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The Toastmaster Food Slicer is a solid, well-built machine that slices well... A machine whose performance I am very satisfied with.

George Brunswig

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Safely make Deli meats with this food slicer

Food Slicer

Food Slicer
by Toastmaster

List Price: $85.00
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  • 90-watt Slicer with Safety Features
  • Easy to clean
  • Countertop Size
  • Adjustable for thickness
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Free Cook'n with Weber CD!!!

The Toastmaster Food Slicer / Meat Slicer is a great addition to any kitchen. The Food Slicer has many features for its price range including 6 1/2 Soligen stainless steel blade, thick-to-thin adjustable slicing and food pusher for added safety. Includes a Food Collection Tray!

Adjustable for slicing cheese, sandwich meats, roast beef, bacon, bread, and vegetables like tomatoes and zucchini from wafer-thin to extra-thick, this compact, 90-watt electric appliance makes it possible to slice unlimited quantities of food quickly, safely, and uniformly. For safety, the slicer requires two hands to operate, one pushing food into the 6-1/2-inch stainless-steel blade by means of a sliding platform and the other continuously pressing a button so the blade operates. The sliding platform has a guard to prevent hands from getting close to the blade and a rail for grasping and pushing. A transparent plastic food press attaches to the feeder's rail with a hook. Grasping that hook and the rail simultaneously allows one-hand operation while also pressing food toward the blade. The food press's face is covered with points that grip food securely.

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