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I was pleasantly surprised with the overall power of this machine. I was considering purchasing the larger more expensive popcorn machine for my family room (to go along with every other gadget I own,) but decided to try this machine. To my amazement, it actually put out quite a bit of popcorn. I use popcorn packets from Snappy Popcorn. Included is the oil, salt, and kernels; just snip the top and pour. I even used this machine at a church carnival and it didn't falter even after continuous use for hours!!


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Delicious Popcorn For The Whole Family!
Make Tasty Popcorn with these Old Fashioned Popcorn Makers

Old Fashion Popcorn Maker

Old Fashioned
Popcorn Maker

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Mini Popcorn Maker

Mini Old Fashioned
Popcorn Maker

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  • Air popper modeled after the popcorn carts of the early 1900s
  • Easy to clean
  • Countertop Size
  • Regular Dimensions: 12.5" x 8.5"X 17"
  • Mini Popper Dimensions: 6 1/4" X 7 1/2" X 11 1/8"

Make a healthy snack with a hot air popper! No oils needed. Add the pre-measured kernels and switch it on!

Craving the buttery taste of perfectly popped carnival corn? Try out these nostalgic-style air popper for a buttery batch. Inspired by the old-fashioned models of the 1900s, these popcorn makers are ideally sized to fit on any countertop. They boast easy-to-clean designs, complete with a butter warmer on top!

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