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While walking around Staples, I saw the Cook'n program and started reading what it had to offer. I was fascinated with everything. So, I added it to my Christmas list, and imagine to my surprise, I received it from my husband.

I was overwhelmed and thrilled with all the recipes it had. I was excited to get started using the program. I have only a few added, but with time I can add more and throw away all my wrinkled, stained, and torn recipes I have written on paper, napkins, or whatever was available.
I also received a beautiful recipe box for Christmas, and I plan on saving my recipes on disk and print some on recipe cards I hope to purchase from you in the very near future. I loved the samples that were included with the program.
I am going to tell family and friends about this program, and highly recommend it!

Sincerely, Michelle Hoffert

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Shape-Its Food Forms

Play with your Food!

Each kit includes:
  • Food forms
  • 2 decorating gels
  • 2 decorating sprinkles
  • 4 food safe markers
Shape-Its Kit - Easter
Retail Value
: $24.99  
Sale Price: $22.95
Availability: SOLD OUT!

These unique "play with your food" kits contain 2-3 Shape-ItsT food forms, 2 decorating gels, 2 decorating sprinkles and 4 food-safe markers that come in a clear, re-usable vinyl bag. Each food form is made from a durable air-craft aluminum that is safe to use from oven to freezer and will not rust in the dishwasher. They are also equipped with two folding handles for safe use and easy storage. The Shape-Its Play With Your Food kits are great for shaping and playing with pancakes, pizza, cookies, cakes, brownies, marshmallow treats, gelatin, ice cream and more!

Other Shape-Its Kits

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Shape-Its Kit - Pets - $22.95
The Shape-Its Kit - Pets includes food forms for a dog, cat, and turtle.

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Shape-Its Kit - Barnyard - $22.95
The Shape-Its Kit - Barnyard includes food forms for a pig (and the pig's head) and a sheep (and the sheep's head).

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Shape-Its Kit - Halloween - $22.95
The Shape-Its Kit - Halloween includes food forms for a bat, a ghost, and a pumpkin (Jack-o-Lantern).

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Shape-Its Kit - Holiday - $22.95
The Shape-Its Kit - Holiday includes food forms for a Christmas tree, a star, and an angel.

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Shape-Its Kit - Sweetheart - $22.95
The Shape-Its Kit - Sweetheart includes food forms for a teddy bear and three different sizes of hearts.

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