batch up in the morning, and by the evening I could move the cups to the fridge to chill. This morning I was treated to fresh yogurt; the creamiest, freshest tasting yogurt I've ever had, and it was non-fat with NO additives!

I highly recommend this yogurt maker. If you like yogurt, you'll love what you can make at home with the Donvier!

-Mrs. Bonner

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Make your own homemade yogurt with no artificial additives or preservatives with the Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker. This remarkable yogurt maker is reliable and temperature controlled to make the best yogurt you've ever tasted.

Using only milk and a starter, create fresh, natural yogurt at a fraction of the cost of commercial brands. Your Donvier yogurt maker is perfect for cooking low fat dishes, or enjoy it as a delicious and nutritious snack any time of day.

The incredible Donvier Yogurt Maker is temperature controlled to make the best yogurt you've ever tasted-fresh, natural and low in fat-without artificial additives or preservatives.

Use your homemade yogurt to make delicious low-fat salad dressings, dips and tangy sauces. Spoon over baked potatoes instead of sour cream. Add it to pancake or muffin batter, top fresh fruit and fruit crumbles with yogurt, or place yogurt and fresh fruit in the blender for delicious, nutritious smoothies.

The special Donvier Thermometer Stirrer included with your Yogurt Maker takes all the guesswork out of making yogurt at home. To use, place the stirrer in the milk until the red bulb is immersed. The "Add Starter" level on the stirrer lets you know when the milk is exactly the right temperature to add the yogurt starter.

The taste of your homemade yogurt will vary depending on the milk you use, the type of starter used, how long you leave the yogurt to set and any flavoring added. Experiment with these different elements to create your own special recipe.

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