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I just wanted to tell you how pretty that pearl necklace is. I just received mine yesturday and its beautiful. I've never had a pearl necklace before. Thanks so much and thanks for such wonderful fast shipping!! I can't wait to wear it to church tomorrow!

Katie Wilder

Wow! I just received my Multi-colored Pearls - they are wonderful! I wish now I had ordered a second set - just 'in case'... IF any show up around the warehouse that didn't get sold - please let me know. I know the web site tells me they are gone - but I am the eternal optimist --- I am so glad I found your site and the great recipe package - that is just the tip if the iceberg.


Louise Fortune.

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Freshwater Multicolored Pearls

Beautiful Multicolored Pearls Are A Great Gift!

Multicolored Pearls Set
(Necklace and Earrings)

List Price: $99.95
Your Price: $39.95
You Save: $70.00


This set includes:

Multicolored Pearl Necklace

Freshwater White Pearl Earrings

Freshwater Multicolored Pearl Set!

These stylish multicolored and multishaped pearls are very attractive and make it easy to match almost any outfit.

The workmanship is exceptional. There is a knot in between each pearl. And, the clasp is a very high quality sterling silver. Buy these pearls and show your friends. They will think that you spent at least $200 on them, I guarantee it. If not, please send them back for a full refund!


  • Necklace is 48 inches in length
  • Contains a variety of shapes and colors of pearls
  • Natural Freshwater Pearl earrings
  • Earrings are sterling silver with Shepherd's hook
  • Sterling silver clasp

freshwater white pearl earrings
Click to enlarge

multicolored pearl necklace
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More Pearls

Black Pearls Pink Pearls

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