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You've made my day! I have enjoyed Cook'n Deluxe and wanted to give a copy to my daughters and daughters-in-law, but couldn't on a fixed income. came your e-mail with the bulk packages! Now I can do what I wanted to do!

Nancy Cline

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Silicone Bakeware
Baking Mats

These SiliconeZone Baking Mats are designed to professional and commercial standards. The baking mats use a flexible small gauge fiber that is overcoated with our 900F certified FDA silicone. Inch and centimeter measurements make for easy placement of dough. Great for making cookies, candies and pastries. Can be cut to size.

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Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours

Baking Mats
Baking Mats

9 x 12 Mat: $13.95
16 x 11 Mat: $15.95
Round Baking/ Pizza Mat

Sale Price: $19.95

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