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Back in the day I had the old Juiceman Jr., which did it's job. Well it gave out a few years ago and cleaning it was a pain. I did miss fresh juice though so I bought this a couple of weeks ago. I tell you what they have done a wonderful job, this is a very nice upgrade from the old design. A lot of refinements throughout the entire appliance. Stronger motor, two speeds, better looking and much easier to clean.

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Juiceman: Fresh Juice For The Whole Family!
Cut Juicing Time in Half with the Juiceman Juicer

Juiceman Juicer
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Juiceman Juicer

List Price: $169.95
Your Price: $129.95
You Save: $40

Availability: Out of Stock

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  • 2 speeds, 850-watts
  • Large feed chute
  • Easy to clean pulp container - dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel permanent mesh filter
  • Titanium coated cuttting blade
  • Model: JM502

For great tasting juice and healthy living, this easy-to-use juicer features a full 850-watt motor with seated bearing for less noise and higher efficiency to produce vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable juices.

For those who want better nutrition along with the highest quality and performance, we proudly present one of our best selling juicers. The most convenient and easy-to-use juicer available, it offers a powerful motor with dual speed control for optimum extraction efficiency.

The powerful motor allows juicing of skins and rinds where the greatest concentration of nutrients lies. Exclusive built-in dual speed control maintains constant motor rpm for optimum efficiency. Micro mesh screen design improves juice extraction and filtering. Patented high & low speeds allow you to extract the most out of soft, pulpy fruits and harder, denser vegetables.

Cut Juicing Time in Half
Spend less time on preparing produce and cleaning up and more time on making fresh and healthy juice.
  • Fit more produce in at one time with an extra-wide feed tube (fits a whole apple!)

  • A dishwasher safe pulp container means faster cleanup for your Juiceman juicer

  • A high impact see-through lid allows you to see what you're juicing.

  • Push-button electronic display lets you control speed for proper juicing.

2-Speed Motor with a Full Horsepower of Juicing
Outperforming most other juicers in its price range, this 2-speed Juiceman will effortlessly tear through nearly all types of produce with a full horse of unflinching power.

  • 2 speed settings will help ensure you don't overheat the precious nutrients and enzymes extracted from your fruits and vegetables.

  • Ball-bearing interlock keeps the blade basket seated solidly for smoother operation and less vibration.

Looks Great on Your Countertop
This Juiceman looks great on your countertop and features a digital readout for speed control. A contemporary flare and champagne finish bring a unique blend of form and function to your kitchen decor.

More Juice, Less Waste
Put every last drop of fresh juice where it belongs, into your drinking glass! This juicer's new tilted bowl profile makes sure gravity does its job, providing the maximum in juice yield.

A Longer Lasting Juicer
This new Juiceman juicer features a rubber seal on the motor housing to ensure no stray juice goes in. That means a longer lasting juicer that's much easier to clean up!

A Durable Design
Great design doesn't mean sacrificing function. This juicer featers die-cast metal handles for longer-lasting operation and durability. These lock-down handles provide added stability and smoother operation.

Noise-Reducing Rubber Feet
Nobody likes an overly noisy and unstable juicer! This juicer is equipped with 4 oversized rubber feet to absorb vibration and add stability while juicing. The convenient cord wrap conceals unsightly wires on your countertop when not in use.

Pulp-Free Juice
This juicer boasts a stainless steel permanent mesh filter with titanium coated blade for straining and separating pulp. That means you get the purest pulp-free juice.

One-Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty
Your investment is protected with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

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